What i have learn in technology class
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What I have learn in Technology class. Andrés Yépez J. First term :. In the first term we learn about internet, RAM and ROM, what is internet, what is protocol , URL, e mail, modem, firewall, browsers. Windows movie maker.

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What i have learn in technology class

What I havelearn in Technologyclass

Andrés Yépez J.

First term

  • In thefirsttermwelearnabout internet, RAM and ROM, whatis internet, whatisprotocol, URL, e mail, modem, firewall, browsers.

Windows movie maker
Windows moviemaker

  • We do a projectusingmoviemaker, wemake a comercial of anythingwewant, takingpicture and videos and thenweputeverythingonmoviemakertomakethe comercial.


  • Wecreateourown wiki page whereourteacher of technologysujatateachushowtoused, and howtopersonalizeit as wewant, someputpictures of themeselfs, and alsosometeachersputthehomeworksthere.

Second term


  • Is a programcreted and modifybymicrosoft, a programwherewe can addinformation of people, informationlikename, lastname, birthday, etc. isused in littleorganizations.


  • In thistermwe use the wiki notonlytoseehowtoused, wealsousedtouploadthehomeworks, tocheckthehomeworksthatsujatasend as, alsothequemestryteachersendushomeworksbythe wiki.

  • Wemade a project in couplesusingthepodcast. Wehadtoinvestigatehowtomake a podcast, whatis a podcast, whatprogramwe can use tomadethepodast, and at theend of theprojectwehavetomakeourownpodcasttalkingaboutnetworks, and uploadtothe internet.