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John Thornhill Masterclass Bonus PowerPoint Presentation
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John Thornhill Masterclass Bonus

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John Thornhill Masterclass Bonus
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John Thornhill Masterclass Bonus

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  1. John ThornhillMMasterclassasterclassBonus | John ThornhillReviewGet A Massive Bonus Worth $10.000+! Yes I Enrolled Myself And YOU Really Need To Read This John ThornhillMasterclass Review Before Enrolling Too:


  3. John ThornhillMasterclass Bonus | WhyYou Need A Mentor? • >>> GetThis... John ThornhillMasterclassExclusive Bonus (AMAZING $10,000+ Value) AndFull John ThornhillMasterclass Review! • Whatthe John ThornhillMasterclassis NOT: • * the John ThornhillMasterclassis NOT .... an over-hyped, well-packagedpieceofcrapecourse! • * the John ThornhillMasterclassis NOT .... a pieceofsoftwarethateitherdoesnothingorrequires a geniustooperateit! • * the John ThornhillMasterclassis NOT .... just another, Guru-hypedproductthatpromisesyoumillions but deliversnothing! • * the John ThornhillMasterclassis NOT .... just another PPC product! • * the John ThornhillMasterclassis NOT .... just another CPA product!

  4. So, What IS the John ThornhillMasterclass? Well way back in October 2007 John Thornhill revealed how he ran his business day by day for a full month on his Blog. Many people were shocked to discover that he only worked 4 days per week and for a few hours each day. This is because he had learned how to to automate his business. That is what makes his online business model so fantastic. Once he creates a new digital information product the whole sales process can be automated and his business can practically run itself. • So who is John Thornhill? • He Started Marketing Online in 1999 • Quit His Job as A Factory Worker in 2006 • HasHelpedThousandsof People Succeed Online • HasBuilt A Subscriber Base of 105,652 Subscribers • Earned Over $750,000 Online in 2009

  5. And after his success over the last few years he has decided to dedicate his efforts in 2010 to helping as many people as he possibly can duplicate his success by launching his very own InternetMarketing Masterclass program, but this is no ordinary program. Here's what makes his Marketing Masterclass program stand out from the rest: • John’s Marketing Masterclass program will last 36 weeks. Yes, a full 36 weeks so if you were looking for a quick fix this is not it. This gives John time to take everyone involved step-by-step from beginner to accomplished marketer. • You will be personally trained by John himself. Not someone sitting in an office working for a company that I have sent you to. • You will get personal access to John and his staff 24 hours a day. You can even contact John via telephone in an emergency • You can ask for my advice any time you want and you will get a personal responsefrom John if required. Not his staff. • Basically, John will hold your hand and help you every step of the way. No one will be left behind.

  6. So how will John teachyouifyoudecidetosignuptohisMarketing Masterclassprogramme? • At the beginning of each week he will send you easy to follow training material. This will be in the form of audio, video and PDF documents. All you have to do is watch, read and apply what he is teaching you. If you run into any problems or need any help at all just contact John and he will personally respond. • You will also receive worksheets and checklists. Simply work your way through your worksheets and tick of each task as you complete it. This really is as step-by-step as he can make it. • You will have an assignment to complete each week. This will be crucial to your success and make sure you stay on course. This will also make sure you learn to work for yourself so you can go out on your own after you have completed the course. • You will watch John create an information product right in front of your eyes. Yes, this program is so different from the rest that he will actually create an information product right in front of you. This ensures that you follow exactly what he is teaching you. • He will also be providing access to a series of live and recorded webinars. This will enable him to train you live and give you the opportunity to ask him anything you like. You will also be able to watch all of the webinars at your leisure as they will all be recorded. • You will receive access to a dedicated emergency telephone support line linked direct to his office. If you have a problem that can't be resolved or you need help right away simply ring John and he will personally help you. How many other marketers have you seen offer live one on one support?

  7. So ifyou’reinterested in gettingmorefreecontentandinformation, orifyouwouldliketoreadmymasterclassstory (yes I am actually a successfulstudentof John’s) orseethebestandbiggestbonusavailableforjoining John’s Masterclassprogrammethen just clicktoaccesstheJohn ThornhillMasterclassbonuspage. Cheersandbestofluck! Steve Wilkins