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Results Management Group Ltd. “We Provide Total Business Intelligence Solution ”. Our Company Background. Establishment Results Management Group, Ltd. was established in 14 th of January 2001 by Charkorn Tayapiwatana

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Results management group ltd

Results Management Group Ltd.

“We Provide Total Business Intelligence Solution”

Results Management Group

Our company background
Our Company Background

  • Establishment

    • Results Management Group, Ltd. was established in 14th of January 2001 by Charkorn Tayapiwatana

    • Its affiliated companies included, Research In Motion Co., Ltd.; True Elite Co., Ltd.; I Medical Tourism Co., Ltd.

  • Our Key Strengths

    • Own more than half of Thai population database, now RMG operating 23 Million lists (Marketable) of Thai population (Total of 45 Millions Marketable)

    • Largest database in Thailand

      • BBL operates about 10 million customers

      • KBank operates about 7 million customers

      • KTC operates about 1.8 million customers

      • Citibank (Thailand) operates about 1.2 million customers

      • Generali (Thailand) operates about 1 million customers

Results Management Group


Why we are here today
Why we are here today?

  • We want to see ‘Synergy Effect’

    • As RMG operates the largest database in Thailand

    • Synergy with Professional Direct Marketing

    • The results is exponentially synergistic effect…

    • = Large Market = More Revenues


Our business key competencies
Our Business Key Competencies


    • OTB (Out of The Box) Data Relation e.g. generate Zodiac from their birth year, classifying 16 digits credit card into card issuers and card type, classifying 13 identification card into their relative birth place, address, and able to mapping all relatives from their first 11 digits, transposing the birthdates into 12-year-cycle and selling the products accordingly.

    • Data enhancement and enrichment, since we have more than 1 data warehouses, one of our key capability is to link and find creative data relation that match with client’s business and products

  • TOOLS in ours creative hands

    • MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server, MS Excel, however, we believe that the key success of database management is pertaining to intelligence of data miners not the program themselves.

    • CONTRACTS we ever sign with insurance industries are embedded below


Successful 1on1 tqm broker
Successful 1on1 (TQM Broker)

“The biggest insurance brokerage in Thailand (>2,000 seats), TQM growing its automobile insurance market share at >25% as a brokerage company via our database support”


Successful 1on1 generali
Successful 1on1 (Generali)

Million Baht

78.5% growth

Focus on Sales Agent, however, AIA is the leader and it is difficult to compete with

86.8% growth

Focus on 1 On 1 direct marketing, which Results Management Group is one of Major ‘Leads’ Provision

It could be proven that

“We are one part of our client success”


Successful 1on1 autohaus bawaria
Successful 1on1 (Autohaus Bawaria)

“We provided ABC the targeted leads, the number of customers come to service center increase significantly.”

From our intelligent data mapping and data relation, we extract BMW Owners who live besides Rama III road and send them brochure and DM about after-sale service for BMW Owners


Successful 1on1 magnolia project
Successful 1on1 (Magnolia Project)

“For Magnolia Project, we provide in-depth personal profile, lifestyle, and contact details to our client”


Why do we exist
Why do we exist?

  • We have passion in all we do and we won’t do it otherwise!!!

    • We believed to provide client the ‘Total Business Intelligence Solution’ and endeavoring our clients into new competitive terrain (Blue Ocean). With our data analytics skills synchronized with up-to-date market information, our client will get ‘Total Business Intelligence Solution’ according to clients’ needs & specifications as well as to ethically provide the most possible deepest information available in the market.


What are our services
What are our services?

  • We use the most advance data analytic tools to enhance client’s business performance in the following ways:

    • Direct Marketing Consulting Services

    • Data Enrichment & Data Mapping

    • Data Cleansing & Data Modeling & Data Mining

    • Lead Supply & Label Printing Service

    • Telemarketing

      • > 5,000,000 records

    • Direct Mail

      • > 15,000,000 records

    • E-mail

      • > 7,000,000 records


What customer will get from us
What customer will get from us?

  • Our business intelligence solution can provide customers with unique answers in the following ways:

    • ‘Targeted Customer Acquisition’ which enable client to create higher customer acquisition opportunity

    • Assist client to locate both existing and potential customers more effectively with our precise & up-to-date database

    • Enrich existing client’s database via our data cleansing and data mapping tools

    • Assist client in conducting customer database modeling with our ‘state-of-the-art’ data analytic instruments

Results Management Group

We also have consumer research service
We also have “Consumer Research Service”

  • We also have ‘Consumer Research Service’ which we call ‘Primary Data Department’. This is to support the Database Analysis (2nd data) about ‘Why’ and ‘How’ questions. The following are our research services:

    • Qualitative Research: both Focus Group and In-Depth

    • Quantitative Research

      • Customer Satisfaction Research

      • Market Study Research which provided market insights for client

      • Specific Need Study and Product Tests

      • Market Segmentation: Geographic/Demographic/Psychographic/Technographic/Firmographic

    • Observation Research

      • Mystery Shopping Research (Most innovated Hidden Camcorder Technology)

      • Behavioral Observation

Results Management Group

Clients whose trust we cherish
Clients Whose Trust We Cherish…

Real Estates

Insurance Broker

Advertising Agency

Hotel &




Spa & Fitness

Results Management Group

Contact us

Contact Us

369/73 Soi Jaroengrung 107,

Jaroengrung Rd. , Bangkholaem,

BKK 10120 Thailand


Charkorn Tayapiwatana +6681-802-8024

Results Management Group