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Zhou Dynasty

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Zhou Dynasty. By: Zakiya George Kimari Southwell ,and Desiree Le’ Flore. A Dynasty of…. Not. Introduction.

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zhou dynasty

Zhou Dynasty

By: Zakiya George Kimari Southwell ,and Desiree Le’ Flore

  • The Zhou Dynasty was created in the 1100s after rulers of the Shan Dynasty were overthrown in rebellion. The Zhou claimed that the Shang Dynasty had lost the mandate of heaven(the idea that heaven chose China’s ruler and gave him or her power) due to their poor governing.
  • The Zhou Dynasty lasted longer than any other dynasty in Chinese history, lasting a total of 800 years
  • Zhou rulers held power in China until 771 BC
  • The Zhou Dynasty lived in the Loess Plateau
  • The Zhou ruler was named Zhou Wu
  • Iron, ox-drawn plows, crossbows, and horseback riding were introduced during the Zhou dynasty
  • A large-scale irrigation project was instituted
  • The Chinese writing system was further developed
  • The great Chinese philosophers of antiquity, including Confucius, Mencius, and Zhuangzi, lived and taught
  • Pottery and bronze work expanded on the traditions of the earlier Shang dynasty
  • The Zhou worked on the system of defensive walls and fortifications across northern China, “ The Great Wall”
zhou beliefs
Zhou Beliefs
  • The Zhou believed that they had been chosen by the heavens to rule China
  • The Zhou believed that no one could rule without heaven’s permission
  • The Zhou believed that the idea that heaven chose China’s ruler and gave him or her power was known as the “Mandate of Heaven”
zhou political system
Zhou Political System
  • Under the Zhou a new political order formed. It stated that the emperor was at the top of society, everything in China belonged to him, and everyone had to be loyal to him.
  • Emperors gave land to people in exchange for loyalty or military service. The recipients of this land became lords.
  • People such as peasants and farmers owned little land and in addition to growing their own food they had to grow food for lords.
  • The Zhou political system broke down as lords grew less loyal to the emperors. When invaders attacked the capitol in 771 BC many lords would not fight.
  • As a result the emperor was overthrown. China broke apart into many kingdoms that fought each other, this time of disorder in China is called the “Warring States Period.”
fun facts
Fun Facts
  • The Zhou reigned over 800 years and was the longest-rulingdynasty in Chinese history.
  • Zhou emperors were priest kings who regarded themselves as "Sonsof Heaven" with a "Mandate from Heaven" to rule.
  • Zhou charioteers could be devious and cruel.
  • The last stage of the Zhou Dynasty was called the Warring StatesPeriod
fun facts1
Fun Facts
  • Emperor Wu was the 1st official Zhou emperor.
  • Chopsticks were thought to be invented in the Zhou Dynasty.
  • People called the Chinese New Year, the spring festival.
  • One of the 1st dynasties to start collecting books
  • Confucius was born during this dynasty.
  • The Zhou Dynasty Era is the period of time between 1045 and 221 BC


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