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That’s Entertainment! PowerPoint Presentation
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That’s Entertainment!

That’s Entertainment!

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That’s Entertainment!

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  1. That’s Entertainment! 4

  2. Answers 1 She has just signed a contract with 20th Century Fox for a new musical. 2 No, she hasn’t. 3 Yes, they have. 4 Yes, they have. 5 No, they haven’t. 6 No, he hasn’t.

  3. Audio script and answers C 1.25 romantic comedy 1 thriller 2 western 3 science fiction film 4 horror film 5 comedy 6 musical 7 action film 8 cartoon

  4. Possible answers finish History homework write these English words in your notebook learn the poem by heart

  5. Answers 1 She thinks it’s fantastic. 2 Yes, they do. 3 Yes, they do. 4 No, they haven’t. 5 No, they don’t. 6 Yes, they do.

  6. 2 3 4 6 7 5

  7. Audio script C 1.28 In this recording you will hear the numbers and a music sample. 1 (reggae) 2 (jazz) 3 (classical music) 4 (hip hop) 5 (blues) 6 (heavy metal) 7 (pop) 8 (rock)

  8. Audio script and answers for exercise 3 C 1.29 1 A (reggae) 2 E (jazz) 3 F (classical music) 4 B (hip hop) 5 D (blues) 6 C (heavy metal) 7 G (pop) 8 H (rock)

  9. Audio script and answers C 1.30 guitarist 1 pianist 2 singer 3 saxophonist 4 drummer 5 keyboardist 6 bass guitarist

  10. Audio script and answers C 1.31 D guitar 1 E piano 2 C microphone 3 A saxophone 4 F drums 5 B keyboard 6 G bass guitar

  11. Possible answers A: He plays the saxophone. B: He’s a saxophonist. A: He plays the keyboard. B: He’s a keyboardist. A: She uses the microphone. B: She’s a singer. A: He plays the piano. B: He’s a pianist. A: He plays the drums. B: He’s a drummer. A: He plays the bass guitar. B: He’s a bass guitarist.

  12. Possible answers for exercise 9 A: I love Madonna. B: So do I. A: I didn’t like Robbie Williams. B: I did. A: I play the saxophone. B: I don’t. I play the bass guitar. A: I’ve never listened to Alexia. B: Neither have I. A: I’ve been to an Oasis concert. B: I haven’t. A: I’ve just bought a CD by Paolo Nutini. B: I’ve never bought any of his CDs.

  13. Possible answers for exercise 11 Paolo and I don’t like classical music. Clara and I have never been to a Michael Jackson concert. Tony and I have just bought a CD. Carlos and I didn’t go to the pop concert. Mary and I didn’t like the drummer.

  14. ’ve ’s

  15. haven’t past HaveHas participle have hasn’t

  16. read seen sung spent thought stood begun found put

  17. Answers 1 Has your dad ever been to Russia? No, he’s never been to Russia. 2 Have they ever eaten sushi? No, they’ve never eaten sushi. 3 Have you ever met a famous person? No, I’ve never met a famous person. 4 Has Mary ever read a comic in English? No, she’s never read a comic in English. 5 Have you ever seen a shark? No, I’ve never seen a shark. 6 Has Mike ever played badminton? No, he’s never played badminton.

  18. Answers 1 John has already left. 2 My grandparents have just arrived. 3 Have you bought her present yet? 4 I’ve already finished reading that book. 5 It’s nine o’clock and we haven’t had dinner yet. 6 They’ve just won a prize.

  19. Audio script and answers C 1.32 She’s already bought a new school bag. She hasn’t ironed her uniform yet. 1 She’s already written her history essay. 2 She hasn’t finished her science project yet. 3 She’s already called her best friend. 4 She hasn’t found her sports bag yet.

  20. So do I. Neither can I. Neither did I. So have I. Neither have I. So am I.

  21. Possible answers The actress is Hannah Dakota Fanning. Yes, I’ve seen I am Sam. / No, I’ve never seen any.

  22. Possible answers 1 She started acting when she was five. 2 She has made over 20 films. 3 She has worked with Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington and Robert De Niro. 4 Yes, she has. 5 She has won over 13 different awards. 6 Knitting, playing the violin, ballet and horse riding. 7 He gave her a mobile phone. 8 She has got a younger sister called Elle.

  23. Answers • F (Sally arrived • at 10 o’clock.) • 2 T • F (Sally has never • been to any • concert before.) • F (Marcus arrived • early.) • 5 T • 6 T

  24. Audio script C 1.33 Mick: Hello, what’s your name and where are you from? Sally: I’m Sally and I’m from Coventry. Mick: What time did you arrive? Sally: We got here about 10 o’clock this morning. I’m here with my older sister. Mick: But it’s 3 o’clock now and the concert starts at 8.30! Sally: I know, but I want to be at the front. Mick: Have you ever been to a McFly concert? Sally: No, I’ve never been to any concert before. This is the first time. I’m so excited about seeing my favouriteband. Mick: Who’s your favourite band member? Sally: Tom. He’s fantastic. He’s got the best voice ever. Mick: And you? Where are you from? Marcus: I’m Marcus and I’m from near Birmingham.

  25. Mick: Did you arrive early too? Marcus: Of course. It’s fun to be here with everyone. Mick: And who’s your favourite band member? Marcus: They’re all really great, but I love Harry, the drummer because I’ve just started learning to play the drums. Mick: So, what are you all doing while you are waiting? Marcus: We’re singing all their songs of course. Sally and Marcus: (singing) Everyone asked me, who the hell was she. That weirdo with 5 colours in her hair.

  26. Possible answers for exercise 6 In my class five students like hip hop and three have listened to the Black Eyed Peas. One student likes jazz and six have listened to Louis Armstrong. Two students like reggae and four have listened to Bob Marley. Six students like rock music and two have listened to the Goo Goo Dolls.

  27. Possible answers In my class four students like romantic comedies and five have seen The Millionaire. Five students like thrillers and four have seen The Usual Suspects. Six students like cartoons and three have seen The Ice Age. Two students like musicals and two have seen Mamma Mia!

  28. Answers The Golden Compass อภินิหารเข็มทิศทองคำ Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reasonบันทึกรักเล่มสองของบริดเจ็ทโจนส์ There’s something about Mary มะรุมมะตุ้มรุมรักแมรี่ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ชาร์ลีกับโรงงานช็อกโกแลต Independence Day ไอดี4 สงครามวันดับโลก The Incredibles รวมเหล่ายอดคนพิทักษ์โลก