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Solution Overview for Lifeboat Cross-Channel Connexion

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Solution Overview for Lifeboat Cross-Channel Connexion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solution Overview for Lifeboat Cross-Channel Connexion. October 23-24, 2008. Acresso Software - Introduction. Our Focus: Simplify the business relationship between software/hardware producers, I.T., and their customers 70,000+ customers worldwide Over $113M – 2007 revenue

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acresso software introduction
Acresso Software - Introduction

Our Focus: Simplify the business relationship between software/hardware producers, I.T., and their customers

70,000+ customers worldwide

Over $113M – 2007 revenue

Provider of industry-leading InstallShield and FLEXnet product lines

Over 20-year history of maximizing the value of software

- Previously the software business unit of Macrovision

Headquartered in the United States (IL) with offices in CA, the United Kingdom and Japan

Powering the business of software

acresso software products solutions
Acresso Software Products & Solutions

Installation Development


Repackaging & Compliance








product release information
Product Release Information
  • InstallShield 2009 Pro/Premier released June 5
    • Hebrew & Arabic support for first time!
    • New MSI tools & Value-Added Services (help ISVs earn revenue)
  • InstallShield 2009 Express released Aug 27
    • Quickest and easiest installation solution for creating Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) installations
  • AdminStudio 9 / Workflow Manager 5 released Aug 29
    • Updated support for application virtualization solutions (including VMware ThinApp 4)
    • Increased value to organizations creating best practices around application readiness
  • InstallAnywhere 2009 release Nov 3
    • Expanded support for customizing installation processes
    • Improved localization functionality for multilingual releases

Acresso solutions can be promoted to customers now . . .

    • Bundle options save your customers money and time
    • Guarantee they’ll receive all new releases in next 12 months + support!
    • Services opportunities potential to grow your business
product review by role
Product Review By Role

InstallShield (Windows)and InstallAnywhere (Cross-Platform/Java)

Product Manager/VP Development ($)

  • Sets annual priorities, allocates resources and determines scope of initiatives
    • Wants products to release on time and on budget
    • No hiccups in release cycle

Software Developer/Setup Engineer (Key Influencers)

  • Responsible for producing product deliverables, creating release candidates of software
    • Wants bullet-proof deliverables for release to market
    • Maximize development resources
      • Minimize customer support issues
      • Apply patches and hot fixes seamlessly
product important notes
Product Important Notes

InstallShield 2009 GA June 5th! (Pro/Premier only)

New key features:

Value-Added Services (industry first!)

MSI 4.5 and Visual Studio 2008 support

Setup chaining and multi-instance support (industry first!)

New .msi Package Tools (Diff, Query, Sleuth, Grep)

Hebrew and Arabic support (Premier only – InstallShield first!)

And much more!

product review by role7
Product Review By Role

AdminStudio / Workflow Manager

IT Director/VP ($)

  • Sets annual priorities, allocates resources and determines scope of initiatives
    • Wants migration to occur smoothly on-time and on-budget
    • Expects downtime and disruption to IT environment to be minimized

Project Manager (Key Influencer)

  • Responsible for defining processes and tools required to execute a large-scale project like an OS migration
    • Reliability of application packages → all compatibility issues must be identified and resolved prior to deployment
    • Maximize IT productivity
      • Minimize packaging and testing costs
      • Manage the migration process efficiently
acresso mission enterprise solutions
Acresso Mission: Enterprise Solutions

AdminStudio Enterprise Edition

Prepare Reliable MSI and Virtual Packages for Error-free Software Deployment

Workflow Manager

- Streamlined, Process-Driven Project Management for Software

Packaging and Deployment

License Compliance Solution

Optimize Software Investment and Ensure Compliance

Reducing the Costs of Application Ownership

from Package Preparation through License Utilization

challenge total cost of ownership
Challenge: Total Cost of Ownership



Administration, development,support50%–70%


Client hardware10%–12%

Server hardware12%–15%

Source: IDCSummary of TCO Studies

challenge application deployment
Challenge: Application Deployment
  • Unsuccessful application deployments cause significant downtime and increase support costs
    • “Even after 10 years of experience, most companies cannot automatically deploy software with a success rate of 90 percent or better.” *
  • Application management costs today are a burden:
    • $8K for every desktop
    • $15K for each server*

* Source: Gartner Whitepaper, June 2005, Desktop Management Best Practices Focus on Policy, Process and People

what is application packaging
What is Application Packaging?

The act of customizing, configuring, and testing

an application, upgrade, or patch before it is

delivered into the production environment.

IT Administrators say:

“Where all the work takes place”

why do organizations invest in application packaging
Why Do Organizations Invest in Application Packaging?

Fear: desktop instability – creating packages that fail or cause crashes

Pressure: QA is an afterthought (time factor)

Change: consuming new technologies like Citrix XenApp or VMware ThinApp

Challenge: complex environments that support multiple operating systems, plus encounter OS compatibility issues

when do organizations invest in application packaging
When Do Organizations Invest in Application Packaging?

Preparing for Application Virtualization (multiple options available – more to come too!)

Implementing, using delivery and virtualization tools

Citrix® XenApp™ (formerly Presentation Server)

Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager

Novell® ZENworks®

IBM® Tivoli®


VMware® ThinApp™ (formerly Thinstall Virtualization Suite)

Planning OS migration (i.e. Vista)

Don’t forget about the applications too!

Increasing IT credibility and reliability

Ridding the organization of unstable applications (BSOD)

adminstudio reliable msi and virtual packages
AdminStudio: Reliable MSI and Virtual Packages
  • Create, customize and test MSI packages
  • Create and customize Citrix XenApp profiles and VMware ThinApp virtual packages*
    • Only solution to simultaneously create Citrix application profiles or VMware ThinApp virtual apps, and reliable MSI packages*
    • *NOTE: Must buy AdminStudio Enterprise Edition, Virtualization Pack + Silver maintenance
  • Most widely used software packaging solution worldwide
  • Recommended by deployment solution leaders
    • Citrix,® VMware,® Microsoft,® Novell® and many others
  • Customer favorite 3 years running
    • Prestigious “Redmond Award”
  • Created by makers of InstallShield, software installation leader
    • InstallShield integrated within AdminStudio
adminstudio application packaging and delivery prep
AdminStudio: Application Packaging and Delivery Prep

Source Installations




Package Expert

MSI Package

MSI Package(.msi)

Finds and automaticallyresolves errors

  • Capture package content
  • Manage package content
  • Convert to MSI and application profiles

Package Content

  • MSI Package Validation
  • Profile Validation
  • Citrix MSI Multi-User Mode Validation
  • Windows Vista Quality Validation
  • Custom XML-Based Tests

Legacy Installation (.exe)


Registry Entries


INI File Entries

Virtual Package

InstallScript MSI Installation

adminstudio business value
AdminStudio Business Value

The world's largest airline said that in 2006, they “reported a 50% reduction in support costs, leading to lower TCO after the rollout of AdminStudio and Workflow Manager."

solution focus
Solution Focus

Top Verticals for Large Deals





Oil and Gas

Key Deal Drivers

Greater than 250 applications or complex applications

OS Migration - Moving from XP to Vista

Virtual applications (plans to virtualize in future)

Lacking defined standards and best practices

adminstudio editions
AdminStudio Editions

AdminStudio Virtualization Pack

adminstudio brings new services to your org
AdminStudio Brings New Services to Your Org.

Reduce packaging costs, while adding

high value/high margin offerings!

  • Preparing Environments for Application Virtualization
  • Strategic Planning for Virtualization
  • Traditional and Virtual Packaging
  • Virtualization Best Practices
  • Packaging Best Practices
  • Software Management Implementation
earning more revenue with adminstudio delivery tools
Earning More Revenue with AdminStudio + Delivery Tools
  • Increase value of deployment solution upgrades
    • Drive upgrade sales of these products
    • Add on services around upgrades
    • Expand reach of your services within account
  • Opportunities for revenue from existing customers
    • Everyone packages in some fashion
  • Add on product sales
    • AdminStudio
    • Workflow Manager
  • Add on services
    • How much can you imagine?
Licensing & Compliance: The Business ChallengeNot Buying the Right Number or Types of Licenses Is Costly

Too much

Not enough


20% of all installed software is unused - Forsythe

License Denials

Unable to meet deadlines and target time to market


30% of licensed software is out of compliance - Gartner

Underutilized Licenses

60% of applications are overlicensed - Gartner


Licensing & Compliance: The Business ChallengeMasses of data but shortage of useful information







Myriad of Spreadsheets


  • Manually created spreadsheets & databases
  • No view of usage across the enterprise or forecasting
  • No contract or cost information
in a perfect world
In a Perfect World…




An order is placed…

Applications are deployed…

Usage is monitored


Continual process of checking usage versus contract to optimize and ensure compliance

flexnet manager enterprise license compliance
FLEXnet Manager & Enterprise License Compliance

Three main benefits for your customers:


LDAP Integration

Database import functionality


Configurable alarms & alerts

Control over all licenses from one console

No need to VPN to servers, etc.


FLEXwrap in all AdminStudio editions

Define user groups & individual user specifics

Geographic location, named user rights, etc.

Average customer saves 30% with this solution

Gartner expects that level of savings in first year alone!

flexnet manager enterprise license compliance27
FLEXnet Manager & Enterprise License Compliance

Four quick questions to qualify your customers:

What are you using for your license management currently?

You would be surprised how many of your customers are using nothing or homemade solutions!

Is it a concern for you (or someone at your company) to save money on your FLEX-enabled software?

Over 8,000 applications use FLEXnet licensing technology!

What applications at your company are important for you to track their usage?

Even if apps are not FLEX-enabled, they can be FLEXwrapped!

What do you spend on your FLEX-enabled software licensing each year?

This could easily be $500k to over $1M for a single customer!

what your customers will gain
What your customers will gain…

Reduce Software Spending Over Time

Customer Examples:

  • Freescale would be spending at least 35% more on software every year
  • METRO Group has not purchased SAP licenses in 2 years – despite expanding

Without Acresso

Software Spend

With Acresso License Optimization





what your customers will gain29
What your customers will gain…

ROI Opportunities that have your customers take notice

  • Optimize their software spending
  • Reduce their time and effort wasted manually managing their licenses and demonstrating compliance for audits
  • Minimize their downtime and delays due to denials
  • Minimize their risk and cost of non-compliance

“With Acresso…we now understand - for the first time - exactly what our license requirements are for the whole corporation… we can make better, more informed and more strategic decisions.”

Software Asset Management Group Manager

what you will gain
What YOU will gain…

Increased visibility and opportunities into your customers

  • Allows you to engage as “trusted advisor”
    • Helping customers save money!
  • Additional opportunities to sell services to customers in pain / need
  • Ability to sell higher in organizations, larger deals!
  • Increased revenue and gross profit

Protecting your customers from audits, feel secure about their compliance

    • Very powerful position with your customers!
logistics information how products are sold
Logistics Information – How Products Are Sold

Order rules pretty straightforward compared to others…

All lines have following options:

1] Product alone (full or upgrade)

2] Product + maintenance bundles (full or upgrade)

3] Maintenance renewals (maint customers only)

*NEW maintenance only sold as a bundle!*

  • Definitely a great upsell opportunity for you and great value for customers!
  • 3 tiers of maintenance:
    • Bronze (email/web only)
    • Silver (Bronze + phone access 8x5, 16hr response)
    • Gold (Silver + 24x5 phone access, <4hr response avail)

summary conclusion
Summary & Conclusion
  • How to increase sales & double your revenue:
  • Bundle AdminStudio into all VMware ThinApp, Microsoft ConfigMgr, Novell ZENworks, & Citrix XenApp sales discussions
  • Ensure when quoting for InstallShield, InstallAnywhere and AdminStudio you are always using the maintenance bundles – maintenance can add a significant revenue amount on your deals
  • We have alternate licensing models available for InstallShield/InstallAnywhere and AdminStudio (floating, per desktop, etc.) Engage Lifeboat!
summary conclusion cont d
Summary & Conclusion (cont’d)
  • How to increase sales & double your revenue:
  • License compliance with Acresso solutions (FLEXnet Manager, etc.) can add large amounts of revenue to your company!
  • Acresso Software solutions allow you to build professional services & consulting to compliment and enhance implementation
    • If preferred, also available as a resell option
  • Propose training as an option, especially with multi-license opportunities
  • When selling other solutions remember the Acresso solution to compliment these sales …

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