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How Prometheus Gave Fire To Men

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How Prometheus Gave Fire To Men - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Prometheus Gave Fire To Men. Retold By: Lindsey, Ella, and Rhostasha. Prometheus was a son of one of the Titans . He was always thinking about the future .

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how prometheus gave fire to men

How Prometheus Gave Fire To Men

Retold By: Lindsey, Ella, and Rhostasha


Prometheus started to plan in order to try to make the world better than before. He went to live amongst the men and women on Earth and saw they were becoming cold and hungry.

Prometheus decided he wanted to make the mortals happy again. He decided to ask Zeus if he could give the mortals the gift of fire.

When he went to ask Zeus, he replied, “Fire is a dangerous gift. You shall not give the mortals fire! I forbid you!” When Prometheus left, he stole a torch to bring fire to the mortals even though Zeus forbid it!

Prometheus went down to earth and showed the mortals the flaming torch. They thanked Prometheus gratefully for the fire.

“Control it with water,” Prometheus said. Prometheus thought, ‘’They now can use the gift of fire wisely.” Zeus saw the light of the fire on earth and called for Prometheus to be punished.

Prometheus was punished by Zeus and he was chained to a mountain for eternity. He would not die but live forever tied to the mountain.
While Prometheus was tied to a mountain, an eagle was sent to peck at his liver every day. Every night a new liver would be restored.