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Cows Create Careers

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Cows Create Careers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cows Create Careers. Francis Greenway High School Ebonie Reeves, Gemma Taylor, Hayley Fraser, Karleigha Melmeth. Participating in this program, (our team) us experienced many things caring for them. It was a key which unlocked an new experience for us and:

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Cows Create Careers

Francis Greenway High School

Ebonie Reeves, Gemma Taylor, Hayley Fraser, KarleighaMelmeth


Participating in this program, (our team) us experienced many things caring for them. It was a key which unlocked an new experience for us and:

widened our doorway into our career paths

Gained much knowledge through research and practical work

saying hello
Saying Hello
  • We where allowed to be taken out of class to greet the new arrivals to the school. When they were taken out of the trailer they had a little look around and said a little hello to everyone and even the newspaper, they were very popular and everyone wanted to see them. They even had a suck of nearly everyone's hands.

On the Monday the 9th of May at 11:00am, Francis Greenway High School received 2 Holstein calves from a farm in Gresford. For the next three weeks it is the year 9 science extended class to take responsibility of the two calves. We need to feed them morning and afternoon, checking that their water is clean, enough grain pellets to last the day, and a cosy shelter for them to hang out. We were very excited to have this privilege and enjoyed getting out of class to look after them, but were very upset to see them leave.


Our group The Creamy Devondale's

Gemma Taylor


Ebonie Reeves

Hayley Fraser


what we had to do
What We Had To Do

We have participated in the ‘Cows Create Careers’ program for several weeks now. The cows came from a farm from Gresford.

In this program we were given the opportunity of a life time, the opportunity to take care of two little Holstein calves. In this program we had to take it in turns to make the powder formula and feed the calves both in the morning and the afternoon before school had ended. While feeding them the other people in your group had to muck out the stall and place new hey down for them. During this whole ordeal when had to work on the theory side of this and create letters, posters, and PowerPoint on information we had created.


As they Marline and Maltida grew, we increased the quantity of formula powder we were giving them. This powder form was given to the cows through artificial tits which are similar to the tits of the mother cows. We took into account to make the formula similar to the formula as given when back at their home on the farm. Begun by feeding the calves with two and a half litres of hot water and powder, stirred together into a smooth mixture, then filled the rest with three and a half with cold.

feeding the calves
Feeding The Calves

The feed came in the form of powder. Firstly, hot water had to be added to the powder formula in order for it to dissolve into a liquid like form. The quantity of their feed increased over the three week period as they gained roughly a kilogram a day since their first measurement. The amount of the water also increased to insure the mixture was consistent; the hot water was measured with an thermometer and the water was to be 40 degrees Celsius. The powder was measured with electronic scales. We found the information on the outside of the package on how much water and powder was to be which was given to us by the farmer.


Name: Marleen, she is the smallest because she is one of twins

Breed: Holstein

Current Weight: 66kgs

Personality: she is very boystress and bouncy but also very skittish. She is playful, but when we first had her she wasn’t feeling well with a belly full of colostrum. But soon returning to full health.


Name: Matilda, she was the biggest out of the two and was the one with the most white on her coat.

Breed: Holstein

Current weight: 71kgs

Personality: Her personality was a lot more friendly and brave then Marleen. She was a lot cleaner . But was sometimes a bit of a bully to Marleen, they would get along but after feeding Matilda would always try to suckle Marleen and bunt her.


We had to measure the cows with a special tape that would indicate and educated guess on how much the calves weighed. We had to measure the calves around their shoulders and have their head held high to make the measurement more accurate.

saying goodbye
Saying Goodbye

It was a very sad time for all of us.