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Softball 101. Things to Remember!. Update your Table of Contents. -Date: 1/22/14 -Title of Assignment: Softball Notes -Standards: WC 1.1 -Page #:

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Things to remember
Things to Remember!

  • Update your Table of Contents.

    -Date: 1/22/14

    -Title of Assignment: Softball Notes

    -Standards: WC 1.1

    -Page #:

  • Vocabulary Index (Include page #): Words to be included today are: Infield, Infield Defense, Outfield Defense, Foul Ball, Inning, Batting order, Out, Pitch,Single, Double, Triple, and Run. DO NOT copy what is in RED bold, only BLACK!!

    Anything in GREEN is a question for you to answer only.

History of softball
History of Softball

  • The game of softball originated in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day, 1887. A group of 20 young men gathered in a gymnasium to hear the outcome of the Harvard-Yale football game. After the game, one of the men picked up a stray boxing glove and threw it at someone, who proceeded by hitting it with a pole. George Hancock, who is considered the inventor of softball shouted, “Let’s play ball!”

  • Hancock published his first set of indoor-outdoor rules in 1889.

Players and positions cn
Players and Positions (CN)

  • Infield: That portion of the field within the baselines. ( 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, home plate).

  • Infield Defense: Consists of a catcher (Positions him/herself behind home base), pitcher, first baseman, second baseman (Positions him/herself between 1st and 2nd base), shortstop (Positions him/herself between 2nd and 3rd base), and a third baseman.

  • Outfield Defense: Consists of a left fielder (Positions him/herself about 100 feet behind the Shortstop), right fielder (Positions him/herself about 100 feet behind the second baseman) , and center fielder (Positions him/herself about 100 feet behind 2nd base).

Rules and terminology cn
Rules and Terminology (CN)

  • Foul Ball: A ball hit outside of the boundary lines by the batter.

  • Inning: That portion of a game in which a team plays both offense and defense, starting with the first team at bat.

  • Batting order: The official listing of the sequence of the players to bat, must be followed.

  • Out: Failure by a batter or runner to reach a base safely in baseball; "you only get 3 outs per inning”.

Rules and terminology cn1
Rules and Terminology (CN)

  • Pitch: The act of throwing a softball by a pitcher to a batter.

  • Single: Batter hits the ball and reaches first base safely.

  • Double: Batter hits the ball and reaches second base safely.

  • Triple: Batter hits the ball and reaches third base safely.

  • Run: Runner crosses home plate/base and scores, 1 run/point.


  • Everyone must participate!!

  • Do not use inappropriate language.

  • SAFETY IS IMPORTANT!! Catcher must wear the catchers mask at all times, and the hitting team must be behind the cones at all times or you get an out added to your team.

  • Pitch for your own team.

  • 4 pitch maximum for all batters. (Underhand Only)

  • NO stealing bases are allowed.

  • NO lead-offs are allowed.

Rules cont
Rules Cont..

  • Batting order must be in boy-girl-boy-girl order until everyone has batted.

  • When you are batting, DO NOT THROW THE BAT!! If you throw the bat, this will result in an out.

  • You may bring your own glove, but you are responsible for it.

Complete the following
Complete the Following

  • Complete the L column for your KWL Chart. What did you Learn about softball.

  • Write 3 complete sentences using any 3 or more vocabulary words we learned today.