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The Chinese Zodiac Animals

Shreya Gullapalli 秋 美 鳳 2/3/11 Chinese, Grade 7. The Chinese Zodiac Animals. Cat sleeps through it Cat finds out and vows to be mouse's enemy foreve r. How the Animals Came to Be. The Cat 貓 māo. Mouse supposed to invite animals to Jade Emperor's palace (to be chosen for zodiac)

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The Chinese Zodiac Animals

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  1. Shreya Gullapalli 秋美鳳 2/3/11 Chinese, Grade 7 The Chinese Zodiac Animals

  2. Cat sleeps through it Cat finds out and vows to be mouse's enemy forever How the Animals Came to Be The Cat 貓māo • Mouse supposed to invite animals to Jade Emperor's palace (to be chosen for zodiac) • Mouse tells cat it is tomorrow

  3. Snake rode on horse and slithered before him at end Goat, Monkey, and Rooster took a raft Goat found it, so order is Goat, Monkey, Rooster Dog needed to take a bath Pig was hungry, so he feasted then slept The Great Race • When the animals arrive, they have a race across a river • Mouse rode on strong ox, jumped before him • Tiger swam • Rabbit hopped from stone to stone • Dragon flew, but helped humans, who were in need, on the way

  4. Metal Mice (1900-1960)~ strong willed; emotions extreme Water Mice (1912-1972)~ influential; insightful Wood Mice (1924-1984)~ fear of failing Fire Mice (1936-1996)~ try to make everyday special; spirited Earth Mice (1948-2008)~ having a good foundation = success (solid investments,etc.) 鼠 MousePersonalities 鼠shǔ are: • Witty • Imaginative and curious • Observant • Energetic • A little aggressive/ impulsive

  5. 牛niú are: Dependable Determined Tolerant Hardworking Do not take shortcuts Independent decisions 牛 OxPersonalities • Metal Ox (1901-1961)~ strong and wanting to achieve goals • Water Ox (1913-1973)~ flexible, sincere • Wood Ox (1925-1985)~ better as leader of team; outspoken • Fire Ox (1937-1997)~ inherent leaders; impulsive • Earth Ox (1949-2009)~ reliable and sincere;diligent = success; modest

  6. 虎hǔ are: Brave Competitive /want to protect honor Sometimes selfish or stubborn Leaders Think “land on my feet” 虎 TigerPersonalities • Metal Tigers (1950-2010)~ assertive; want attention; assume a lot • Water Tigers (1902-1962)~ sensitive and peaceful • Wood Tigers (1914-1974)~no need to lead; helpful • Fire Tigers (1926-1986)~ good leadership skills; optimistic • Earth Tigers (1938-1998)~ focused; practical; analyze situations so don't get carried away

  7. 兔tù are: Creative Avoid conflict(don't take risks) Friendly and sensitive Compassionate Family and friends are important 兔 RabbitPersonalities • Metal Rabbit (1951-2011)~ strong and determined • Water Rabbit (1903-1963)~ avoid situations; supportive of others • Wood Rabbit (1915-1975)~ want to content others • Fire Rabbit (1927-1987)~ adventurous; avoid conflict • Earth Rabbit (1939-1999)~ practical; advice realistic; material items important

  8. 龍lóng are: Independent Prefer to be alone Ambitious; hot-tempered Take risks Help others but don't ask for help 龍 Dragon Personalities • Metal Dragon (1940-2000)~ fight for beliefs; determined; leaders • Water Dragon (1952-2012)~ look at other points of view; good decisions • Wood Dragon (1904-1964)~ creative; dominate friendships • Fire Dragon (1916-1976)~ reckless; can make bad decisions • Earth Dragon (1928-1988)~ more rational= good decisions; controlled temper

  9. 蛇shé are: Intelligent Perceptive Get what they want, even through trickery Like material luxuries and possessions 蛇 Snake Personalities • Metal Snake (1941-2001)~ fight for what they deserve; strong goals • Water Snake (1953-2013)~ persuasive; motivated; like praise; work well in team • Wood Snake (1905-1965)~ lots of loved family and friends • Fire Snake (1917-1977)~ influential; always give advice/ opinions • Earth Snake (1929-1989)~ peaceful; friendly; work hard

  10. 馬mǎ are: Intelligent Energetic and outgoing Multitask; sometimes leave things unfinished Honest and friendly Seek attention; sometimes selfish 馬 Horse Personalities • Metal Horse (1930-1990)~ free spirited; don't like commitment • Water Horse (1942-2002)~ extremely indecisive; sometimes confuse others • Wood Horse (1954-2014)~ make good decisions; work well with team • Fire Horse (1906-1966)~ love change; strong opinions • Earth Horse (1918-1978)~ try accomplish goals; see all angles of situation

  11. 羊yáng are: Creative Caring and Dependable Like to be alone to explore their thoughts Serene 羊 Goat Personalities • Metal Goat (1931-1991)~ look tough; like the arts • Water Goat (1943-2003)~ want home; no confidence • Wood Goat (1955-2015)~ need to care for self more; helpful • Fire Goat (1907-1967)~ think high of selves; like family and friends • Earth Goat (1919-1979)~ independent; low confidence; love family

  12. 猴hóu are: Playful Curious and naughty Love practical jokes; are inherent pranksters Smart and creative Seek challenges 猴 Monkey Personalities • Metal Monkeys (1920-1980)~ ambitious; loyal; prefer alone • Water Monkeys (1932-1992)~ sensitive; easily distracted; big jokers • Wood Monkeys (1944-2004)~ great communication skills; hard workers • Fire Monkeys (1956-2016)~ determined; meet goals; want to be better than others • Earth Monkeys (1908-1968)~ want to live right; full effort; dependable

  13. 雞jī are: Confident and motivated Loyal and trustworthy Organized; homes always neat Honest, sociable and proud Seek attention; brag; can get annoying 雞 Rooster Personalities • Metal Rooster (1921-1981)~ aggressive; analytical; extremely proud • Water Rooster (1933-1993)~ energetic; perfectionists • Wood Rooster (1945-2005)~ look at good in people; don't finish what started • Fire Rooster (1957-2017)~ try to look good pretty; leaders • Earth Rooster (1909-1969)~ multitask; motivation= success; expects lots from others

  14. 狗gǒu are: Loyal and kind Offer useful advice Always finish things; spend money wisely Honest and friendly Determined; sometimes stubborn 狗 Dog Personalities • Metal Dog (1910-1970)~ high expectations for themselves/ others • Water Dog (1922-1982)~ not leaders; loyal; flexible • Wood Dog (1934-1994)~ easy-going; adaptable; want to build self-confidence • Fire Dog (1946-2006)~ confident leaders; prefer traveling • Earth Dog (1958-2018)~ good sense of fairness; inspire confidence; leaders

  15. 豬 Pig Personalities • Metal Pig (1911-1971)~ strong; trust everyone • Water Pig (1923-1983)~ others can influence Pigs and vise versa; enjoy life • Wood Pig (1935-1995)~ love to help other, even unnecessarily • Fire Pig (1947-2007)~ take risks; leaders; aggressive • Earth Pig (1959-2015)~ love family; never jump in, always make a plan 豬zhū are: • Dilligent • Generous and honest • Spend; like brand names; can get good bargains • Will do things to keep peace • Help others; enjoy life

  16. 新年快樂 Have A Happy New Year!!!

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