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SEO Boot Camp

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SEO Boot Camp - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEO Boot Camp. Go Here: seo - bootcamp -templates / . Jenny Munn SEO Consultant/Trainer Twitter @JennyMunn. Mickey Mellen Techical Director Twitter @mickmel.

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SEO Boot Camp

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    1. SEO Boot Camp Go Here: Jenny Munn SEO Consultant/Trainerwww.JennyMunn.comJenny@JennyMunn.comTwitter @JennyMunn Mickey Mellen Techical Director Twitter @mickmel

    2. What We’ll Do, Learn, Discuss 9:00-9:30am: Welcome & SEO Overview 9:30am – 10:30am: Keyword Research Deep Dive + Hands On 10:30-10:50: Technical SEO 10:50 – 11:30: Analytics 11:30-12:15: Ongoing SEO 12:15-12:45pm: 30 minute lunch 12:45pm – 1:45pm: On-page + Hands on 1:45pm – 2:00pm: Conversion 2:00pm – 2:10pm: WordPress SEO 2:10pm – 2:25pm: Break/?’s 3:25pm – 2:40pm: Local SEO 2:40-3:15pm: Linkbuilding 3:15-3:45: Recap + Hands On 3:45pm – 4:00pm: Questionsand hands-on time Ready for the fun?

    3. Who Am I?

    4. Meet Mickey

    5. Brief Overview of SEO

    6. SEO Overview SEO = Improving the Discovery of CONTENT Important Basics About SEO • Marketing 101 = Using the language of your customers • Google ranks webPAGES…not a webSITE • Keywords are the absolute foundation of SEO • SEO does NOT happen on accident • The real goal of SEO: not just rankings, but traffic and conversions

    7. Is SEO Right For You? If there are no fish in the pond, no amount of bait in the world is going to catch you a fish. Are your customers the type that would turn to search engines to find you? • Fiction Writer? • Commercial Real Estate Broker? • Corporate Marketing Agency? • Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyer? • Atlanta Copywriter?

    8. History of SEO • SEO used to be about going down a checklist of technical “to do’s” • Historically a very technical discipline • The industry is overrun with shady professionals who “guarantee” 1st place rankings Why Your Clients Don’t Need SEO … They Need Leverage Canonical Tags…  “rel=”nofollow” Meta Tags Geo-Targeting Robots.txt XML Sitemaps  <head> tag Panda Update HUH?! Jenny Munn

    9. SEO Bootcamp SEO On Page Optimization Gone Wild If you need career counseling, look for a professional counselor. Career counseling can help you in many ways. The first benefit of career counseling is finding a job quickly. Career counseling can also help you avoid making interviewing mistakes that cost you the job. When you need career counseling services, don’t hesitate to call the best career counselor in Atlanta.

    10. SEO Bootcamp Keyword Research: The foundation of your SEO efforts

    11. 4 Phases of Keyword Research Brainstorm Keyword Possibilities Verify the Data Keyword Selection and Prioritization Assign Keywords to Content

    12. Phase 1: Brainstorm Keyword Possibilities

    13. Phase 1: Brainstorm Keyword Possibilities • SEO Home base: Open up Excel • Brain Dump: Take 5-10 minutes and brainstorm ALL the words you think you should rank • Add to that list: • Google Autosuggest • Poll a partner • Poll your customers • “Spy” on competitors with Spyfu • Look in your analytics • Get a good solid list – and let’s VERIFY these words

    14. Keyword Research Tips Horsinality: Disconnect: “horse training” vs “natural horsemanship” Group Like Words Together … Put In As Many As You Can Think Of Tips: *don’t forget plurals*don’t forget synonyms*person, product or service? Love coach Dating coach Matchmaker Matchmaking professional Dating coaches Matchmaking for men Meeting planner Conference organizer Independent meeting planner Freelance meeting planner Event coordinator park city utah fly fishing park city fly fishing park city utah trout fishing park city trout fishing service, guide, excursion, activity, etc.

    15. Questions to Generate Keyword Ideas • What problems does your product or service solve? • What if they were trying to SHORTLIST providers who do what you do? • What words/themes/pain points do you hear from your customers and prospects?

    16. Braindump keywords you want to rank for (paper or Excel) Deliverable: A list of brainstorm keywords in column A

    17. Keep Adding Words: Google Autosuggest

    18. Keep Adding Words: Look in your analytics

    19. Keep Adding Words: “Spy” on competitor Free but limited

    20. Poll a Partner Instructions: One person will give their 20-second elevator pitch The other person will suggest keywords that they – or the desired target market – might type in to Google if they were looking for that product, service, or information Record good ideas your partner suggests into Excel Switch

    21. Take 1 More Minute… • Make Sure You Have a Good Set of Keywords • Let’s go!

    22. Phase 2: Verify the Data – Using Google’s Free Keyword Planner

    23. Google Keyword Planner

    24. Keyword Research Tips • Put in lots of combinations of words into your research tool • Look through every option: Pay attention to hidden gems: (LOW Competition, HIGH Search Count) • Add all the reasonable keyword choices -> export to Excel

    25. YOUR Keyword Research Time Deliverable: 1 2

    26. “How to Find Keywords” Free Report • • “Where do I LOOK for keywords?” • “How do I know that I am using the RIGHT keywords?” • “Why am I not RANKING for my keywords?” Jenny Munn

    27. Phase 3: Keyword Prioritization and Selection

    28. Remember the “TOMORROW!” Concept….

    29. Phase 3: Keyword Prioritization and Selection • Dive in to the Excel Data…. • Sort the keywords from • high monthly search count to low • low competition to high • Look through words one by one • Goal: shorten this list • Eliminate • Bold • Highlight • Pick the 10 best words • 5 for a blog/article • 5 for a website page • Understand the competition you’re up against

    30. Why Competitive Research Matters -Large companies have the benefit of an SEO team

    31. Danger - Important Tip The most important thing is to get started. A half decent keyword is better than NO keyword

    32. Phase 4: Assign Keywords to Content

    33. Know What Existing Pages You Need to Optimize • General/Broad pages: Home, About, Services, Contact • Specific: specific services pages, location pages, blog posts, articles, other interior website page • Tip: Map out in Excel Take a minute and list out your most important 5-10 pages

    34. Refine Your List • Dive in to the Excel Data…. • Sort the keywords from • high monthly search count to low • low competition to high • Look through words one by one • Goal: shorten this list • Eliminate • Bold • Highlight • Understand the competition you’re up against • DELIVERABLE -> 10 best-guess words • 5 for a blog/article • 5-10 for a website page

    35. Technical SEO

    36. Analytics: How Do I Know if My SEO Is Working?

    37. Enter Google Analytics

    38. Issue: Not Getting Found/Not Getting Found for the RIGHT words? • What content – or lack thereof – are you putting out there?

    39. Issue: Ranking But Not Converting CLICKS

    40. Ongoing Analytics Tracking

    41. Analytics: Hands On

    42. Ongoing SEO:Content – Blogging, Social, Video