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Cub Scouts 2010

Slide Notes Contain Important Information About The History And Implementation of Cub Scouts 2010. Cub Scouts 2010. Top Hands Meeting Detroit, MI 8/26-28/2009. Cub Scout Membership. 1972: Peak Membership; Echo Boom creates Peak TAY. Average Retention appx. 65%.

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Cub Scouts 2010

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  1. Slide Notes Contain Important Information About The History And Implementation of Cub Scouts 2010 Cub Scouts 2010 Top Hands Meeting Detroit, MI 8/26-28/2009

  2. Cub Scout Membership 1972: Peak Membership; Echo Boom creates Peak TAY Average Retention appx. 65% Stable Retention X Declining TAY = Declining Membership

  3. Just Some Cub Scout Data? Average Increase In Retention = 20 Percentage Points

  4. What Do Den Leaders Think?

  5. What Was The Pilot?

  6. For the 2010-2011 Program Year THE method of Cub Scout delivery supported by National Council! 2010

  7. What is Cub Scouts 2010? • It’s Cub Scouts (the 2010 is when it starts) • It’s a method of delivering the existing program that is handbook based and focuses on den meeting activities leading to youth advancement. • Recognizes shift in family dynamics by moving MOST advancement into the den • Provides den leaders with specific den meeting plans to ease planning and enhance meeting organization

  8. What’s Not Changing? Den meeting structure & phases (7) Pack meeting structure & phases (7) Role of Roundtable in communications & training

  9. What Is Changing? New Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide Replaces the annual Program Helps Designed as “one-stop” resource for den leaders & Cubmasters Available online and via Scout Shops Sample available here and will be posted online

  10. New Resource Guide Table of Contents Light introduction into Cub Scouting (not to replace Leader Book) Tips and suggestions on den meetings, pack meetings, using the Guide Den meeting plans for ALL Ranks Pack meeting plans Resources

  11. What Is Changing? Themes as we know them (craft/seasonally based) will be eliminated Themes will be replaced by a monthly focus on the twelve core values of Cub Scouting: Majority of advancement happens in den

  12. What’s Changing? • Training is changing to recognize: • The change in delivery method • The increasing time pressures of our volunteers • New Fast Start for Den Leaders and Cubmasters • Less Scouting History, BSA organization and administration • More about how to run den/pack meetings and use the new delivery method • Revised Position Specific: • New online version for den leaders (Cubmaster under discussion) • Continued support for in-person, PowerPoint version

  13. CS 2010 Communications Plan Scouting.org/cubscouts2010 Release Date Now March!!

  14. scouting.org/cubscouts2010

  15. So What’s In It For Cub Scouting?

  16. What’s The Opportunity? 20% Point Increase In Retention X 2008 Cub Scout Membership = 350,000 Additional Youth Served

  17. What Can You Do To EnsureSuccess? • Make sure that the benefits for Scouting and for the youth we serve are promoted throughout your council: • Increased retention/more youth served • More satisfied den leaders/easier to plan and run meetings • More fun for the boys thru advancement activities • Assure that the website is promoted to your staff and volunteers, aggressively. • Newsletters • Websites • Emails to all volunteers • Work with your district executives, commissioners and other key volunteers to assure that the delivery change is part of the training and planning process for 2010.

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