need mac os x carbon support l.
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Mac OS X Carbon Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Mac OS X Carbon Development

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Mac OS X Carbon Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mindfire had great experience on Mac OS development by the time Mac OS X was launched. Having developed applications on Mac OS 8.x and 9.x systems, Mindfire had deep expertise on software development targeted for Mac development environments (either singularly or cross-platform).

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need mac os x carbon support

Need Mac OS X Carbon Support?

introduction mac os x carbon
Introduction: Mac OS X Carbon
  • Developed by Apple Inc. it is a procedural application programming interface for the Macintosh Operating System.
  • Provides C programming language access to Macintosh system services.
  • One of 5 API’s that may be accessed from a Mac OS X program. Other 4 include Cocoa, POSIX, X11 and Java.
  • Consists of a broad set of functions for managing files, memory, data, the user interface, and other system services.
  • Opens nearly all the functionality of Mac OS X to developers who do not know the Objective-C language.

features mac os x carbon
Features: Mac OS X Carbon
  • Provides a good degree of backward compatibility for programs to run.
  • Adds modern methods for manipulating information.
  • Composed of Managers, which are functionally related API’s defining sets of data structures and functions to manipulate them. These Managers are often interdependent or layered.
  • Much more object-oriented in their conception.

our services
Our Services
  • Custom Applications for Mac OS X (Intel/PPC), Mac OS X Server.
    • Carbon, Cocoa, Universal Binary.
  • Migration or Porting or Reengineering.
    • Mac OS PPC to Intel/Universal Binary Application Porting.
    • Classic Mac OS to OS X (Carbon/Cocoa) Application Porting.
    • Mac OS to Windows Application Porting (Mac OS Porting).
    • Windows to Mac OS Application Porting (Porting to Mac OS).
    • CodeWarrior to Xcode Porting.
    • PowerPlant/Carbon to Cocoa Porting.
  • Cross Platform Development – Mac/Windows/UNIX.
  • Mac OS X Device Driver Development.
  • Custom Extensions/Plug-in Development for Mac OS X Products.
    • Adobe, Quark, FileMaker, Servoy.


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