Looking to buy used aircraft these tips can help you out
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Looking To Buy Used Aircraft? These Tips Can Help You Out! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking to buy used aircraft these tips can help you out

Looking To Buy Used Aircraft? These Tips Can Help You Out!

Presented By:: Lindsay Green Date:30th November 2016


First check whether you can afford it or not
First Check Whether You Can Afford It Or Not

It’s not just about buying an aircraft you have to make sure you can afford to run it too. From insurance, fuel, tachometers and accessories everything will add up once you invest in an aircraft, which means you just don’t pay to buy it but should be able to bear all its expenses after buying it. Therefore, do prepare a spreadsheet of your ownership costs to check whether you can purchase it or not.


Fix your budget and stick to that
Fix Your Budget And Stick To That

Since it is an expensive deal so it is important to proceed with a fixed budget. Once you have decided how much you want to spend on the aircraft, stick to that. Don’t waste your money on the extras that you don’t need and are difficult to manage. Be strict to yourself and invest only on the things of your requirement.


Control your temptation of buying everything you want in an aircraft
Control Your Temptation Of Buying Everything You Want In An Aircraft

Yes, this one is important. Please don’t overbuy the aircraft accessories you might not need. For instance, if you only need a four-seater aircraft once in a while and have a major requirement of two-seater for the entire year, then invest in two-seater only. Don’t waste your money on things of temporary usage.


It s better if you can consider shared ownership
It’s Better If You Can Consider Shared Ownership Aircraft

This is a cost-effective way of owning an aircraft and one must not hesitate to consider it. If you know someone who too wants to buy an aircraft, split the aircraft and the costs between you. In this way, you will not just have an aircraft by your side but will also save loads.


Research research and research
Research! Research! And Research Aircraft

  • Only a good research can get you the best used aircraft deals. You will find a range of used aircraft for sale on many online directories, which is a good place to start. Don’t forget to check offline too with your friends, family and the bulletin board at your local airport. Your research can only end your search so do it well.


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