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Rotary vane pump NORMIT NP is designed for pumping viscous, plastic and other liquids. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NORMIT Rotar y vane pump NP.

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NORMIT Rotary vane pump NP

Company NORMIT s.r.o. developes and makes various equipment for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. We are the leader on the Slovak market in manufacture of processing equipment for food industry. We place high demands on the quality of productions and we pay special attantion to the introduction of innovate technologies.

  • Pumps NORMIT NP drawing materials such as:

  • Milk

  • Yoghurt

  • Wine

  • honey – Syrup

  • liquidDetergent

  • Sauces

  • Chocolate

  • Juicefruit

  • Mashedvegetable

Rotary vane pump NORMIT NP is designed for pumping viscous, plastic and other liquids.



Farmaceuticky primysel

Chemicky priemysel

How it works:

Operating pump body is made in the form of an eccentrically disposed rotor, having a longitudinal radial grooves in which flat plates slide , pressed against the stator by centrifugal force. Since the rotor is arranged eccentrically, so during rotation the plates, being constantly in contact with the body wall, go inside in rotor and out. During the work of pump on the suction side formed underpressure and pumped mass fills the space between the plates and then forced into the discharge pipe.

Variations of pumps NORMIT NP

  • With moving blades

  • With flexible blades

  • with a heating mantle

  • With a cooling jacket

NORMIT Rotary vane pumpNP


  • Silent operation

  • High reliability

  • Long service life

  • Economic at work

  • requires no maintanance

  • reversibility

  • Can be used as a dosing pump

  • Suitable for dense foods

  • High level of safety

The quality of our plants is at the highest level, providing our clients the fast return on investment.


the cost of vane-type pump for pumping molasses with capacity 5 t/h with a heating mantle is 3970 euros under conditions FCA Malacky.

Company NORMIT provides you the 10% discount, making the price 3573 euro in terms of FCA Malacky.

All prices are fixed in terms of FCA malacky Slovakia. 12 month warrantly. Production time is 60-90 days. Backup 40%, 60% before sending the device. The offer is valid 30 days.

Consult with our experts and ask for the form or fill it in on our website

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