impact of humans on biosphere ii n.
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Impact of Humans on Biosphere II

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Impact of Humans on Biosphere II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Impact of Humans on Biosphere II. Over-Consumption. Who in the world?. See cartoon!. 10% of World’s Population . Consumes 90% of World’s resources Including energy consumption  GHG Including raw materials  wastes, dumps Including 90% chemical wastes. World Consumption Classes.

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who in the world
Who in the world?
  • See cartoon!
10 of world s population
10% of World’s Population
  • Consumes 90% of World’s resources
    • Including energy consumption  GHG
    • Including raw materials  wastes, dumps
    • Including 90% chemical wastes
world consumption classes
World Consumption Classes
  • Where do we (U.S. society) live?
  • Which is healthiest?
world consumption classes1
World Consumption Classes
  • Why do we stay where we are???????
world consumption classes2
World Consumption Classes
  • What if we want to change?
  • Should we recycle?
old rs
Old “Rs”
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle (last, has role, but consumes fossil fuels, pollutes)
four r s of sustainability
Four R’s of Sustainability
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Lifestyle
  • Not doable in a “top ten list”
  • Requires change in values, commitment, resolving old problems
  • Examples:
rethink a few starter questions
“Rethink”: A few starter questions?
  • Why do we choose disposable plastic (toxic!) when we DINE IN KU?
  • Why do we drive when walking or biking would only take 10 – 15 minutes?..... And then pay to use an exercise facility?
  • Why do we use lawn-mowers that hurt our grass, our atmosphere and our wallet?
rethink a few starter questions1
“Rethink”: A few starter questions?
  • Why do we manufacture containers (manufacturing pollutes) and sell essentials (water, milk for infants) that we can get for free?
  • Why do we use light-bulbs which hurt our atomosphere and wallets?
  • Buy only what you need!(less consumption of resources, etc)
  • Virtually 100% of what you buy eventually end up in a landfill But also, what if all Americans reduced:
  • Their personal GHG emissions?
  • Their consumption of red meat, beef
  • The amount of electricity/gas they used?
  • The amount of raw material they consumed?
  • The amount of disposables they used?
  • Reduction is underappreciated! Ecological actions do not have to be “All or nothing!”
  • Economical $$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Buy for durability!
  • (less consumption of resources, pollution, etc)
  • Examples:Use washable dishes in KU!, Ask parents for cloth napkins,
  • Recycling Aluminum yields best results(Mining & extracting pure Al is VERY energy/fossil fuel intensive; recycling takes minimal energy)
  • You know the history of the world
  • You are now helping to write the future….
  • Good luck on finals!Gave a great life!