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Sunglasses - All you need to know

Sunglasses do provide a fashion statement, but they have many health benefits also. Know how they help protect our eyes, how are they prized and some amazing facts in this ppt.

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Sunglasses - All you need to know

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  1. Sunglasses – All you need to know History Aviators Facts Fit over Health Benefits Driving Polarized Pricing Bi focal About Us Fashion Statement that has health benefits

  2. History • Sunglasses have been around since pre historic period, carved from wood or antler. • 55 AD, Emperor Nero used to watch gladiatorial combat through emeralds. • 12th Century, sunglasses appeared in China, made from thin slices of polished grey quartz. • 18th Century, James Ayscough experimented with blue & green tinted spectacles to correct vision impairments. • 1929, Sam Foster launches cheap sunglasses that provided protection against UV rays. • 1936, Bausch & Lomb launched developed Aviators for pilots under the name Ray Ban.

  3. 1937, Edvin Land lends his polarizing photography to Bausch & Lomb to produce glasses that significantly reduced glare. • 1952, Ray Ban released Wayfer, took the market by storm and were the first to employ plastic only frames. • 1980s, Shutter shades designed by Alain Mikli gained immense popularity after featuring in music videos. • 1988, Nitinol launched made from Nickel-Titanium alloy, had the property of memory. • 1996, The Sunglass Outlet by Christopher Lord and Pamela Lord is launched.It offers the best sunglass selection on the cutting edge of fashion.  It is the premium place of designer inspired sunglasses at affordable prices.

  4. Facts • 80% of the damage to the eyes occurs before we are 18 years old. • 60% of Adults wear Corrective eyewear or 143 million people wear corrective eyewear. • 19% of people wear contact lenses. • 47% of sunglass wearers do not check UV rating before making a purchase. • 53% mistakenly believe that sunglasses with darker shades provide better UV protection. • 68% with light coloured eyes don’t know about being prone to UV related damage.

  5. In United States, every 14 seconds someone loses, breaks or site on a pair of Sunglasses. • More than 50% of Americans break or lose their Sunglasses each year. • 94% do not know that UV rays cause damage to the eyes. • UV rays damage the eyes and can also cause skin cancer, Sunglasses should block 98-99% of UV rays. • Polarized Sunglasses come with anti scratch coating on their lenses to maintain a high quality condition. • 83% think that one should always wear sunglasses when overcast but 17% actually do. • 5-10% of skin cancer occurs on the eye-lids.

  6. Health Benefits Sunglasses add value to your style and are also giving protection to one of the most valuable organ of the body – Eyes • They protect your eyes from UV • They decrease Dry-eye problems. • Glare is reduced • Less Squinting • Reduced Strain • Safety from debris • No distortion of color • Power glasses correct blurred vision • Prevention from Cataract • Protection from other eye diseases and vision disorders • Polarized sunglasses are useful in for water sports(Surfing, boating, fishing) • Wearing polarized lenses can reveal colors and images like never before • Diminishes reflections and glare. • Bi-focal reduce investment as the need to buy to pairs is not needed • Progressive lenses have changed the world with no separation between two lenses is required as in bi focal lenses

  7. Polarized Polarized sunglasses online shopping Protects eyes from strain Invented in 1937 Reduce glare Greater contrast True color perception Better Vision

  8. Bifocal Clear lens fashion sunglasses Distance or Near only Distance Near Only one kind of vision Both kinds of Vision More expensive Less expensive Recommended Not recommended Vision more clear Vision not clear

  9. Aviators • The aviator sunglasses were made for pilots initially. The First World War was the first major military conflict to see the utilization of aircraft in both reconnaissance and attack missions. As United States aircraft took to the sky, pilots were naturally afflicted by the intense sun at higher altitudes. Combat pilots would often land with exhausted and strained eyes after flights with no eye protection. To remediate this issue, The Army Air Corp contracted a project to optics manufacturer Bausch & Lomb with the aim to have sun blocking glasses for all of their pilots. • Launched in 1936, the aviator sunglasses produced by Bausch & Lomb were trademarked as “Ray Bans”.

  10. Fit-Over • Fit-overs sunglasses are the best solution for people with prescription sunglasses as they can be worn over the normal sunglasses. • Fit-overs are vastly used because they are cost effective, as polarized sunglasses with prescription lenses are expensive. • Photochromic also cannot provide that level of protection because they are not polarized, nor do they work well while driving. • Fit over are polarized, cheap and also provide side protection

  11. Driving • Driving Sunglasses prevent from extreme brightness and distracting reflections which can impair visibility when driving. • Polarised or mirrored lenses offer the best protection against the bright sun (and harmful ultraviolet rays). • The right model can also protect from dust and even strong winds. • A wind barrier will also reduce the rate of evaporation of moisture from your eyes. • So in racing, rallying and off-roading, these driving and motorcycle sunglasses are essential.

  12. Pricing • This section is ruled by the Italian giant Luxottica, with more than 75% market share, owner of Ray Ban, Oakley brands. • Being the Sunglass maker of almost all the big names in the sunglass industry like Tiffany Blue, Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. • Sunglasses can be as costly as $400 to $500, and these prices are decided by Luxottica. Sunglasses Outlet’s sunglasses at the sunglass shop are affordable and meet FDI and ANSI standards. So spending so much money on a $10 pair sounds foolish as Luxottica decides the prices according to its mood.

  13. Who we are • The Sunglass Outlet USA, one the most trusted online store when it comes to sunglasses for men and women, We sell designer inspired sunglasses, our products meet FDI and ANSI standards. with facilities like tax free shopping , free shipping and many more • With over 20 years’ experience in the Sunglass Industry, owners Christopher and Pamela Lord continue to offer the best sunglass selection on the cutting edge of fashion. • Customer satisfaction is what we strive to achieve. With our stylist creative and hands on approach, we help customers select the right sunglass shape for their face.  • Visit our website and click on Virtual try on to select the best design according to your face.

  14. Why Choose US? • We have Clearance sale, Season sale and other discounts for both men and women’s sunglasses also available to further make your shopping experience more enjoyable. • Enjoy free shipping on orders above $70 • Enjoy tax free shopping with us. • Select the best that fits you with Virtual try on facility. • All our products are 100% genuine and meet FDI and ANSI standards. • You can get assistance from the Head stylist and Owners about choosing the right pair according to your face.

  15. Contact US https://www.facebook.com/Sunglassoutlet-205185496549630/ • The Sunglass Outlet • Penny Lane Mall – Unit 3 • 42 Rehoboth Avenue • Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 USA • The Sunglass Outlet • 309 Atlantic Avenue – 4th Street and Boardwalk – (Basement Unit) • Ocean City, Maryland 21842 USA • Mailing Address: • The Sunglass Outlet • 32813 Ocean Reach Drive • Lewes, DE 19958 USA https://twitter.com/sunglass_outlet? 443-421-0485 https://www.pinterest.com/Sunglassplanet/ https://plus.google.com/112167341007710940428/ 302-227-3576 http://www.sunglassoutlet.co/

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