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My “Who’s Nobody” Project PowerPoint Presentation
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My “Who’s Nobody” Project

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My “Who’s Nobody” Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My “Who’s Nobody” Project

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  1. My “Who’s Nobody” Project By SafeeraGillani

  2. Researching • As soon as I got home from school, Nobody and I started researching on drinking and driving.

  3. MADD • I found a website called . MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) is an organisation that was formed by mothers to help stop drunk driving.

  4. Drinking and Driving • Did you know that at least 1350 people in Canada die from drinking and driving each year? • People should stop drinking and driving because they are wasting their lives on a dangerous pleasure.

  5. Christmas Day & New Years Day I got Nobody a MADD bracelet for Christmas. • On New Years Eve, Nobody and I stayed up until midnight so we could watch the New Years’ celebration on TV.

  6. Posters • This is me and Nobody printing a poster to help PREVENT drunk driving that we made on the computer.

  7. Where do I put the posters? • I decided to put the posters up around my dad’s work because he works at a car rental place and is a used car dealer. My uncle also agreed to put up the posters around his cafe and my mom’s close friend will put them around her university campus.

  8. Eyes and a bracelet • I put two objects on Nobody; a MADD bracelet and a pair of eyes. I chose to give Nobody a MADD bracelet so Nobody could remember what he did to prevent drunk driving. I gave Nobody a pair of eyes so he could see what the effects of drunk driving are having on families all over the world.

  9. Thank you Mr. Cruise • Thank you Mr. Cruise for giving me the “Who’s Nobody” experience to learn about drinking and driving. I will continue this project even though my time with Nobody will be over. I will also be passing around ribbons to put on your parents cars and for the teachers to put on their cars.

  10. Goodbye nobody!!