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High School 101: The Journey Begins PowerPoint Presentation
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High School 101: The Journey Begins

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High School 101: The Journey Begins - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High School 101: The Journey Begins. Presented by: The Cambridge Counseling Department. Program Overview. Who's Who Overview of Cambridge Counseling Academic Requirements Testing Requirements Retention & Recovery GPA & HOPE Scholarship Tips for Parents Communication COMPASS Center

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High School 101: The Journey Begins

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    1. High School 101: The Journey Begins Presented by: The Cambridge Counseling Department

    2. Program Overview • Who's Who • Overview of Cambridge Counseling • Academic Requirements • Testing Requirements • Retention & Recovery • GPA & HOPE Scholarship • Tips for Parents • Communication • COMPASS Center • Upcoming

    3. Cambridge Administrators: Assigned to students by grade level • Principal: Dr. Edward Spurka • 9th Grade Administrator: Mr. Chris Bennett • 10th Grade Administrator: Mr. Forti • 11th Grade Administrator/ Assistant Principal: Mrs. Latoya Gray • 12th Grade Administrator/ Curriculum Assistant Principal: Mrs. Amy Price • Associate Administrator: Mrs. Kim Premoli

    4. Cambridge Counseling Staff:Assigned to students by the first letter(s) of their last name. • A-E: Mrs. Leigh Popp • F-Lal: Mrs. Bonnie Schechter • Lam- Ri: Mrs. Gwen Danner • Rj-Z: Mrs. Samiah Garcia • Graduation Coach: Mr. Chip Flemmer • Social Worker: Mrs. Stephanie Schuette • Counseling Secretary: Mrs. Tammy Speer • Records Coordinator: Mrs. Nancy Sheridan

    5. What is Cambridge Counseling? • Individual Student Planning: • Academic planning; College/Career Planning; Goal Setting; Problem Solving; Recommendation Letters; Transcript Requests; Graduation Status Tracking; Transition Planning; College Visits. • Classroom Guidance: What You Need to Know as a Freshman; PSAT Planning. • Responsive Services: As needed. • Individual and Small Group Counseling; Crisis Intervention; Consultation and Collaboration with Parents, Teachers, Administrators; Referrals to Outside Agencies. • New Student Enrollments; Withdrawals, Academic Placement & Scheduling; Standardized Test Coordination & Interpretation; Special Programs (Honors Night, National Merit, Parent Information Nights, Nominated Scholarships).

    6. Counseling Procedures: • Appointment Requests (student vs. parent) • Student Enrollment/Withdrawals • Student Records

    7. Credit Requirements • English: 4 Credits • Mathematics: 4 Credits • Science: 4 Credits • Social Studies: 3 Credits • World Language/Fine Arts/Career Tech: 3 credits • Electives: 4 Credits • Health/ Personal Fitness: 1 Credit • *Semester long classes= .5 credits • *Year long classes= 1 credit • *23 credits are required to graduate

    8. Sample 4-Year Plan • General Health is often paired with American Gov. in 9th grade. • Personal Fitness is also required and can be taken at the student's leisure anytime during the four years.

    9. How do Honors Points Work? • An additional 7 points is added on to the final grade for any Honors, College or AP course. *A passing grade of at least 70 must be earned in order to receive the 7 points. Example: PR Transcript/RC 9th Lit H 90 97 Biology H 68 68

    10. Retention Policy • Retention Policy: • 5 credits= 10th grade promotion • 11 credits= 11th grade promotion • 17 credits= 12th grade promotion • 23 credits= GRADUATION!

    11. Recovery Policy • In schedule • PLATO (Not accepted by NCAA) • Fulton Virtual School (FVS) • GA Virtual School (GAVS • Summer School

    12. No Pass, No Play • To participate in sports, students must have passed FIVE classes from the previous semester. AND • Must be on track to graduate (Not retained in a lower grade).

    13. Testing Requirements • Students entering ninth grade on or after July 1, 2011 no longer must take or pass the GHSGT to receive a high school diploma. • End-of-course tests (EOCT) account for 20% of a student’s final grade. • Classes with EOCT's include: Algebra, Geometry, 9th Lit,, 11th Lit, Biology, Physical Science, US History, Economics. • Every student must take and pass the Georgia High School Writing Test (GHSWT).

    14. GPA & HOPE Scholarship • How do you calculate a GPA? • There are many different ways. A few of the most common ways include: • Cumulative Numeric Average: Example 83.5% • Fulton County reports CNA. • All courses on the transcript are included in the average, including failing grades. • Grade Point Average: 3.21 Cum.; Example: 3.02 Core (On a 4.0 scale) • Used by many college and scholarship programs. • The grades included depend on the type of calculation needed. • Cumulative: ALL grades converted to a point scale. • Core: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language grades converted to a point scale.

    15. HOPE Eligibility • Eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship requires students to earn a 3.0 GPA. • All grades earned in core classes are included. • The additional 7 points that FC awards for honors, AP or college courses are removed and grades are converted to a 4.0 scale. • AP courses receive an additional .5 weight up to 4.0 • Zell Miller Scholarship • 3.7 GPA • Calculated the same as HOPE • Also a test score requirement (1200 SAT combined score in critical reading and math. 26 ACT composite score). • HOPE Grant • Students working toward a certificate or diploma at an eligible college or university • No specific high school GPA required • Postsecondary cumulative GPA of 2.0 Visit www.gacollege411.org for award and rigor details

    16. Additional HOPE Requirements Students Graduating after May 1, 2017 Must Have Four Full Academic Credits From Courses Listed Below: • Advanced Math • Advanced Science • AP in a core subject • Advanced Foreign Language • Core subjects taken at USG Institution List of courses: http://www.gsfc.org/main/publishing/pdf/2012/Course_List.pdf

    17. College Admissions:What do colleges look for? • GPA – Typically average in academic core on a 4.0 scale (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language) • Course Selection (rigor; difficulty level) – Selective colleges are looking at the strength or rigor of courses throughout high school, including the senior year • Test Scores (SAT and/or ACT)- Plan taking during 11th grade year • Class Rank – Based on overall numeric weighted average • Extracurricular Activities – Leadership and participation in clubs, service organizations and sports can be particularly important to colleges • College Application Essays – Required essays on the college application are important because they demonstrate writing ability and give the college more information about the student. • Letters of Recommendation-Usually two letters from teachers and one from counselor is needed • Resumes – Contains academic info., honors & awards, extracurricular activities, work/volunteer experience, etc. • Interviews- May be required

    18. 2013 Freshman Profile

    19. Tips for Parents • Provide a proper study setting (free from distraction). • Plan a regular time for studying each day • Ask to see your child's homework and agenda frequently. • Check Home Access Center • Communicate with teachers • Proper sleep, diet, and exercise will help with alertness • Be sensitive to your child's frustrations about school.

    20. Communication • If your student is struggling in a class: The policy is to contact and work with the teacher. We do not change classes or teachers. • Questions about TAG, contact: Dahlia Restler at restler@fultonschools.org • Questions about a 504, contact: Chip Flemmer at flemmerc@fultonschools.org • Questions about sport eligibility, contact: Wayne Smith at smithtw@fultonschools.org

    21. Upcoming • October 16: PSAT • October 21: 9th Grade Advisement begins • October 28: Bridge Bill activities begin on GCIS Find more upcoming events at: www.cambridgeguidance.com

    22. Georgia Career Information Systems (GCIS) • Assessments • Exploration • 4-Year High School Plans • College Planning • Educational, college and career management. www.gcic.peachnet.edu

    23. The COMPASS Center • IS OPEN! • This is a resource for ALL Students and Parents! • COLLEGE & CAREER SEARCH RESOURCES • CAREER EXPLORATION & INTEREST PROFILE TOOLS • MOCK INTERVIEW PRACTICE • RESUME ASSISTANCE • ESSAY WRITING RESOURCES • SCHOLARSHIP & FINANCIAL AID ASSISTANCE • CEO PROGRAM (Career Exploration/Job Shadow) • ACT & SAT PREP RESOURCES • NCAA ELIGIBILTIY RESOURCES • ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITIES & INTERNSHIPS • The Cambridge Guidance Handbook-A CHS-specific, pdf-docu-book on the CHS website will be the guide utilized as a starting point • PARENT INFORMATION WORKSHOPS • COLLEGE RECRUITER VISITS & “COLLEGE VISIT MINUTES” • COLLEGE FAIR AT CHS & AWARENESS OF EVENTS IN COMMUNITY • Resources for students that need Accommodations • Resources & contacts for educational & career options with Selective Service recruitment • The Compass Center will provide many services including but not limited to: • The Compass Center is located in room #2503. • *Students must request a Pass from Study Hall or lunch Cafeteria (3rd,4th, 5th periods) or during PAWS (Tues/Thurs)

    24. The COMPASS CENTER at Cambridge HS is proud to announce a new service for students: Cambridge CEO Program(Career Exploration Opportunities)Discover interests, learn about careers, experience careers before going to college PREREQUISITES: • Student must be in good standing. This means student has maintained grades of "C" and above in all academic course work, is not on probation nor has there been a pattern of being on and off probation. • Student has demonstrated good attendance, no excessive absences. • Student has demonstrated a level of responsibility. Getting Started: Stop by the COMPASS CENTER (Room 2503) for forms or print copies by accessing our link on the Guidance website. • STEP ONE: Complete a Career Interest Profile –This tool (obtained via COMPASS CENTER) helps students identify areas best suited to them as individuals. • STEP TWO: Submit a completed Cambridge CEO Application.   • STEP THREE: Submit a Teacher “CEO Recommendation” form. • STEP FOUR: Submit a Resume & participate in one Mock Interview Session at the Compass Center. After all prerequisites are met & four steps above are complete, the student will be contacted to set up a personal appointment to be matched with a career professional! The CEO program is a Career & Job shadowing program for Cambridge High School students to explore careers in a variety of professions and businesses. Through these experiences, students gain the knowledge and confidence needed for making future career decisions. The program encompasses many different aspects, all designed to educate the students on career directions and choices.

    25. Cambridge CEO Program (CONTINUED)Discover interests, learn about careers, experience careers before going to college Career Professions available for Job Shadows: Different professions will be added as available.  If you do not see a particular area of interest on the list, please discuss this during your appointment. • Physician (various fields) Biologist Physical Therapist Political service • Biomedical Engineer Law enforcement Marketing ExecutiveActuary • Mechanical EngineerOphthalmologist Financial Analyst Food ScientistExecutive Chef Apparel Marketing Speech Therapist Technology • Sales Executive Veterinary Medicine Architect • ChiropractorInterior Design Management Lawyer/Justice • Advertising Executive Public Relations Software Engineer Computer Science • Physical Therapist Social Worker Athletic Trainer Occupational Therapist • Psychology Investment BankingStock Analyst Film/ProductionNursing Broadcasting Nutrition/DietitianDentistryMany more.... ATTENTION BUSINESS PARTNERS/PROFESSIONALS: If you are interested in participating as one of our professional mentors for our career shadowing or internship opportunities, PLEASE contact us at CambridgeCompassCEO@gmail.com

    26. View your course records • Create a course plan • Reflect on course options and choices • View course plan comments and recommendations from counselors, teachers and parents • View updates and links from your school • Read and send email messages to school staff • Access the document library • Research colleges, enrichment programs and scholarships • Build your Colleges I'm Thinking About list and Colleges I'm Applying To list • Request teacher recommendations and transcripts for college applications What is Naviance Family Connection?Naviance Family Connection is a web-based platform subscribed to by schools to provide students and families with a single, centralized, online resource for college and career planning and post-secondary preparation. The tools included in the program allow convenient communication with guidance counselors and school staff allowing a streamlined approach to collaborate on college and career readiness activities. What can your student do in Family Connection?Students can identify interests, explore careers, research colleges, scholarships, enrichment programs and potential courses in one location. They can create individual plans resulting in a personalized portfolio that can be linked to college and career readiness. Students can directly link career interests to educational programs to aid the college search process while also identifying scholarship opportunities. During the college application process, students can electronically request transcripts and letters of recommendations as well as directly submit their college applications through the program. Students can also build their resume and create goals and track associated tasks and activities. • Homepage • Coursestab • Collegestab • Complete personality and interests assessments • Research careers • Build favorite career list • Take surveys • Create a resume • View your test scores, GPA and rank • View documents posted by the school • Create journal enties to record reflections and track progress • Set academic and personal goals • Create personal task lists • View and complete school-assigned tasks • Careerstab • About Me tab • My Planner tab

    27. Questions?