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Pharmacy Technician

Information Bladen Community College. Pharmacy Technician. Information Chapter 12. Information Common references Other references The internet Technician references Review. Pyramid. Tertiary. Secondary. Primary. Primary

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Pharmacy Technician

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  1. Information Bladen Community College Pharmacy Technician

  2. Information Chapter 12 • Information • Common references • Other references • The internet • Technician references • Review

  3. Pyramid Tertiary Secondary Primary

  4. Primary • Provides direct access to the largest amount of and most current information from contemporary to research. • Scientific journals, pubmed.gov • Secondary • Abstracting services, indexing and bibliographic services and microfiche systems • Scientific journals • Tertiary • Condensed and compact information based on established knowledge in primary literature. • Textbooks, reference books

  5. Legal Aspects • Federal • OSHA requires pharmacies to have MSDS for their hazardous Chemicals • USP-NF Chapters 1-999 are enforced by the FDA • www.usp.org • State • State laws and State Board of Pharmacy rules and regulations require pharmacies to maintain specific professional literature references.

  6. Common References • DFC • The Complete Drug References • AHFS • “Orange Book” • Handbook on Injectable Books • Red Book: Pharmacy’s Fundamental Reference • Today’s Technicians

  7. Other References • Professional Journals • Trade Journals • Indexes of Primary Literature • Newsletters • Textbooks • www.otchandbook.com • www.goodmanadgilman.com • Personal Digital Assistants

  8. The Internet • Virtual Library • Supernetwork • Search engines • www.medscape.com • www.rxlist.com • www.ashp.org/ahfs • www.lexi.com • www.merck.com see page 305 for more resources

  9. Technician References • Occupational Information • Training Programs • PT Organizations & Publications • Certification Examination Prep • Continuing Education Information • Professional Liability

  10. Assignment • Go to computer lab • Visit 3 reference sites • Answer the following questions for each site: • What is the web address? • Who sponsors the site? • Name & Background information • How will this help you as a pharmacy technician? • Paragraph answer

  11. Questions…

  12. Notes ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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