do you know these 6 are the most evil mothers n.
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Do You Know These 6 are the Most Evil Mothers of All Time? PowerPoint Presentation
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Do You Know These 6 are the Most Evil Mothers of All Time?

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Do You Know These 6 are the Most Evil Mothers of All Time? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are some mothers down the lane of history that have put motherhood to shame due to their cruel ways.

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do you know these 6 are the most evil mothers

Do You Know These 6 are the Most Evil Mothers of All Time?

It was only recently that we celebrated Mother's Day and trust me it is one of those days that is

celebrated in the entire world because there is nobody more important than a mother. She

gives birth to us and from the day we are born till death does us apart, she tags along. She is

always there for our needs, thicks and thins. But, as exceptions are always there, there are

some mothers down the lane of history that have put motherhood to shame due to their cruel

ways. Let's discuss some of these ladies who were nothing but evil monsters disguised as

mothers. Let's begin, shall we?

6 Most Evil Mothers of All Time

Here are the despicable ladies that have not just brought shame to motherhood but

womanhood as well.

1. Lindsey Lowe

What she does is quite shocking and can make you literally hate her. I do! She is a mother who

killed her twins only a minute after their birth. The babies were given birth to in the toilet of her

parent's home. After the delivery of the babies, shecovered their nose and mouth withher

barehands and continued to do so till they were not quiet and still. During the interrogation,

Lowe told the police that she didn't want her parents to know about her pregnancy but it is

quite obvious that she lied because her body

quite obvious that she lied because her body was changing physically and no parent is blind

enough not to notice it.

2. April Weber

On 24 March 2014, she called 911 saying she had dropped her 6-month-old baby on the floor

while playing with her and needed quick medical assistance. Even though doctors tried hard,

they couldn't save the baby as sweet little Aubrie had succumbed to her injuries. When the

postmortem reports were out, the entire world was shocked to know that the baby was killed

by nobody else but her own mother. The report said that her bones were broken and she was

badly traumatized. When the truth was unveiled, it startled everyone. Before calling 911,

Weber had dropped her baby from her head onto the bed till she was badly hurt. This

didn't satisfy the cruel nature of April and she threw her towards the dresser due to which her

entire body was ruined.

3 nicole nikki kelly

3. Nicole "Nikki" Kelly

Allegedly, Nicole had killed her son in July 2014 by wrapping the boy in a bed sheet so tightly

that he turned blue. Kelly, a maid by profession, expressed grief on social media by saying her

life is incomplete without her baby. But when she was caught by the Police, she confirmed that

she had killed the boy because she had reached her breaking point and didn't want the baby in

her life anymore. The woman with whom she used to live also said that the baby was a chirpy

and pleasant one was at times was tortured by his mother.

4 alexandra v tobias

4. Alexandra V. Tobias

This 22-year-old mother from Florida killed her 3-month-old baby for the most unexpected

reason. She has been charged and pleaded guilty on the grounds that she killed her child

because the baby was disturbing her while she was playing a game on a social networking site.

When the child was crying due to some reason, she got distracted and shook the baby to death.

She is certainly behind the bars but what she did is the sheer epitome of viciousness.

5. Ka Yang

this lady from california is nothing but a shame

This lady from California is nothing but a shame to humanity. She killed her 7-weeks-old baby

girl by putting her in the microwave for 2 minutes. In those two minutes, her intestines were

completely burnt and the radiation cooked all her internal organs which eventually led her to

death. According to her lawyer and her family, she was getting seizures for the past 6 years and

it was one of those seizures due to which she lost control and did what she did. However, the

reports and the opposition has something else to say. According to them, Yang experienced no

seizures at that particular moment and her chain of lies to the police indicated towards

something really fishy.

6. Stacie Parsons

In the July of 2014, this mother of one, went to the Police to tell them that she had killed her 4-

year-old child. To reconfirm what she said, the sheriffs went to the crime scene only to find out

that she had actually done that. After interrogation from her family members and husband, the

picture became clear. A few days before the death of the baby, she had a fight with her

husband and in a fit of anger she had told

husband and in a fit of anger, she had told him that whenever he leaves her, she will kill the

baby which she did. A day before this mishap, her husband had asked her to divorce him and

the very next day, in the morning she went out with baby girl Victoria to kill her and get rid of

her forever. Her husband stated that Stacie was jealous of Victoria since the day of her birth

and never treated her like her own. This is one reason that clearly shows the actual picture of

this heinous crime.

So, with that, this piece comes to an end. These stories made me cry, did it happen to you as

well? Do let us know in the comments section below.