Non motorised user nmu audits
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Non-Motorised User (NMU) Audits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hertfordshire Highways Non-Motorised User (NMU) Audits. Overview presentation. Cycling Scrutiny Panel 14 th & 16 th October 2009. Hertfordshire Highways Presentation contents. What is a Non Motorised User Audit? Current National Standards

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Presentation Transcript
Non motorised user nmu audits

Hertfordshire Highways

Non-Motorised User (NMU) Audits

Overview presentation

Cycling Scrutiny Panel

14th & 16th October 2009

Presentation contents

Hertfordshire Highways

Presentation contents

What is a Non Motorised User Audit?

Current National Standards

How it will be applied in Hertfordshire

Rollout of NMU Audits in Hertfordshire

What are the key benefits

What is an nmu audit

Hertfordshire Highways

What is an NMU Audit?

A process to encourage the consideration of the needs of Non-Motorised Users (NMU’s)

NMU’s include:




Disabled users / Powered Wheelchairs

For Hertfordshire we will also be including:

Elderly people

Bus and train users

How do we meet the needs of all types of cyclists e g school children commuters leisure cyclists
How do we meet the needs of all types of cyclists?e.g school children, commuters, leisure cyclists

  • Identify the types of cyclists in local vicinity

  • Inter-town links - National Cycle Network

  • In-town links – Urban Transport Plans

  • Routes to school programme

Current national standards

Hertfordshire Highways

Current National Standards

Main guidance document - DMRB HD 42/05

This is a Highways Agency document that describes the requirements for NMU Audits for all trunk road schemes including Motorways.

Main objectives of NMU audit are to:

Encourage the design team to take all reasonable opportunities to improve the service offered to NMU’s

Prevent conditions for NMU’s being worsened by the introduction of Highway schemes

Document design decisions that affect NMU’s

What is an nmu audit1

Hertfordshire Highways

What is an NMU Audit?

It should consider the implications of schemes for NMU:





Systematic process

Identify scheme objectives for NMU’s

Document design decisions

Review design and construction to assess scheme objectives

Current national standards1

Hertfordshire Highways

Current National Standards

HD 42/05 identifies 4 main stages

Stage 1 - Context report

Collation of background information of relevance to NMU’s

Stage 2, 3 & 4 - NMU Audit reports

The consideration of NMU’s at various stages within the design process, typically:

Preliminary design

Detailed design

Completion of construction

How are we going to apply this in herts

Hertfordshire Highways

How are we going to apply this in Herts

To ensure a cost efficient introduction of NMU audit into HCC schemes, a streamed approach is proposed, depending on the type of works undertaken.

Context Report

The items required will be included within our standard feasibility reports. (Includes information from The Strategic Accessibility Audit eg trip generators (hospitals, schools, employment, shopping etc))

NMU Audit Reports

These will be covered by our existing checking process, and should provide a means of documenting design decisions in a formal and consistent manner.

Both of these should be an integral part of the design and demonstrate key design decisions.

Context report

Hertfordshire Highways

Context Report

The information identified for inclusion in the context report element of HD 42/05 will be recorded in the standard feasibility report (HS3).

Produced at earliest possible stage and may include information such as: -

Flows of NMU’s

Flows and speeds of traffic

Desire lines / End destinations

Accident data

Strategies and policies

NCN routes or other routes that provide for NMU’s

Views of user groups, police, public transport operators etc

Rollout within hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Highways

Rollout within Hertfordshire

Major schemesThese should follow the full HD 42/05 process.

Integrated Transport Project (ITP) SchemesIt is proposed that these will follow the process outlined in this presentation. Trials are underway in a selection of feasibility reports. These are to be reviewed prior to agreeing process.

Other Schemes (e.g. maintenance/development)Currently developing a process to cover these areas of work.


Hertfordshire Highways


The NMU Audit aspect of HD 42/05 will be covered through the existing checking processes.

Designs will be checked against agreed criteria and any exceptions will be highlighted.

Any decisions that affect NMU’s will then be recorded on the project files.

What is being done to consider the needs of cyclists in all highway works
What is being done to consider the needs of cyclists in all highway works?

  • As part of Hertfordshire’s Cycling Strategy there is an identified need for a Non Motorised User Audit (HS4)

  • The user audit should work in accordance of the ‘hierarchy of solutions’ (HS5)

  • The context (feasibility) aspect of the audit should capture the policies/programmes and targets of any transport project (HS1)

What are the key benefits

Hertfordshire Highways highway works?

What are the key benefits

A more consistent approach to accommodating the needs of non motorised users.

NMU’s will be considered throughout the design process.

Any design decisions affecting NMU’s will be recorded.


Hertfordshire Highways highway works?