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Windows for the ways we learn PowerPoint Presentation
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Windows for the ways we learn

Windows for the ways we learn

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Windows for the ways we learn

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  1. Windowsfor the ways we learn

  2. Digital Technologies are Changing Education 500M devices will enter the education space within the next five years, with 2.3 devices owned per student on average, worldwide. Anytime, anywhere learning expectations BYOD goes mainstream Flipped classrooms and mobile learning Increasing security and privacy

  3. Windows Vision for Education Devices and experiences that students and educators love. Management solutions and services administrators need.

  4. Schools and developers adopting Windows 8 New class of devices and high interest in Windows tablet solutions Tablet and PC experience in one device enables more learning scenarios Windows 8 security and management address needs of IT Schools and students taking advantage of new Windows apps Over 100M licenses sold Fargo Public Schools Seton Hall University Westbourne Grammar Qatar Supreme Education Authority Queensland Australia DEC Fresno Unified School District Atlanta Public Schools and many more Customers flocking to Windows 8 Over 15K apps for education

  5. Windows for the ways we learn Every subject and every class Great devices for students and educators Always ready for class • Students and educators collaborate and create in the classroom and at home • Teachers manage the classroom for optimal learning experiences • New Windows apps • Mobility in and out of school • Windows 8.1 enhancements • Decision makers leverage choice and cost effectiveness to meet their school needs • Digital textbooks, Sharing devices • Best devices for education • Windows To Go and mobile carts • Windows RT 8.1 enhancements • IT managers leverage the platform to deploy and manage all devices • Safety and support, Accessibility • Family Safety • Deployment and management • Windows 8.1 MDM enhancements

  6. Demo Seeing is believing

  7. Success Stories SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY “…it was an easy decision to go with Windows 8 tablets over the Apple iPad. First, iPads wouldn’t run Pearson electronic course materials that use Adobe Flash technology, and we are heavily invested in Pearson products. And when we did a TCO analysis between the two platforms, Windows 8 on a Dell tablet was clearly more cost effective—over four years we calculated up to a $4 million savings going with Windows 8.” –David Crain, Chief Information Officer FARGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS “Windows 8 provides the ‘no compromises’ experience everyone has been looking for. It doesn’t force us to choose between a device that you can only read from and that doesn’t connect to a keyboard, or a device geared toward creating documents, presentations and other projects. It’s the best of both worlds: Teachers and students will be able to leverage existing curriculum and resources already used in the classroom.” –Bill Westrick, IT Director JACKSON-MADISON COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM “We chose Windows 8 because we need much more than a consumption-only device for online assessments to help prepare students for success.” –Chuck Jones, Chief of Technology

  8. Right Device Choosing devices that meet classroom requirements

  9. Next Steps

  10. Try Windows 8.1 • Great tablets and PCs available now • Download and evaluate • Evaluate Windows 8.1 on tablets and across all form factors • Start investigating and developing Windows apps • Still on Windows XP? • Move quickly to a modern OS before April 2014 • Deploying Windows 7 today? • Don’t stop, bring in Windows 8 side-by-side • Buy Windows touch devices for hardware refresh • Next steps

  11. Use Microsoft’s Resources My OEM External marketing sites and (in your local market) Technical deployment guidance Microsoft Education Partner Network

  12. Student Advantage For Volume Licensing Customers – EES or OVS-ES Purchase Office for 100% of organization's faculty & staff Office 365 ProPlus for students at no extra cost

  13. Manage the Classroom Manage the classroom for optimal learning effectiveness. • Low power devices with full day battery life to avoid power cable mess • More and more devices with InstantGo to avoid boot-up delays at start of class • Management tools to disable distracting apps like games and IM Sample Windows Apps Algebra Touch Shared Whiteboard Evernote Touch

  14. Value for School Administrators Flexibility for the way you need to learn, for the way you want to teach. • Meet your educational goals with the best technology • A vast ecosystem driving choice and cost competitiveness • Leverage training resources for professional development • Leverage existing investments in hardware and software • Share devices effortlessly to stay within your budget Sample Windows Apps Flashcards Pro Haiku Learning MyHomework

  15. Accessibility Features Providing accessibility for all students in the classroom. • Windows 8 is accessible to everyone, of all ages and abilities • Enabling students with disabilities to learn and engage in the classroom • Compatible with existing Windows accessibility solutions Sample Windows Apps Talking Tiles TapToTalk Visolve