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Leadership 2009. Tammy Jackson, Sr. Program Manger Student Conduct and Discipline. Objectives. Participants will be introduced to the new PPS Student Conduct and Discipline policy and hear about its implications for building practice in the upcoming year

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Leadership 2009

Leadership 2009

Tammy Jackson,

Sr. Program Manger

Student Conduct and Discipline


  • Participants will be introduced to thenew PPS Student Conduct and Discipline policyand hear about itsimplications for building practice in the upcoming year

  • Participants will also briefly hear about newlegislation on bullying, and notification to schools about potentially violent or unsafe youth. Both of these pieces of legislation will require action on the part of school personnel. Processes and procedures will be outlined in this session.

New pps discipline policy 4 30 010 p
New PPS Discipline Policy 4.30.010-P

  • Committed to positive, respectful and inclusive safe and drug free learning communities, ensures equitable outcomes in discipline and maximizes time in school

  • District staff-use principles of positive behavior support and effective discipline practices and cultural competency

Handout: Link to PPS website re Board policies and directives


Policy continued discipline principles
Policy continued-Discipline Principles

  • Discipline procedures should prevent misbehavior before it occurs

  • Personnel shall make every reasonable effort to first correct misbehavior through family and school-based resources

  • Discipline should be equitable, timely, fair, developmentally appropriate, and match the severity of the student’s behavior

  • Discipline should start at the lowest level possible

  • Discipline should teach student to behave in ways that contribute to academic and behavioral success, and support school environment

What the change means
What the change means

  • Commitment to equity in disciplinary outcomes

  • Re-focus on prevention and early intervention

  • Move away from reactive strategies to manage student misconduct

  • Much greater accountability

Implications of new policy
Implications of new policy

  • Expectation that all schools are intentional in eliminating over-representation of minorities in student disciplinary outcomes

  • Expectation that all schools align with best practices in developing a positive school climate

  • Expectation that all schools use office discipline referral data as part of a site-based team to improve behavioral practices

  • Expectation that central office support schools in meeting these expectations

Implications of bullying legislation oregon hb 2599
Implications of bullying legislation (Oregon HB 2599)

  • Requires uniform reporting procedures for bullying throughout the district

  • Review current policy and directive (4.30.060-P and 4.30.061-AD)

  • Look for update of supports from Student Services and IT

Implications of legislation relating to disclosure of information about student involved in the justice system (Oregon HB 512)

  • This legislation requires school administrators to notify staff when student are charged with a serious criminal offense

  • Staff is not allowed to talk to students about the charges

  • We will provide schools notice when one of their students has a charge pending

  • We will also provide notice when the charge has been dropped or the youth has been adjudicated

Other bits of information
Other Bits of Information information about student involved in the justice system (Oregon HB 512)

  • Discipline materials update: Target delivery for new materials week of 9/14. In the meantime, use 2008-2009 Guide to Policies, Rules, and Procedures on Student Responsibilities, Rights and Discipline

  • Call the Student Conduct office: (Tammy Jackson and Julie McGalliard 503.916.2000 ext. 71012)

    • For ALL weapons (even toys)

    • For prior alcohol and drug violations—history is important to Level of finding

    • If you are not highly confident of procedures, give us a call after reading “The Guide”

    • Call early, call often (credit to Jollee for this advice)

Helpful tip
Helpful Tip information about student involved in the justice system (Oregon HB 512)

  • Check out our web site at: http://www.pps.k12.or.us/departments/student-services/index.htm (See Administrators Tool Box and Legal Issues Memos)

Thank you

Thank You! information about student involved in the justice system (Oregon HB 512)