instructional implementation plan edl 6982 cowlishaw elementary school
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Instructional Implementation Plan EDL 6982 Cowlishaw Elementary School

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Instructional Implementation Plan EDL 6982 Cowlishaw Elementary School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Instructional Implementation Plan EDL 6982 Cowlishaw Elementary School. Presenter: Julee DeGeus. Project Background. My mentor, Cowlishaw Student Services Coordinator, has responsibility for business partnerships.

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instructional implementation plan edl 6982 cowlishaw elementary school

Instructional Implementation PlanEDL 6982Cowlishaw Elementary School

Presenter: Julee DeGeus

project background
Project Background
  • My mentor, Cowlishaw Student Services Coordinator, has responsibility for business partnerships.
  • At the inception of my internship there weren’t any formal business partnership with our elementary school.
  • Our school is unlike most of the grade schools in Indian Prairie School District #204. The school has a high mobility rate (higher than state average), double the district average for percentage of low income (11.6%). As a result, the PTO/ parent-base doesn’t have the capability to donate their time or resources as readily as other schools within our district.
  • The criteria for business partnership was not clearly defined.
what is the criterion of a business partnership
What is the criterion of a Business Partnership?
  • To make local businesses an active, long-term partner in the educational process.
  • Thinking in terms of Partners, not Donors
  • Creation of Multiple Points of Involvement
  • Make it a win/win situation for both parties.
  • Not simply asking for money
project goal develop business partnerships
Project Goal:Develop Business Partnerships
  • Specific – To contact local businesses to develop Business Partnerships to help Cowlishaw Elementary School through use of their valuable resources – time, donations or money.

Also, to contact school parents that own local businesses to determine whether or not they would be interested in becoming a Cowlishaw business partner

project goal develop business partnerships1
Project Goal:Develop Business Partnerships
  • Measurable–The ability to measure the success of this project is relatively simple. The success will be measured in several ways:
    • Number of new Business Partnerships
    • Number of business/ community volunteers hours
    • Value of monetary or in-kind donations
project goal develop business partnerships2
Project Goal:Develop Business Partnerships
  • Attainable – This project was attainable due to several local business expressing an interest to help Cowlishaw Elementary School through other opportunities.

In addition, two student’s parents own local businesses that expressed in becoming business partners.

project goal develop business partnerships3
Project Goal:Develop Business Partnerships
  • Realistic – The goal of developing Business Partnerships was realistic. To become a Business Partner a business could provide assistance that falls into one of four categories :

* Funding

* In-kind services

* Materials

* Volunteers

project goal develop business partnerships4
Project Goal:Develop Business Partnerships
  • Timely – At one point, Cowlishaw Elementary School had several Business Partnerships a number of years ago before my mentor came to my school. There is a more pressing need for business partnerships in all areas: funding, in-kind services, materials and volunteers as budget are tightening and parental involvement is decreasing.
implementation steps
Implementation Steps
  • Determine criterion for business partnerships.
  • Review criterion with Mentor and gain approval.
  • Develop potential contact list
  • Distribute questionnaire to teaching staff for business partnership opportunities and ask for any potential contacts
  • Develop business partner solicitation letter
business partnership questionnaire for teaching staff
Business Partnership Questionnaire for Teaching Staff
  • What types of opportunities could you envision for business partners to help Cowlishaw Elementary School and/or your classroom?
  • Have you worked with a Business Partner previously? Here or at another school?

2a. If so, What did you like most about the business partnership arrangement?

  • Typically Business Partnerships fall into four categories: funding, in-kind services, materials and volunteers. What category of assistance do you feel would most benefit your classroom?

3a. What type of assistance, specifically, would help your students the most?

4. Are any of your students’ parents business owners? If so, what type of business?

business partnership questionnaire for administration
Business Partnership Questionnaire for Administration
  • Do you have any concerns with Business Partnerships?

2 Do volunteers have to be closely supervised at all times? Or, have a criminal background check completed?

3. In your prior administrative experience, have you witness a successful Business Partnership program? If so, what type of support was provided?

4. In your opinion, what is the best way to recognize Business Partners?

staff survey results
Staff Survey Results
  • The result were varied.
  • Lower grade levels saw more of a need for volunteer assistance, as did the LMC.
  • Intermediate grade levels felt the needs were more towards funding or material donations.

Collins, Sarah and Dougherty, Chrys: NCEA Research Report #2, Survey on the Use of Business and Community Partnerships, February 2003.

This was a study done in Texas to determine the services provided by partnerships and how those services reflected the schools’ priorities. The great majority of schools rated their business partners as “critically” important or “very important” to their school’s success.

research cont
Research (cont.)

Eckles, Gregory: One way to manage educational partnerships with local businesses (Grades K-12), Curriculum Review, Apr2003, Vol. 42, Issue 8, p11

This brief article outlined the fact that most school give little thought to the creation of a cohesive outreach program. The information outlined indicated most partnerships in non-monetary categories: Student-oriented offerings, School-based partnerships and System wide ventures.


I saw my goal of developing Business Partnerships much more broadly than my mentor. My focus included any Business Partner that promoted our district’s vision

To prepare all students to succeed in an ever-changing world through comprehensive programs and experiences in collaboration with family and community.

while my mentor’s focus was almost solely on Business Partnerships for Funding purposes.

  • This project began in January and will be ongoing for future school years.
  • To date, I am still working on procuring funding for small tokens for our school’s recognition assembly at the end of the school year.
  • Ideally, by the start of next school year, Cowlishaw Elementary school will have a school year plan of Business Partnership opportunities for the upcoming school year.
  • Local Businesses – To promote a sense of community, promote their business and receive recognition/ goodwill.
  • Parent-Owned Businesses – Recognition, appreciation and knowing they helped their child’s school
  • Cowlishaw Administration – Assistance with stretching our school’s resources – non-monetary and monetary.
  • Cowlishaw Teachers and Staff - Productive business partnership.
  • Cowlishaw Students - The most important stakeholder as productive business partnerships lead to a better more improved school environment.
resources budget
  • There is no budget for this project. The minimal costs – phone use, paper and postage will be absorbing into the budget.
  • The future resources necessary for this project (upon my completion of this internship) – staff time to allocate to cultivating and contacting Business Partnerships.
formative evaluation
Formative Evaluation
  • My mentor and I met periodically to discuss my progress on this project.

During these meetings, she evaluated what I had done and we discussed what needed to be done and/or adjusted prior to our next meeting.

summative evaluation
Summative Evaluation
  • The success of this project is new Business Partnerships and the development of a business partnership solicitation letter.
  • I have scheduled a meeting to discuss the outcome of my project with my school’s principal.
  • Always make sure you have clear requirements before under taking any new task.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – assuming can quickly lead you down the wrong path.
  • My mentor’s job – the one I am aspiring toward – includes numerous responsibilities, such as business partnerships, that there frequently isn’t enough time in the day to do the things that fall under your job description.

Overall, I enjoyed my internship project.

elcc standards 1 2
ELCC Standards 1 & 2

ELCC Standard 1 - Vision

My Mentor and I had to have a vision for the big picture of this project, as it involves many steps.

ELCC Standard 2 – Culture/Instruction

The Business Partnerships have helped promote a positive school culture

elcc standards 3 4
ELCC Standards – 3 & 4

ELCC 3 - Organization/Management

  • By gaining Business Partnerships it has helped my school with the management of human and material resources.

ELCC 4 - Community

  • Working with local business by developing business partnerships was the main goal of this project. My school will continue to be involved with business as a results of business partnerships I developed.
elcc standards 5 6
ELCC Standards 5 & 6

ELCC 5 - Ethics

This project was implemented with the intention of the promotion of success all students by acting with integrity and fairness.

ELCC 6 – Larger Context

This project engaged community members as advocates in the success of all students.

the end
The End

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Saturday, May 3, 2008