welcome to 3rd grade n.
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Welcome to 3rd Grade! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

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Welcome to 3rd Grade!

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  1. Welcome to 3rd Grade!

  2. Welcome to 3rd Grade! It is our pleasure to welcome you to another school year at Marshall Elementary for the 2013-2014 school year. We are thrilled to begin this school year with you. Whether our school is an old familiar place, or brand new to you too, we will all experience 3rd grade together!

  3. Math Teacher:Miss Agurs Hello!! This is my third year teaching third grade here at Marshall Elementary.I have a B.A. in Elementary Education and I am currently getting my Masters in Special Education. Love arts and crafts! Team Leader My favorite color is purple I am originally from Rock Hill, SC I’M GETTING MARRIED IN FEBRUARY!!!

  4. S.S. and Writing Teacher: Miss Brannon This is my second year teaching 3rd grade at Marshall. B.A. Elementary Education • Love Gamecock football (USC graduate) • I’m from Spartanburg,SC • Enjoy vacationing-- ANYWHERE • Love listening to music- Any kind of music

  5. Science and Health Teacher: Miss Lorenz • First year teaching third grade • Taught 2nd Grade at Marshall last year • BA in Comparative Literature and French (Emergency Certification in Education) • LOVES to read! Favorite series: Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie) • LOVES to travel! (Especially when I get to speak French) • Grew up in Wisconsin... Brrrrrrr • SO EXCITED to be teaching science!

  6. Behavior Protocol Each day the students will receive their conduct grade which will be at the bottom of their homework sheet. E-- excellent S-- satisfactory N-- needs improvement U-- unsatisfactory

  7. Homework Procedures • Homework should be done each and every night. • A homework sheet will be provided every week. Students are responsible for writing down their own homework. • Each day you complete your homework your teacher will give you a sticker for your incentive chart.Every two weeks students with at least 20 stickers will receive a prize (fun day, extra recess, ice cream, etc.). • Students will have homework in ELA and Math almost daily, and twice a week in S.S. and Science.

  8. Rotation Schedule & Supplies • As students rotate throughout the day they are to carry their book bags, coats, and lunch with them. Supplies should remain in book bags always! • Textbooks will be left in the class of that subject area, unless students need it for homework. • Students should rotate as quickly and quietly as possible so that no instruction time is wasted.

  9. Benchmark Testing Benchmark testing will begin Wednesday, August 21. The testing is just to see where our students are and where we may need to provide extra assistance in the classroom. • August 21 - ELA • August 22 - Math • August 23 - Social Studies • August 26 - Science