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My First Book: Academic Success Principles PowerPoint Presentation
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My First Book: Academic Success Principles

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My First Book: Academic Success Principles

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My First Book: Academic Success Principles

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  1. My First Book: Academic Success Principles By Obijieze Romanus For Related Articles Visit A)Book Description This book was written with the mind to impart proven scholarly approaches that guarantee the success of students. It explains what academic success is all about and reveals its prerequisites. Students will learn life-changing principles including unfailing fundamental qualities that ensure academic excellence. It underscores the contribution that parents can make in the education of their children. Furthermore, this book furnishes information on effective study techniques, strategies for improving memory, how to

  2. take exams, time management and why cheating at exams is self- defeating. B) Reasons Why I Published This Book The following are reasons behind my decision to publish Academic Success Principles: 1) This book points parents, children, and others to what is the right and main purpose for academic endeavors. It makes clear that self- improvement (refinement) and provision of solutions to mankind’s problems are the only reasons for knowledge acquisition that will guarantee fulfilment and peace of mind for students. 2) My book presents unfailing foundational qualities that when students possess will ensure academic excellence and make a life of enormous achievements possible. 3) To remind parents of the positive influence they can have in the lives of their children. It is an established fact that early childhood education is important to the success of children. 4) To enable many students learn time management and disease prevention. The information on the above-mentioned areas provided in my book can help students in many countries achieve rapid and better results in what they do in different spheres. 5) Students who read my book will also learn effective study techniques and how to answer examination questions. C) The Audience for My Book This self-help book is for the following: 1) Parents. They have to read this book and discuss its contents with other family members to enable children get the best out of life. 2) Students. They have to read this book to understand effective strategies to apply toward achieving academic success. And 3) All lovers of education and human progress.

  3. D) Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Fundamental Qualities Chapter 3: What Parents Can Do Chapter 4: Time Management Chapter 5: Influence of Health and Money Chapter 6: Effective Exam Preparation Chapter 7: Taking Exams Chapter 8: Cheating at Exams E) Book Summary This book (Academic Success Principles) is focused on how students can achieve exam excellence and academic success. Chapter one discusses the true meaning of academic success, how everyone possesses natural endowments to make it in life, formal and informal education and understanding one’s purpose on planet earth. Chapter two presents the unfailing fundamental qualities that ensure the success of students. Chapter three treats the contribution of parents in the education of their children. Chapters four and five handle time management for students, disease prevention and alternative ways to finance higher education. Chapters six and seven cover effective study techniques, how to improve memory and how to take exams. Chapter eight discusses the negative impact of cheating at exams on society and suggest solutions on how to curb cheating at exams. For Related Articles Visit

  4. F) Information About the Author Obijieze Romanus is a Cameroonian born Nigerian. The author is a native of a town called Egbuoma in Oguta local government area of Imo state in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Romanus holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and an MBA in International Business from Ajou University, Suwon, South Korea. Recommended Book: Academic Success Principles – For a life of Purpose and Satisfaction. For Related Articles Visit