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League of Nations exam questions

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League of Nations exam questions. Exam Question. Source A is taken from “Modern World History”.

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exam question
Exam Question

Source A is taken from “Modern World History”.

The setting up of the League of Nations was written into the Treaty of Versailles. Refugees fleeing from conflicts were given vital help. A famous Norwegian explorer, Fridjof Nansen, worked for the League on the problems of prisoners of war stranded in Russia and he helped half a million men to return safely home. The Health Organisation organised work on health matters, especially in poorer countries. It worked successfully to reduce the number of cases of leprosy. The absence of the USA, however, greatly weakened the authority of the League.

  • How fully does Source A show the successes of the League of Nations during the 1920s?
  • You must use evidence from the source and from your own knowledge and give reasons for your answer.
  • 4 marks
exam question1
Exam Question

From the outset, the League of Nations faced many difficulties in its role of maintaining peace.

  • How successful was the League of Nations in dealing with the problems it faced after 1919?
  • 4 marks