G i science in 2015 predictions and visions
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G. I. Science in 2015: Predictions and Visions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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G. I. Science in 2015: Predictions and Visions. Shashi Shekhar McKnight Distinguished University Professor Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering University of Minnesota. Source: http://archive.salon.com/comics/tomo/2001/07/09/tomo/index.html ,

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G i science in 2015 predictions and visions l.jpg
G. I. Science in 2015: Predictions and Visions

Shashi Shekhar

McKnight Distinguished University Professor

Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

University of Minnesota

Slide2 l.jpg

Source: http://archive.salon.com/comics/tomo/2001/07/09/tomo/index.html,


Consumer applications l.jpg
Consumer Applications

  • Location-based Services

    • E.g.: MapPoint, MapQuest, Yahoo/Google Maps, …

Courtesy: Microsoft Live Search (http://maps.live.com)

Consumer applications4 l.jpg
Consumer Applications

  • Cell-phone, watch, custom

  • For in-vehicle or portable use

Application domains l.jpg
Application Domains

  • Spatial data mining is used in

    • NASA Earth Observing System (EOS): Earth science data

    • National Inst. of Justice: crime mapping

    • Census Bureau, Dept. of Commerce: census data

    • Dept. of Transportation (DOT): traffic data

    • National Inst. of Health (NIH): cancer clusters

    • Commerce, e.g. Retail Analysis

  • Sample Global Questions from Earth Science

    • How is the global Earth system changing

    • What are the primary forcing of the Earth system

    • How does the Earth system respond to natural and human included changes

    • What are the consequences of changes in the Earth system for human civilization

    • How well can we predict future changes in the Earth system

Example of application domains l.jpg
Example of Application Domains

  • Sample Local Questions from Epidemiology [TerraSeer]

    • What’s overall pattern of colorectal cancer

    • Is there clustering of high colorectal cancer incidence anywhere in the study area

    • Where is colorectal cancer risk significantly elevated

    • Where are zones of rapid change in colorectal cancer incidence

Geographic distribution of male colorectal cancer in Long Island, New York (Courtesy: TerraSeer)

Planning and simulation applications l.jpg
Planning and Simulation Applications

  • Evacuation Route Planning

Future of gis related work l.jpg
Future of GIS: Related Work

  • Steven Reader

    • Has not progressed beyond … mapping, querying, spatial data inventory …

    • Potential analytical power of technology to help solve complex societal and environmental problems has yet to be realized …

  • Ron Briggs

    • future (e.g. traffic when I get there)

    • UAVs

  • K. Clark (Textbook on GIS)

    • Impact of computing trends,

    • Social issues: geo-privacy, …

  • Dobson (1983)

    • Automated geography

Future prediction vs vision l.jpg
Future: Prediction Vs. Vision

  • Predictions

    • 640K ought to be enough for anybody.

    • I think there is a world market for may be five computers.

    • Everything that can be invented has been invented.

  • People

    • Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft, 1981,

    • Thomas Watson, Chairman, IBM, 1943

    • Charles Duell, US Office of Patents, 1899.

  • Hard to predict future

    • despite tools like induction, deduction

    • Stochastic nature of natural and social processes

  • Why engage in futurology ?

Visions are important l.jpg
Visions are important!

  • If you do not shape the future, someone else will!

  • Tim Phillips –

    • many … are short of really big ideas …focus on immediately (day to quarter) issues, … sometimes they forget that they got to be around in 10, 20, or 30 years.

  • SCOPE:

    • The futurologists are not trying to make them happen, they are just considering the implications of them happening.

    • GIS Implicatons of Societal Needs

    • GIS Implications of Disrupting technologies and basic research

Societal needs and implications for gis l.jpg
Societal Needs and Implications for GIS

  • Is G.I.Science relevant to Global Challenges ?

  • Next Decade Global Challenges [World Fed. Of United Nations Asso.]

    • Sustainable development for all

    • Clean water

    • Balance population and population growth

    • Policy making more sensitive to global long-term perspectives

    • Make information and communication technologies work for all

    • Reduce threat of new and reemerging diseases …

    • Shared values and security strategies to reduce conflict, terrorism, WMD

    • Stop transnational organized crime networks

    • Meeting growing energy demands safely and efficienly

    • … (6 more)

  • What are the implications for GIS ? Ex. Energy

    • Shortest path  Fuel efficient routes, e.g. UPS/DHL reduce left tuens

    • Vehicle: fuel efficiency vs. luxury

      • control – increase A/C airflow on sunny side

Nga the changing challenge l.jpg
NGA: The Changing Challenge…

Denial and Deception

Above Surface



0 - 4


12 - 24


4 - 12


Traditional NTM Coverage

Below Surface



Source: Greg Smith - NGA

Computing trends and gis implications l.jpg
Computing Trends and GIS Implications

  • 2020 Information Technology [M. Gough, CEO (NCC)]

    • PC – Terflop CPU, Terabyte memory, Peta-byte disks

    • Ubiquitous computing and sensing

    • Spatial Sensors: location + orientation + posture

    • Web 2.0, social networking, virtual life

  • Q? What is the impact on G.I.Sc. ?

    • Point and ask in real world (w/ laser pointer ?)

    • Increase computing capacity

      • Scale up spatial models (e.g. spatial autoregression, agent based)

      • Wider use of LIDAR, Global-Hawk UAVs

    • Will web 2.0 change importance of location ?

      • Impact on clustering of brainpower and wealth

Technology trends beyond computing l.jpg
Technology Trends Beyond Computing

  • Future Shock [Livewire, Summer 2007], AI Magazine, …

    • Robotics

    • Mind-controlled interfaces

    • Personal networking

    • Smart Building

    • Smart Fabric

    • Nano

    • Bio-technology

    • Semantic Web

  • Q? What is the impact on G.I.Sc. ?

    • Bio-technology

      • Neurosurgery – how to locate safe pathways to target in brain ?

    • Autonomous robots (.g. DARPA grand challenge)

      • Navigation on dessert terrain => real-time GIS

What do we want g i sc to be in 2015 l.jpg
What do we want G. I. Sc. To be in 2015 ?

  • Government – An essential part of governance

    • Juliani effect post 9/11

    • Agencies like NGA, Roles like GIO

    • Spatial Budget processes

      • Ex. Gas tax  Road user charges system

      • Predict Police budget for new developments

  • Business

    • Horizontal – Many Fortune 500 leader considers GIS essential!

      • Marketing, Logistics, Facility location  Strategy

      • Spatial pricing models for floor cleaning machines, ...

  • Academia, University

    • Discipline (department) vs.Interdisciplinary (center, institute) ?

    • Research Enterprise: Science grand challenges

  • What may we do to make 2015 vision more likely l.jpg
    What may we do to make 2015 vision more likely?

    • Work together

      • On hard problems of societal importance

      • Communicate societal benefits to decision makers

      • Academia needs support of Business and Government to establish need for new disciplines, departments, centers, institutions

      • And vice versa

    • Goodchild, Haining and 12 others (IJGIS, 1992)

      … if GIS as science is to continue to garner academic recognition and funding, … be able to demonstrate the important and usefulness of its research to GIS applications so that wider GIS industry becomes an advocate and financial partner.

    Personal view on interesting research l.jpg
    Personal view on interesting research?

    • Personal view on interesting research

      • Problem, why is it important? Why is it challenging?

      • Solution / Approach, Is it novel? Is it better than state of the art?

    • Role of industry (beyond resources)

      • Source of problems of societal interest

      • May help assess state of the art in industry

      • Contribute new ideas to solution and approach

      • Expose entrenched academic assumptions

    Complicated hotspots l.jpg
    Complicated Hotspots

    • Complication Dimensions

      • Spatial Networks

      • Time

    • Challenges: Trade-off b/w

      • Semantic richness and

      • Scalable algorithms


    Example basic research needs l.jpg
    Example Basic Research Needs

    • Location Prediction and

      Spatial interest measure: e.g., avg, dist(actual, predicted)

    Prediction 2.

    Spatially more accurate

    than Prediction 1

    Actual Sites

    Pixels with

    actual sites

    Prediction 1