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Influencer Engagement Tips

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Influencer Engagement Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Influencer Engagement Tips, Influencer Engagement Singapore gives 5 best practices to assist you to discover and build Influencer Engagement.

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Influencer Engagement Tips

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influencer engagement tips

Influencer Engagement Tips

Influencer Engagement Singapore gives 5 best practices to assist you to discover and build Influencer


1. Begin with a strategy

Before reaching out to your influencers, it’s vital to first develop your strategy for engagement. Are you

looking to grow brand awareness, generate business leads or sell more product? Organize cross-

functional teams to align on business goals before moving on to outreach.

2. Hunt for a variety of influencer

Influencer engaement marketing campaigns involve plenty of upfront research, together with

understanding your product and who would have an interest in it. Once you’ve an idea of your

audience, avoid the temptation to stay with only one type of influencer. If you provide a beauty

product, as an example, try looking beyond YouTube makeup gurus. Perhaps, mom or travel bloggers

could promote your product in several ways, providing you with a broader reach and access to a unique

set of potential customers.

3. Have open lines of communication

After narrowing down your influencer, recommend a brainstorm call to align on your key messages and

logistics. At this stage, it’s necessary to discuss reporting, together with what kind of analytics they’re

able or willing to provide throughout and once the campaign. If you’re measuring your success based

on data provided from your influencer, it’s best to confirm access to these early in the process. Use

these initial calls to induce your influencer take on their audiences furthermore, which might

additionally cause new angles or storyline.

4 be genuine

4. Be genuine

Having someone talk your brand is a lot totally different than talking about yourself. Today’s

consumers need to see how their favorite influencer is using your product in his or her regular life. The

most effective influencer campaigns concentrate on relatable and content, not typical advertising copy.

5. View influencer outreach as its own campaign, not an add-on to your marketing plan

Research, managing communications, tracking posts and coverage all takes time. You need to have a

dedicated program around engaging influencer, and allot the time it deserves, for the foremost

successful outcome.

Launching an influencer marketing campaign takes time, but with correct planning, budgeting and

analysis, your organization will directly reach your target audiences (and perhaps discover new ones on

the way).

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