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QTS Skill Test for Acquiring a Dignified Teaching Status PowerPoint Presentation
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QTS Skill Test for Acquiring a Dignified Teaching Status

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QTS Skill Test for Acquiring a Dignified Teaching Status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From the ancient era, teaching is a procedure that instructors convey their knowledge to pupils by making use of specified set of aides or tools. With the enhancing technological development, ultra-modern and latest procedures have been invented to replace the traditional ones. More often, these teaching tools are based on the capability and competency of both teacher and the student.

In short and snappy, education and proper educational training on philosophies, methods, theories of the educators quantify the social status of schools in western countries. Thus, the teacher working as a trainee may need to qualify the numeracy and literacy skill tests before acquiring an award of qualified teacher status (QTS). All the ITT (Initial Teacher’s Training) aspirants should pass the skill tests before starting their course.


In general, QTS skill test consists of two computer-based tests namely literacy and numeracy that a person need to pass if he/she wants to successfully complete the teacher’s training course i.e. PGCE, B.ED, BA or GTP. Basically numeracy test contains 12 mathematical questions based on mental ability and 16 on-screen test questions. The passing mark of this mental ability test is 18 out of full mark of 28. Likewise literature test consists of four portions such as spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension. You need to secure 63% of mark for each test within 45 minutes.


These tests may cover all the core skills that a teacher should fulfill his/her professional role in schools rather than having teaching knowledge in their relevant subjects. This test will ensure the competency in numeracy and literacy of all teachers despite the consequences of their specialism.

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