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Welcome To Open House!

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Welcome To Open House!. 2013-2014. Every Child , Every Day. Reducing chronic absences advances student success. LCSD1 Attendance Policy.

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Welcome To Open House!

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every child every day

Every Child , Every Day

Reducing chronic absences advances student success

lcsd1 attendance policy
LCSD1 Attendance Policy

The district considers students present only when they are actually at school, on homebound instruction or attending an activity authorized by the school such as field studies, athletic contests, music festivals, student conventions, etc.

  • If absent, a student must present a written excuse signed by a parent/guardian, physician or other appropriate person within three days after returning to school.
  • The excuse must include the date the excuse is written, date of the absence, reason for the absence, telephone number where the parent/guardian may be reached and the required signature.
  • If a student fails to provide a proper excuse, the excuse may be recorded as unexcused.
doctors excuses

(Schools do not accept faxes from parents/



Doctors’ excuses
  • Called-in doctor’s notes are not accepted. The student must see the doctor for the absence to be excused except in cases where the student has been determined to be chronically ill.
high school credit courses
High School Credit Courses
  • Students enrolled in a course for high school credit cannot accumulate more than five unexcused absences in a semester-long course or 10 unexcused absences in a yearlong course to receive credit. This includes absences covered by parent excuses, which means that parent excuses count as unexcused absences in high school credit courses. A parent excuse, however, does enable the student to make up work
excused absences
Excused absences
  • Ill students whose attendance in school endangers their health or the health of others, as determined by a doctor or the school nurse.
  • Students who are chronically ill. A doctor’s statement explaining that the student does not need to see a doctor every time the illness occurs must be turned into the attendance office.
  • Once the statement is on file with the school, the parent/guardian can inform the doctor of the occurrence of the illness and the doctor can fax the attendance office the excuse or the original may be picked up from the doctor and given to the attendance office when the student returns to school. (Schools do not accept faxes from parents)
  • If a student arrives to school after 8:05, he/she must be signed in by a parent.
  • If a student is consistently tardy, an Attendance Intervention Plan may have to be developed for him/her.
  • Students with Attendance Intervention Plans may not accumulate any tardies.
  • If a student accumulates three consecutive or five total unlawful absences, an Attendance Intervention Meeting will be conducted.
  • The parent, the student and a school official must be present.
  • A referral to the court system will be made if a student accumulates ten unlawful absences.
positive behavior interventions and support pbis
Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS)
  • Define and teach expectations
  • Acknowledge positive behavior
  • Reward positive behavior
  • Decrease negative behavior
our expectations are
Our expectations are…

We teach and reinforce each expectation

  • Students can earn Hawkeyes if they are caught exhibiting target behaviors
  • Each Hawkeye is worth 1 point.
  • Five Hawkeyes earn students a sticker on the back of their ID.
  • Stickers are placed on the back of the ID.
  • They allow students to earn privileges like:
    • 5 minutes early to lunch
    • Free admission to events
    • Ice cream or other treats
    • Reward drawings
positive leadership referrals
Positive “Leadership”Referrals
  • Instantly worth 1 sticker
  • A copy of the referral goes on the wall (feather)
  • A copy is sent home to parents
teachers can too
Teachers can too…
  • Students will have the opportunity to “write up” teachers on a positive referral form, which are located in the hallways around the school.
we need you
We need you!
  • Discuss positive behavior daily.
  • Remind students to be positive.
  • Suggest or supply free or cheap rewards that students will want to earn.
some things have not changed
Some things have not changed….
  • We know students can do quality work.
  • NOT doing work is NOT an option.
  • We expect students to re-do work that is below standard.
  • If students re-do work and their grade is better, they get the better grade (not an average of the two.)
  • Some assessments go in the grade book (summative), and some do not (formative).
some things have changed
Some things HAVE changed!
  • ALL work is expected to be turned in ON TIME.
    • If students have special circumstances that make the work late, they need to request an extension from their teacher.
  • If students want an opportunity to improve a grade, they must show evidence of what they have done to prepare for the re-do within 5 school days of getting the initial grade.

Students will generally get only ONE re-do. If a student thinks they deserve another attempt, they have to request it through Mr. Smith, Mr. Bridges, or Ms. Jackson.

  • If students don’t complete assigned work, they get an incomplete.
    • That sounds better than an F, but…you can’t get course credit for an incomplete.
after school academy
After School Academy
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays (starting September 5, 2013)
  • 3:30-5:00 in the Learning Common
  • Assistance in all subject areas
  • Certified teachers
  • Sign up in the School Counseling & Advisement Office

Homeroom teachers have Parent Permission slips

  • Students must have signed parent permission to participate
  • Turn in Parent Permission slips into the Counseling & Advisement Office
  • Parent will have to provide transportation
  • For more information, contact Ms. Jackson @ 803-821-4307

War Hawks!