Veterans’ Program Services in the One-Stop Environment
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Veterans’ Program Services in the One-Stop Environment Agency for Workforce Innovation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Veterans’ Program Services in the One-Stop Environment Agency for Workforce Innovation. 1. REFOCUSING EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING SERVICES FOR AMERICA’S AND FLORIDA’S VETERANS IN THE 21ST CENTURY A Blueprint for a New Beginning. 2.

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A Blueprint for a New Beginning


Congress has determined that our nation has a responsibility to meet the employment, training, and job security needs of the past, present and future members of America’s uniformed services.


The mission of the Agency for Workforce Innovation (AWI) and Workforce Florida, Inc. (WFI) is to

Promote and maximize the employment of Florida’s veterans, especially veterans with barriers to employment, utilizing the complete menu of One-Stop Career Center Resources.

It is AWI’s vision that meeting the workforce needs of Florida’s veterans and employers will:

  • Improve the economic security of those who honorably served our country;

  • Contribute to the global, national and domestic competitiveness of Florida’s employers and industries;

  • Enhance customer service delivery in Florida’s One-Stop Career Centers.



Renewing the emphasis on services to employer customers

Renewing the emphasis on services to Promoting Efforts to Meet the Evolving Workforce Needs of Veterans and Employers within the One-Stop Environment. Employer Customers

Increased efforts to help employers meet their needs for qualified workers;

The Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS) will identify and retrain workers (veterans) with skills gaps and other employment needs.


Renewing the emphasis on services to employer customers cont d

Renewing the emphasis on services to Promoting Efforts to Meet the Evolving Workforce Needs of Veterans and Employers within the One-Stop Environment. Employer customers (Cont’d)

Veterans’ Workforce Investment Programs (VWIP) - Information Technology, Communications, Healthcare, Transportation, Security, etc.

Licensure/Certification (UMET)

President’s National Hire Veterans Committee


Renewing the emphasis on services to Promoting Efforts to Meet the Evolving Workforce Needs of Veterans and Employers within the One-Stop Environment. Employer customers(Cont’d)

  • Many of Florida’s One-Stop Career Centers have developed marketing plans to raise awareness among employers about veterans as well as other One-Stop Career Center services.

  • Refining the workforce infrastructure for veterans’ services:

  • AWI has refocused the Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program (DVOP) and Local Veterans’ Employment Representative (LVER) Programs.

  • Working with WFI, the RWBs and VETS, AWI has enhanced communications and emphasized improved collaboration in the one-stop delivery system.


Refocus on DVOP and LVER Performance in the One-Stop Career CentersEmphasis on Outcomes, including veterans entering employment, retention in employment, employer visits resulting in job orders, percentage of veterans entering employment, customer service surveys, veterans wage at placement, etc.;Total participation and integration in the one-stop delivery system.

New roles and responsibilities for dvop and lver staff

New Roles and Responsibilities for DVOP and LVER staff Centers

Required Core Roles for DVOPs and LVER;

States/RWBs/One-Stop Career Centers have flexibility to use suggested responsibilities;

Must be within Title 38 parameters.

  • DVOP Performance Expectations in the CentersOne-Stop:

  • Develop jobs and job training opportunities for veterans through planned contacts with employers; DVOP staff should be part of the one-stop’s employer marketing and job fair efforts;

  • Promotion/development of training opportunities (classroom, OJT, apprenticeship, etc.) that result in quality employment careers for veterans;


  • DVOP (Cont’d) Centers

  • Assist Federally funded training programs, i.e., VR&E, WIA, VWIP, HVRP, etc., in providing services to veterans;

  • Provide Veterans’ Program training/technical assistance to all one-stop associates;

  • Conduct outreach to veterans through community based organizations, veterans’ organizations, etc.;


  • DVOP (Cont’d) Centers

  • Development of linkages with other one-stop service providers to maximize employment opportunities for veterans;

  • Provide intensive services which includes case management and employment coaching assistance for veterans with barriers to employment, especially disabled veterans, i.e., VR&E disabled veterans, recently separated veterans, etc.;


DVOP (Cont’d) Centers

  • Provide counseling/vocational (testing, etc.) guidance to veterans;

  • In the provision of services, be familiar with computer systems and programs, i.e., Internet, America’s Job/Talent Bank, Labor Market Information (FRED), etc.

  • LVER Performance Expectations in the CentersOne-Stop Career Center

  • Provide functional supervision of Veterans’ Program within the one-stop;

  • Provide directly/facilitate workforce services for veterans;

  • Contact employers, apprenticeship programs, training programs, etc., to develop jobs/training opportunities for veterans; LVER is a key player in one-stop employer marketing activities and job fair efforts;


  • LVER (Cont’d) Centers

  • Maintain contact and communication with community based organizations, chambers of commerce/economic development units, veterans’ organizations, etc.;

  • Promote and facilitate the participation of veterans in training programs, i.e., WIA, VWIP, VR&E, etc.;

  • Coordinate with VR&E in developing jobs for veterans;

  • Conduct/facilitate Veterans’ Program training workshops for all one-stop associates.

  • Purpose:Outstationing of DVOPs is required to meet the mandated goal of conducting outreach to locate veterans who traditionally do not visit one-stops or State offices, and to provide services to veterans who may seek VA and related services.


Dvop lver customers

DVOP/LVER Customers Centers

Who are the primary customers of DVOPs/LVERs?

Who are their other customers?

Other than serving veterans, DVOPs/LVERs can perform what services to enhance the one-stop system?

Dvop lver customers cont d

DVOP/LVER Customers (Cont’d) Centers

Primary customers - veterans, especially veterans with barriers to employment;

Employers are also important customers;

The RWB, One-Stop Operator/Center Director and one-stop associates are also customers;

Serving the employer customer allows the DVOP/LVER to function as part of the one-stop team.

Dvop and lver are formula based positions

DVOP and LVER are Formula-Based Positions Centers

FY2003 Authorized Positions

DVOP - 140

LVER - 72

FY2002 Funded Positions

DVOP - 80

LVER – 53.5

  • Continued Emphasis on Veterans’ Priority of Services Centers

  • As recipients of federal funds under Title 38, USC, Chapters 41 and 42 and WIA, Section 112. Also, in accordance with 20 CFR, One-Stop Career Centers are required to provide priority of services to veterans.


Veterans’ Priority of Services (Cont’d) CentersHow are priority of services for veterans provided in the one-stop career center?Where is it initiated in the one-stop?Who provides it?

  • Veterans’ Priority of Services (Cont’d) Centers

  • Veteran customers should be identified upon initial contact with one-stop career center and provided with services unique to their needs (Needs-Based Approach);

  • When making referrals to employment and training opportunities, One-Stop Career Centers should make every effort to ensure priority of services to veterans, especially disabled veterans and veterans with barriers to employment.


Veterans priority of services cont d

Veterans’ Priority of Services (Cont’d) Centers

All new veteran customers (including Internet registrations) should receive a positive meaningful service.

All new veteran customers should be made aware of all one-stop services/resources (Orientation).

  • Key Points of Interest Centers

  • Transition Assistance Program (TAP); assist separating military members and their spouses in their transition to civilian society; 11 TAP sites in Florida.


Key points of interest cont d

Key Points of Interest (Cont’d) Centers

(1) Pensacola NAS (2) Eglin AFB

(3) Hurlburt AFB (4) Tyndall AFB

(5) Mayport NAS (6) Jacksonville NAS

(7) Patrick AFB (8) MacDill AFB

(9) U.S. Southern Command (Miami)

(10) U.S. Coast Guard (Miami)

(11) Key West NS

  • Key Points of Interest (Cont’d) Centers

  • U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Program; MOU between U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Service, USDOL VETS; Workforce Florida, Inc.; and AWI.


Key points of interest cont d1

Key Points of Interest (Cont’d) Centers

5 VR&E locations with outstationed DVOPs in Florida (Pensacola, Jacksonville, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Ft. Lauderdale);

DVOP staff assigned to VR&E Centers coordinate workforce services for disabled veterans participating in VR&E Program.

  • Key Points (Cont’d) Centers

  • The Veterans’ Services Performance Standards (VSPS) were replaced by the following three new VETS Goals, effective 7/1/02:


Key points cont d

Key Points (Cont’d) Centers

(1) Veteran-Job Seeker Entered Employment Rate (VJSEER);

(2) Veteran Job Seeker Employment Retention Rate at Six Months (VJSERR); and

(3) Veteran Job Seeker Entered

Employment Rate Following Receipt of Staff Assisted Services (VERS).

  • Key Points (Cont’d) Centers

  • Veterans’ Program Services and DVOP/LVER staff now under Regional Workforce Board governance and One-Stop Operator management.

  • Veterans’ Workforce Investment Program (VWIP); WIA, Section 168.

  • Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP).


  • Key Points (Cont’d) Centers

  • 20% of Florida’s DVOP staff are required to be outstationed; DVOP Outstation must be productive.

  • Veterans’ Roundtables; sponsored by WFI and conducted quarterly.

  • Revision of LVER Quarterly Report.

  • Revision of Veterans’ Services Program Guide (accessible via AWI Web Site).


  • Staff Training/Development Centers

  • RWB/One-Stop Career Center Training;

  • National Veterans’ Training Institute (NVTI): Labor Employment Specialist, Case Management, Case Management Review, Veterans Program Orientation, Transition Assistance Program (TAP), Federal Contractor, Veterans’ Benefits, Managing Case Management; go to;

  • Regional Veteran’s Program Training;

  • Annual Workforce Summit; and

  • Dynamic Works Institute (Certified Workforce Professionals, etc.)


  • Strategies for Success Centers

  • Educated Staff (One-Stop Career Center associates, managers, LVERs, DVOPs, etc.);

  • Staff have access to job tools - updated computer equipment, Internet, e-mail, training, etc.;


Strategies for success cont d

Strategies for Success (Cont’d) Centers

Effective marketing - planned and coordinated employer visits; benefits one-stops as well as veterans;

Marketing one-stops to veterans, serving employed as well as unemployed;

Complete registration of all veterans.

  • Strategies for Success (Cont’d) Centers

  • DVOP/LVER staff assist/monitor one-stop staff’s performance;

  • DVOP/LVER staff coordinate and communicate with RWBs, One-Stop Operator, on veterans’ issues;


Strategies for Success (Cont’d) Centers

DVOP/LVER staff are responsive to the needs of veteran and employer customers;

DVOP/LVER staff are Outcome and Performance-Focused; and

DVOPs/LVERs are part of the one-stop team.


Challenges Centers

Increased numbers of veterans will access one-stop services via the Internet (OSMIS, FLUID);

Accountability - Services must be measurable and outcome-driven;

Customer Service - Must be responsive to Veteran and Employer customers.

Additional Information and Assistance Centers


Mitch Collier

(850) 245-7451 or

SC 205-7451

Fax: (850) 245-7399

Email: [email protected]

AWI Veterans’ Program Web Page: