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Planning the Future Group 3

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Planning the Future Group 3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Planning the Future Group 3. Content. Vision Mission Objectives Scenario Global Timeline Measures Sustainable Development Good Management Awareness Good Water Quality. Vision & Mission.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Scenario
  • Global Timeline
  • Measures
    • Sustainable Development
    • Good Management
    • Awareness
    • Good Water Quality
vision mission
Vision & Mission

A placewherehuman and nature can meetwhilerespectingeachother and theirneeds in a dynamicequilibrium

Creating a river basin by 2030 with a good water quality, sustainable industries, rising awareness, good management, and high quality of living.

Because by improving nature, living standards will be improved as well. A balanced system is self-sustainable.

  • Sustainable Development
    • Develop the area ecologically and economically
  • Awareness
    • Make the general public aware of the Guadalete river basin and the values that it has with the use of a campaign
  • Good Management
    • Improve the management of the area in terms of risk, control of corruption, cooperation and areal plan
  • Good Water Quality
    • Increase the water quality of the Guadalete River taking account of different aspects as improvement of the existing infrastructure, constructions of new system and monitoring as well as controlling the river and its basin
  • People and nature live in balance
  • Smallcities
  • Young Population
  • Goodinfrastructures (drinking and waste water, garbage…)
  • Arealdevelopmentplanwithprotectedareas
  • ModernWWTPs
  • Natural treatment processes
  • Re-use and recycling
  • Renewableenergies
  • Goodconditionof the river
  • Partecipation
  • Education
  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Awareness
  • Protection
  • LocalGovernmentGoodPractices
  • LocalTaxesforDevelopment
  • SustainableIndustries
  • Sustainable Agricolture
  • SustainableTourism and Ecoturism
  • Biodiversity
  • RecreationalActivities
  • Sustainable Development
    • By promoting sustainable ecoturism, sustainable agricolture, use of renewable energies and ecological waste management
  • Awareness
    • As part of the campaign the children will be made aware of the natural values the Guadalete River by having them follow a special program in their schools.
  • Good Management
    • Risk&Emergency Management Plan
    • Spatial Development Plan
    • Cooperation Stakeholders, Region and Countries
    • Anti-Corruption Plan
  • Good Water Quality
    • Improve WWTP’s already existing and building new WWTP’s
    • Improve water infrastructures before WWTP as the sewage system of Jerez
    • Natural water treatment
    • Increase natural river biodiversity
    • Monitoring & Control maintenance, promote data, gathering and research
    • Control source of pollution
sustainable development
  • Measures
    • Renewableenergy (tidal/sun/wind/hydro)
    • Sustainableagriculture
    • Taxation (tourism, water)
    • Clean energy transport
    • Recycling (Re-use / Reduce)
    • Localproducts (slow food)
  • Detailedmeasure
    • SustainableEcotourism

Ecotourism in Guadalete river basin

  • DevelopecotourismGrazalemanatural park &

upstream part of the Guadaleteriver

  • Utilizing resources thatalreadyexist in the area (accommodation, services, hikingtrails)
  • Connecting and coordinating areas of interest
      • Hiking, PueblosBlancas, riverbasin
ecotourism in guadalete river basin
Ecotourism in Guadaleteriverbasin
  • Improving management of resources
  • Earning money to wholearea
  • Money is used to develop the areaecologically
  • Raisingawareness of the localpeople
  • Existing:
    • Accommodation
    • Trails
    • Pueblos Blancos – White villages
    • touristinformation
    • restaurants, shops
  • needed:
    • Marketing
    • Connecting and addingnewtrails
    • New cabins
  • Ecotouristspaytaxes
    • Creating a foundation
    • Ecotorists are asked to pay €5,- extra for a night
    • Small part of the priceforfood and drinksgoes to foundatiom
  • Subcidicesfrom EU
    • UNESCCO protectedArea
    • Makinghikingtrails
  • LocalCompany’s
    • Invest in hotels / cabins
good management
Good Management
  • Measures
    • Risk&Emergency Management Plan
    • Spatial Development Plan
    • Cooperation Stakeholders, Region and Countries
  • Detailed Measure
    • Anti-Corruption Plan
anti corruption plan
  • Transparency International Ranking
    • Rank: 30/174
    • CorruptionPerceptionIndex (CPI) Score: 65/100
    • MainAim
    • To increase the Transparency International Ranking to 25 before 2030
    • Action of Corruption
    • Betweenprivatescompanies/individuals and public localadministrators
    • Allactionsconnectedto bad public management , waste public money or public activities in general
detailed measures
  • Analysis and Assesment
    • will be made by an independent audit
  • Hard MeasuresPlan
    • Improvement of controls and regulations
    • Improvement of police forces by financing and adopting modern methods of economical investigation
    • Soft MeasuresPlan
    • Preventative measures
    • Association and meeting
    • Communication system
    • Local Certification Authority
    • Special rewards and/or low taxation
  • Communication System
    • composed by a free phone number and a website that people can use in order to give anonymous denouncement; these information have to be collected in order to be statistically analysed and then could be used for further detailed investigation
  • LocalCertification Authority
    • will guarantee the “good name” of private companies through clear and modern method of certification and at the same time will control local administrations
  • Special rewards or low taxation
    • will be given to companies/individual that will prove their “good name”. For those that will also prove their eco-friendly activities will be given proportional additional rewards/low taxation
who is involved in the plan
Whoisinvolved in the plan?
  • Independent Audit
  • Private Companies/Individuals
  • Politicians and Local Administrations
  • Government
  • Media
  • The Judiciary
  • Police Corps
  • Certification Authority
financing 1
  • StartingCosts
    • Stillunknownbuthavetobespentbylocal/nationaladministrations
  • Maintenance and Management Costs
    • In order to develop an economically self-sustained plan, these money can be found thanks to the plan results


financing 2 1
  • DirectResult
    • Corruptionincreses the costsof tender assignment
    • Decreasingcorruptionmeansclear tender assignmentsubjectedonlyto free market laws and national/europeanregulamentations
    • Costsof tender assignmentwillhiglydecrease and local administrations will have more money available to reinvest in the project or to allocate in other measures
financing 2 2
  • IndirectResult
    • Tofindmoneyforbribescompaniesneedtofalsifytheirbalancesheethiding part oftheirtaxable profit
    • Fighting corruption means that companies profit will be clearly declared and then taxed
    • As example:
  • CorruptionPerceptionIndex (CPI) Ranking
    • Sept. 2013)
    • n°9 research papers about International and/or Spain Corruption
    • n°14 newspaper/online articles
    • n°9 about Andalusia
    • n°5 about Spain in general
    • 2 books

…inonly 1 hourofresearch!

Imaginewhatisitpossibletofindhaving more time…

the end
- The End -


Are thereanyquestions?

other objectives
Other objectives
  • Community gatherings/participation
    • People from foundations and other companies that work with aspects of nature hold presentations to inform the general public.
    • After the presentations the public may ask questions and/or express their opinions to the presenters.
  • Campaign (internet/promotion)
    • The campaign will use child/adult education, label & signs, pressure groups/foundations, promotion/rewarding of eco-friendly practices and subsidies to make the public aware of the natural values the Guadalete river basin has to offer.
    • The campaign can use volunteers to keep the costs low.
  • Labels and signs (for tourism)
    • Information signs along paths near nature area and rivers.
    • Signs in public bathrooms talking about nature conservation (i.e. Do not waste water)
    • Signs in bus stops and in busses.
    • TV commercials
    • Flyers (in tourist offices)
  • Pressure groups/foundations
    • Promote the different groups working in the river basin (i.e. nature foundations, recycling group, and water quality group).
    • Give guided tours in nature areas (for tourists).
  • Promoting + rewarding good practices and eco-friendliness
    • Reward primary school children for recycling trash.
    • Promote the consumption of drinking clean water from the tap.
  • Subsidies
    • Give subsidies to farmers who give back part of their land to nature.
    • Have monthly discounts on products that help preserve nature.
    • Give money to people returning/recycling plastic bottles and other recyclable objects.


Increase the water quality

of the Guadalete River







Improve the main infrastructure

of the sewage system

Improve the input of the sewage system in terms of quantity and quality

  • Tax



  • SegmentedWater Price
source improvement
  • Reduce VolumeofWaterDischargeintotheSewage
infiltration system
Infiltration System



infiltration system1
Infiltration System

Infiltration Ground

vegetated system
Vegetated System

Increase water quality

Beauty up the City to attract more tourists


Main Infrastructure

Reduce the Amount of Water not Treated

water square
Water Square
  • Can be temporarily submerged if there is too much rainfall
  • Decrease the pressure of the sewage system
  • Can function as a playground or park for locals and tourists