the egee project building a grid infrastructure for europe n.
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The EGEE project: building a grid infrastructure for Europe PowerPoint Presentation
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The EGEE project: building a grid infrastructure for Europe

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The EGEE project: building a grid infrastructure for Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The EGEE project: building a grid infrastructure for Europe. 4 th Annual Workshop on Linux Clusters For Super Computing 24 October 2003. Bob Jones EGEE Technical Director. EGEE is proposed as a project funded by the European Union under contract IST-2003-508833. EGEE: Goals.

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The EGEE project: building a grid infrastructure for Europe

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Presentation Transcript
the egee project building a grid infrastructure for europe

The EGEE project: building a grid infrastructure for Europe

4th Annual Workshop on Linux Clusters

For Super Computing

24 October 2003

Bob Jones

EGEE Technical Director

EGEE is proposed as a project funded by the

European Union under contract IST-2003-508833

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 1

egee goals
EGEE: Goals
  • Create a wide European Grid production quality infrastructure on top of present and future EU RN infrastructure
  • Provide distributed European research communities with “round-the-clock” access to major computing resources, independent of geographic location
  • Change of emphasis from grid development to grid deployment
  • Support many application domains with one large-scale infrastructure that will attract new resources over time
  • Provide training and support for end-users

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 2

egee strategy
EGEE: Strategy
  • Leverage current and planned national and regional Grid programmes, building on
    • theresults of existing projectssuch as DataGrid and others
    • the EU Research NetworkGeantand work closely with relevantindustrial Grid developers andNRENs
  • Support Grid computing needs common to the different communities
    • integratethe computing infrastructures and agree oncommon access policies
  • Exploit International connections (US and AP)
    • Provide interoperability with other major Grid initiatives such as the US NSF Cyberinfrastructure, establishing aworldwide Grid infrastructure

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 3

egee partners
EGEE: Partners
  • Leverage national resources in a more effective way for broader European benefit
  • 70 leading institutions in 27 countries organised into regional federations

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 4

egee activities
EGEE Activities

24% Joint Research

28% Networking

  • JRA1: Middleware Engineering and Integration
  • JRA2: Quality Assurance
  • JRA3: Security
  • JRA4: Network Services Development
  • NA1:Management
  • NA2:Dissemination and Outreach
  • NA3: User Training and Education
  • NA4:Application Identification and Support
  • NA5:Policy and International Cooperation

Emphasis in EGEE is on operating a production

grid and supporting the end-users

48% Services

  • SA1: Grid Operations, Support and Management
  • SA2: Network Resource Provision

Starts 1st April 2004 for 2 years (1st phase) with EU funding of ~32M€

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 5

egee service activity i
EGEE Service Activity (I)

Create, operate, support and manage a production quality infrastructure

1 Operations Management Centre – OMC

  • Coordinator for CICs and for ROCs
  • Team to oversee operations – problems resolved, performance targets, etc.
  • Operations Advisory Group to advise on policy issues, etc.

5 Core Infrastructure Centres – CIC

  • Day-to-day operation management– implement operational policies defined by OMC
  • Monitor state, initiate corrective actions, eventual 24x7 operation of grid infrastructure
  • Provide resource and usage accounting, security incident response coordination, ensure recovery procedures

~11 Regional Operations Centres – ROC

  • Provide front-line support to users and resource centres
  • Support new resource centres joining EGEE in the regions

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 6

egee service activity ii
EGEE Service Activity (II)

Resource Centers

Month 1: 10 RCs

Month 15: 20 RCs

RCs are not funded via the project

Expect to attract many more RCs

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 7

the northern region roc
The Northern Region ROC
  • Joint operation between SARA (Netherlands) and Swedish Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC)
    • Collaboration body formed in North European Grid Cluster (NEG)
  • The SNIC part lead by KTH PDC (Parallelldatorcentrum)
  • Operation:
    • Negotiate service level agreements (SLA) with committed resource centres (RC) in the Nordic countries and Estonia
    • Deploy and support egee grid middleware - includes documentation and training
    • Monitor and support 24/7 operation of Grid resources
    • Ensure collaboration with other Grid initiatives in the region - Nordic Data Grid, Nordugrid, Swegrid, NOTUR, CSC,…

Per Öster <

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 8

the northern region roc1
The Northern Region ROC
  • Organisation and tasks (in short)
    • ROC manager
      • Coordinate and lead activity
      • Coordinate activity with the other 8 ROCs
      • Interact with the CIC
    • Deployment team
      • Validate software releases
      • Deploy software and aid the RCs in resolving implementation issues
      • Aid support team in middleware support issues
    • Support team
      • Monitor Grid resources
      • Support RCs in operation of Grid middleware
      • Operate call centre for user and RC support

Per Öster <

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 9

egee service activity iii
EGEE Service Activity (III)
  • Network Provision
    • Ensures EGEE access to network services provided by GEANT and the NRENs to link users, resources and operational management
    • Tasks
      • Definition of requirements
      • Specification of services
      • Definition of network access policies
      • Monitoring of service level provision

GEANT is the High-speed pan-European backbone linking National Research and Educational Networks (NRENs)

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 10

egee middleware activity i
EGEE Middleware Activity (I)
  • Hardening and re-engineering of existing middleware functionality, leveraging the experience of partners
  • Activity concentrated in few major centers
  • Key services: Resource Access
    • Data Management (CERN)
    • Information Collection and Accounting (UK)
    • Resource Brokering (Italy)
    • Quality Assurance (France)
    • Grid Security (Northern Europe)
    • Middleware Integration (CERN)
    • Middleware Testing (CERN)

includes Nordugrid


LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 11

egee middleware activity ii
EGEE Middleware Activity (II)
  • Provide robust, supportable middleware components
    • Select, re-engineer, integrate identified Grid Services, evolve towards Services Oriented Architecture and multiple platforms
    • All software available to other projects via Open Source licence
  • Selection of Middleware based on requirements of
    • the applications (Bio & HEP) and the Operations
  • Support and evolve of the middleware components
    • Evolve towards OGSI, define a re-engineer process, address multiplatform, multiple implementations and interoperability issues
    • Define defect handling processes and responsibilities

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 12

quality assurance
Quality Assurance

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 13

egee and lcg i
EGEE and LCG (I)
  • Strong links already established between EDG and LCG and this approach will continue in the scope of EGEE
  • The core infrastructure of the LCG and EGEE grids will be operated as a single service, and will grow out of LCG service
    • LCG includes US and Asia
    • EGEE includes other sciences
    • Substantial part of infrastructure common to both
  • The ROCs provide local support for Resource Centres and users
    • Similar to LCG primary sites
    • Some ROCs and LCG primary sites will be merged

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 14

egee and lcg ii





Globus 2 based

OGSA based





. . .

. . .


LCG Deployment Manager will be the EGEE Operations Manager

Production Middleware deployment in EGEE

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 15

egee implementation plans
EGEE Implementation Plans
  • Initial service will be based on the LCG infrastructure (production service where most resources are allocated)
  • WIll need a certification test-bed system
    • For debugging and problem resolving of the production system
  • Must deploy a development service
    • Runs the candidate next software release for production
    • Treated as an reliable facility (but with less support than the production service)

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 16

egee networking activity i
EGEE Networking Activity (I)
  • Dissemination and outreach
    • Lead by TERENA
  • User training and induction
    • Lead by Unv Edin. (NeSC)
  • Application identification and support
    • Two pilot application centers (for high energy physics and biomedical grids)
    • One more generic component dealing with longer term recruitment and support of other communities
  • Policy and International cooperation
    • Establish Grid policy forum
    • Guide work with international standards bodies (GGF etc.)
    • Coordinate relations with other projects (EU and beyond)

map points indicate federations and are not geographically precise

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 17

egee networking activity ii
EGEE Networking Activity (II)
  • User training and Induction
    • Over 25 courses for more than 1000 people in the first 2 years
      • Induction & advanced user courses
      • Application developer training and middleware retreat

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 18

egee networking activity iii
EGEE Networking Activity (III)
  • EGEE Scope : ALL-Inclusive for academic applications
  • Open to industrial and socio-economic world as well
  • The major success criterion of EGEE: how many satisfied users from how many different domains ?
  • 5000 users (3000 after year 2) from at least 5 disciplines
  • 2 Pilot Application Domains: Physics & Bioinformatics

Application domains and timelines are for illustration only

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 19

egee and industry
EGEE and Industry
  • Industrial participation encouraged both as potential end-users and IT technology and service suppliers
  • Normally through national and regional Grid EGEE federations
  • EGEE will organise an Industry Forum to keep selected Industrial and Commercial interested parties in close contact
  • Services developed in first phase of 2 years (2004-5) may be tendered to Industry in second phase (2006-7)

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 20

  • EGEE represents the change from grid development to large-scale deployment build on the results of existing projects such as DataGrid, NorduGrid, LCG and others
  • The goal is to support many application domains with one large-scale infrastructure that will attract new resources over time
  • Training and support for end-users is an important activity of the project
  • A path for providing a continuously available grid service is established (EDG, LCG, EGEE)
  • Grid middleware will be re-engineered to produce a OGSI based implementation addressing the needs of the applications
  • The project will start in April 2004 - first phase will last 2 years. Negotiations have been successfully completed with the European Commission and planning for the transition to EGEE is underway

LCSC2003 24 October 2003 - 21