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Tensions Rise. Mrs. Carter US History SOL 4. Navigation Acts. All goods imported or exported from the colonies had to be carried on English ships ¾ of the crew of the ships had to be English

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tensions rise

Tensions Rise

Mrs. Carter

US History


navigation acts
Navigation Acts
  • All goods imported or exported from the colonies had to be carried on English ships
  • ¾ of the crew of the ships had to be English
  • Specific raw materials could only be sold to England or other English colonies- sugar tobacco, lumbar, cotton, wool, indigo
  • Staple Act- required everything the colonies imported to come through England

****Led to INCREASED smuggling

french and indian war
French and Indian War
  • Conflict between the French and English over their colonies in America
  • Result: English won and the French lost their land in Canada and west of the Appalachian Mountains
result in the colonies
Result in the colonies
  • Proclamation of 1763- drew a line from North to South along the Appalachian Mountains that declared that colonists could not settle west of the line without the British government’s permission.
  • New taxes to pay for the French and Indian War were imposed on the colonists- Sugar Act, Stamp Act
sugar act
Sugar Act
  • Tax on sugar, molasses and other items imported from foreign colonies.
  • The act also allowed British officials to seize goods without due process
  • Colonists protested that this violated their English rights
  • James Otis- “No taxation without representation”
stamp act
Stamp Act
  • Required stamps to be placed on most printed materials (newspapers, pamphlets, posters, wills,etc….even dice and playing cards).
  • This was the first direct tax placed on the colonists and it affected everyone- not just the merchants.
quartering act
Quartering Act
  • Colonists had to pay more for defense
  • If they didn’t provide barracks they would have to house and feed the troops in their own homes or put them up in taverns or inns and pay their rent
sons of liberty
Sons of liberty
  • An organized group of men that protested against the taxes
  • Led demonstrations
  • Printed pamphlets
  • Intimidated stamp distributors and tax collectors
stamp act congress
Stamp act congress
  • Representatives from 9 colonies
  • Wrote a Declaration of Rights and Greviences
  • Argued that their own political representatives had the right to tax them not parliament and sent a petition to King George asking for repeal of the Stamp Act
nonimportation agreement
Nonimportation agreement
  • When the Stamp act took effect the colonists ignored it.
  • Colonists began BOYCOTTING British goods
  • The Stamp Act was REPEALED!
  • …..But England passed the Declaratory Act which declares that Parliament has the right to make laws for the colonies.
townshend acts
Townshend acts
  • New taxes on glass, lead, paper, paint and tea imported into the colonies.
  • Officials were allowed to seize private property- guilty until proven innocent
  • Legalized “writs of assistance” or search warrants
colonies resist
Colonies Resist
  • Letters from a Pennsylvania Farmer
  • Massachusetts Circular Letter
  • Sam Adams and John Adams
  • Massachusetts Assembly was dissolved
  • Boston and New York passed nonimportation agreements
  • Virginia Resolves- only the House of Burgesses had the right to tax Virginians
  • House of Burgesses dissolved
  • Washington, Patrick Henry and Jefferson called a convention
  • Nonimportation law- blocked the sale of British goods in Virginia
daughters of liberty
Daughters of Liberty
  • Patriotic women’s group
  • Stopped drinking tea
  • Began spinning cloth – “homespun”
boston massacre
Boston Massacre
  • 1,000 British troops in Boston- heckled by colonists
  • March 5, 1770- colonists harrassing a British soldier
  • British soldiers fired into the mob killing 5 and wounding others.
  • Colonial newspapers spread the news throughout the colonies
  • British appeared as tyrants
  • British repealed all of the Townshend Acts except the tax on tea
  • Temporary peace