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Ceedo for Call Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Ceedo for Call Center

Ceedo for Call Center

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Ceedo for Call Center

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  1. Ceedo for Call Center Presentation About Ceedo Ceedo for Call center quick overview Ceedo for Call center security measures Ceedo for Call Center Call Center on a Stick

  2. The Problem • Call centers are costly to purchase and maintain: • Real estateRent, property tax, etc. • Office suppliesDesks, cubical, chairs, pens, etc. • PC and peripheralsFrom the PC to headsets (OS licenses/purchase/upgrades) • Power consumptionComputers, AC, lights, elevators, etc. • Employees’ costs(commuting expenses, coffee, water, toilets, etc. etc.) • IT and helpdeskFixing hardware

  3. The Solution Put Your Call Center on a Stick – And Your Employees at Home! • Mount all the applications that make up your call center environment on a centrally managed workspace that can be fitted on any USB device, and work on any Windows PC! VoIP Applications Remote Access Apps (Citrix Receiver) Secure Browser (company portal…) User-rights policies Authentication software More Unified Communication Apps VPN SSL

  4. Ceedo Workspace Client - features Plug-and-Play Centrally Managed Online/Offline Zero Footprint / Sandbox

  5. Benefits • Low CAPEX and OPEX with fast ROI • Redistribute organizational resources to growth factors • Availability and flexibility during peek hours • Smooth integration with other CC resources (CTI, reports) • Usage monitoring and complete central management • Fast recovery and business continuity at disaster time • Representative will work from his home (bad weather, snow storms)

  6. Taking Care of Security Mitigating Risks and Elevating Security

  7. Recommended Security Measures • Use hardware with encryption and active anti-malware scan • Add soft Two Factor Authentication (or deploy on physical 2FA hardware devices) • Whitelist processes that are allowed to run in Ceedo (+MD5 signatures) • Turn-on Ceedo’s antivirus detection and OS patch level. • Use a VPN-SSL solution with strong Access Control benchmark settings • Use an independent browser rather than the virtualized “mapped” IE • Add to the internal browser safe browsing add-ons and configurations • Configure Ceedo Enterprise to block writing to host drives, printers, etc. • Leave the data in the datacenter or use Citrix’s ShareFile / similar solution • Employ 3rd party anti-malware, security applications, soft-biometric apps, etc. • *In 2FA devices - Mount components on read-only partition

  8. Example of Security Flow User plugs in device Encrypted drive password check Encrypted drive runs antivirus scan Drive is decrypted Ceedo checks host antivirus, firewall, network connection, etc. Ceedo checks processes MD5 signature (continuous throughout session) Ceedo enforces host recourse accessibility and Ceedo updates Ceedo sandbox fires-up with independent runtime environment Second antivirus and/or antimalware scan Two Factor Authentication software/middleware VPN SSL (can include second access control check, such as Juniper SSL) External solution’s security (such as Citrix’s own security features)

  9. Workspace Leakage Protection • Device BindingWorkspaces licenses are device-bound and cannot work if copied to unauthorized devices + most cases of copping a workspace will break it. Ceedo

  10. Two Factor Authentication – One Solution: Two Options • Mount pre-configured, ready-to-run, plug-and-play PKI middleware and remote connection solutions on 2FA devices’ flash memory HARDWAREExtend 2FA USB devices with plug-n-play pre-configured Public Key Middleware and remote office applications such as Citrix Receiver, VNC, VPN-SSL tunnels, etc. • Mount pre-configured, ready-to-run, plug-and-play 2FA security SOFTWARE tokensWith software based 2FA solutions, such as RSASecurID Software Token, installed into Ceedo’s Workspace, any portable storage device can turn into a 2FA device. Citrix Receiver VPN SSL Add-on PKI Middleware Configured Browser Data & User Policies USB Flash 2FA Device

  11. Thank you for Your Time