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An Archetypal Story PowerPoint Presentation
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An Archetypal Story

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An Archetypal Story - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Archetypal Story

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  1. TheHero'sJourney An Archetypal Story

  2. Remember, an archetype is.... A pattern, such as a type of character, symbol, or situation, that is repeated in literature.

  3. The hero’s journey is one of the oldest story archetypes on the planet.

  4. The components of the hero’s journey were identified and developed by Joseph Campbell, one of the world’s leading authorities on mythology.

  5. In his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Campbell asserted that all storytelling follows the ancient patterns of myth, and …

  6. …that all stories use elements of the Hero’s Journey. Campbell called this archetype a Monomyth.

  7. Steps in the Heroic Cycle...

  8. 1. Breaking away from the old life/the ordinary world • The hero is introduced sympathetically so the audience can identify with his situation or dilemma. • The hero is unhappy or uncomfortable where they are. • Usually raised away from his birth parents

  9. 2. The Call to Adventure The hero is compelled by someone or by a feeling within to leave the mundane life

  10. Two worlds: The Mundane And the Fantastic

  11. Odysseus is called to fight the Trojan War

  12. Dorothy wants to leave Kansas.

  13. 3. Refusal of the Call • Hero has second thoughts • Hero fears the unknown • Adventure looks too risky

  14. Dorothy runs back to the farm and Auntie Em. A storm is brewing.

  15. But...the hero finally accepts the call.

  16. 4. Meeting with the Mentor • Hero comes across a seasoned traveler of the worlds who gives him or her tools to help on the journey: • Training • Equipment • Advice • The mentor plays a highly important role:  keeping the hero on the correct path, guides their development. • This relationship echoes that of the parent and child, teacher and pupil, god and man

  17. 5. Crossing the First Threshold • The hero leaves the old world behind and completely enters the new. • The new world contains unfamiliar rules and values.

  18. Dorothy is carried away to Oz by the tornado.

  19. Harry enters the special/magical world through Platform 9 ¾

  20. 6. Tests, Allies, and Enemies • The hero is tested and must prove himself in the Special World • All heroes must face, and conquer, obstacles which stand in their way to fulfillment of their ultimate quest. • They can be in the form of physical challenges, emotional or spiritual temptations, or mental tests. • They experience many things on this quest, among which is a descent into a kind of "hell." (a low point in their life). • Alliances (friends/helpers) are formed • Enemies appear

  21. 7. Approach The hero and newfound allies prepare for some type of major challenge

  22. 8. The Ordeal • The hero confronts death or faces his greatest fear. • The hero achieves his goal/defeats the enemy. • Usually brings about a larger consequence -- sometimes even world peace or the end of an evil empire

  23. 9. The Reward • After the journey is over, the hero is rewarded. • Every true hero's journey involves an ultimate quest/pay-off. 

  24. 10. The Road Back • The hero must return to the Ordinary or Real World. • The hero may be so enchanted by what he has encountered in the world of the Quest, that it is hard for him to return.

  25. 11. The Resurrection • The hero is severely tested once more on the threshold of home • The hero re-emerges into the ordinary world as a changed person because of his journey (rebirth) • People may have thought the hero was dead (resurrection)

  26. 12. Return with the Elixir Bearing new knowledge, skills, and sometimes an actual treasure, the hero now has the power to help the ordinary world Contributes to society Hero has a better understanding of the world and now has a sense of fulfillment and peace

  27. Pattern of the Heroic Cycle Returns at a higher level, change has occurred Challenges and Tests Threshold The Known The Unknown The Known