impacts of the depression and new deal n.
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Impacts of the Depression and New Deal

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Impacts of the Depression and New Deal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Impacts of the Depression and New Deal. Not everyone got benefits…. How were rural Americans affected?. Could produce their own food Held back or destroyed crops to raise prices No social services like soup kitchens Banks re-possessed homes

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impacts of the depression and new deal

Impacts of the Depression and New Deal

Not everyone got benefits….

how were rural americans affected
How were rural Americans affected?
  • Could produce their own food
  • Held back or destroyed crops to raise prices
  • No social services like soup kitchens
  • Banks re-possessed homes
  • Many (2.5 million) ended up migrating west or to cities
how were californians affected
How were Californians affected?
  • Dustbowl Migrants
    • Okie subculture
  • Increased Unemployed (26%)
    • Pipe City Oakland
  • Filippinos and Mexicans deported
  • Socialism became popular (EPiC)
  • Charity Evangelism

Aimee Semple McPherson

how were women affected
How were women affected?
  • Initially, many programs served men-”breadwinners”
  • WPA hired women for sewing and the arts
  • Preference was given to single women or widowed
  • Eleanor Roosevelt –female press corps
  • Francis Perkins NLRB
how were african americans affected
How were African-Americans affected?
  • Mary McLeod Bethune-Roosevelt’s Black Cabinet
    • Director of Negro Affairs in NYA to promote relief for African-American youth
    • Spread ideology of Democrats among Afr. Amer.
    • Promoted needs and causes of Afr. Amer. Community
  • FEPC-Fair Employment Practices
  • FHA increased Afr. American discrimination
  • 15% of WPA and 11% of CCC workforce were Afr. American; National Theatre Project, PWA, etc.
  • Roosevelt’s hands tied by need for Congress support

1930-AA were 9% of pop.

how were native americans affected
How were Native Americans affected?
  • John Collier-Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Harold Ickes-Secretary of the Interior
  • Indian Reorganization Act:conserve and develop Indian lands and resources; to extend to Indians the right to form business and other organizations; to establish a credit system for Indians; to grant certain rights of home rule to Indians; to provide for vocational education for Indians

A chance for Native Americans to have their own businesses.

An opportunity for integration.

Credit unions and federal funds to help them.

A chance to attend public school.

More and better jobs.

  • Didn’t address longterm unemployment
  • Discouraged assimilation
  • Imbalance in voting process for IRA.
  • 76 tribes rejected the IRA (Including the Navajo tribe.
  • 181 tribes approved it.
how was union labor affected
How was union labor affected?
  • NLRB-Francis Perkins
  • General Strikes
  • Sit-Down Strikes
  • Collective bargaining rights
  • More and permanentprotections