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Joint Enabling Capabilities Command Overview Brief PowerPoint Presentation
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Joint Enabling Capabilities Command Overview Brief

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Joint Enabling Capabilities Command Overview Brief - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Joint Enabling Capabilities Command Overview Brief. Presenter Title. Joint Enabling Capabilities Command.

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Joint Enabling Capabilities Command Overview Brief

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    1. Joint Enabling Capabilities Command Overview Brief Presenter Title

    2. Joint Enabling Capabilities Command Joint Enabling Capabilities Command (JECC) provides mission-tailored, ready joint capability packages to Combatant Commanders in order to facilitate rapid establishment of Joint Force Headquarters, fulfill Global Response Force execution and bridge joint operational requirements. Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) Joint Planning Support Element (JPSE) • Joint planning and execution experience • Functional competency areas: - operations - plans - knowledge management - intelligence support - logistics • Participates in Combatant Commander exercises to support required JECC readiness levels • Rapidly deploys scalable command, control, communications and computer packages with NIPR/SIPR, secure/non-secure VTC, phones • Scales from an early entry package to a full joint task force; all commercially air transportable • Access to full range of DoD and commercial networks Joint Public Affairs Support Element (JPASE) Accelerating the transition of a service operational headquarters to a Joint Task Force Headquarters • Expeditionary joint military Public Affairs capability • Public Affairs and Strategic Communication trainer for the joint force

    3. Amber Team Joint Enabling Capabilities Command Commander RDML Vice Commander, Brig Gen Executive Director, SES Chief of Staff J6 J4 J5/8 J1 J2 J3 J9 Joint Planning Support Element (JPSE) Joint Public Affairs Support Element (JPASE) Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) 1st JCS 4th JCS (RC) Green Team Training Support IS KM Log Ops Plans Ops Plans KM/IS Log Joint Deployable Team 1 290th JCSS FL ANG 2nd JCS IS KM Log Ops Plans 3rd JCS 224th JCSS GA ANG Joint Deployable Team 2 Red Team IS KM Log Ops Plans PACOM 5th JCS/DJC2 Joint Deployable Team 3 AFRICOM Note: Numbered Joint Deployable Teams and Joint Communications Squadrons rotate through green/amber/red readiness cycles. Active Duty EUCOM Reserve SOUTHCOM

    4. PAO J7 J2 J3 J4 J5 J1 J6 Formation of JTF HQs Service Headquarters (JTF-capable HQ) JPASE JTF HQ JECC Mission Tailored Package Individual Augmentees (Follow-on) JECC Mission Tailored Package Svc Svc Svc Svc Svc Svc Svc IS Ops Log Plans JCSE Log JCSE Ops Plans KM JPSE IA IA IA IA IA IA IA KM IS JPASE • Mission priorities and availability of resources dictate length of any particular employment. • Goal is redeployment when permanent manning arrives. • JECC deployments should not exceed 120 days. Log

    5. Requesting the JECCTraditional RFF vs. Crisis Response - GRF COCOM Component / Emerging JTF HQ: Identifies requirements/shortfallsRequests capabilities from COCOM Request for Forces Process Crisis Response – Global Response Force Process Requests CapabilitiesNotify USTRANSCOM J3 Supported COCOM (Notification via phonecon if required) Requests Capabilities via RFFNotify Joint Staff Validates requirement(7 days) JCS/J3(Joint Force Manager) In GRF Process, this step can be skipped Validates requirement, Notifies CDR USTRANSCOM, Notifies CDR JECC. CDR USTRANSCOM authorizes deployment Seeks JFP solution(7-14 days) USTRANSCOM J3 (Joint Force Provider for JECC) Receives JFP recommendation, awaits SecDEF decision (GFM Allocation Plan) (Approx. 10 days) JCS J3 SecDEF CDR USTRANSCOM notifies JCS/SecDEF of decision to deploy the JECC Deployment JECC Deploys forces within weeks of CCDR Request JECC Deploys forces withinhours of CCDR Request

    6. Corps • I • III • XVIII MEF • I • II • III Fleet • 2nd JTF-519 • 4th • 5th • 6th/NAVAF • 7th NAF • 3rd • 8th • 9th • 11th • 12th • 13th • 14th The Operational Challenge C2 Requirements: StrategicTheater 70% < 42 days notice Operational Tactical Forming time for JTF Headquarters is SHORT Armies - 3rd/ARAF - 5th - 6th - 7th Existing (Ready) C2 Capabilities: COCOMs: PACOM EUCOM CENTCOM SOUTHCOM NORTHCOM AFRICOM SOCOM STRATCOM TRANSCOM Joint Task Force Capable HQ Joint individual augmentee sourcing process designed for sourcing within 90-120 days of completion of the SecDef Orders Book. *Source: CJCSI 1301.01D JECC Individual Augmentees 70 % of all JTF HQs have less than 42 days from notice to operational employment.*Source: Rand Study (95’-05’) The JECC was formed to bring an accelerated response and increased capability at this level

    7. JECC Deployments* As of 3 Jan 2012 JPSE JPASE JCSE Missions Complete Missions Ongoing *Includes deployments that were in progress or initiated following the JECC’s establishment on 1 Oct 2008

    8. Discussion

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    10. Concept of Operations TRANSCOM JECC GSJFHQ Capabilities Active Component Reserve Component Ops Ops Plans Plans JPASE JPASE IS IS JPSE JPSE JCSE JCSE KM KM Logistics Logistics Ready JECC PackageImmediate CCDRs use existing GRF Process CCDRs use existing RFF Process Mission Tailored Package(s) JTF-HQ (s)

    11. Recent Experience Establishment of the ISAF Joint Command Joint Task Force - Haiti “[The JECC was] absolutely essential to speed and response.” “[The JECC’s] work is of the utmost importance to the command and country. Your team has been absolutely indispensible. The support of these men is instrumental to our success.” - LTG Ken Keen, USA, Former Commander, Joint Task Force - Haiti (Remarks during the 2010 Joint Force Enabler Conference) - GEN David Petraeus, USA, Former Commander, U.S. Central Command UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED Pakistan Floods Establishment of Joint Task Force - 435 “Thanks for the incredible support I have received from your team of highly skilled professionals. From logistical requirements to a plethora of expeditionary communication support, your team has been absolutely fantastic.” “Your support from the JECC has been the critical element in our ability to meet the mission and regardless of how often we come to the well, you have answered the call.” - VADM Robert Harward, USN, Commander, Combined Joint Interagency Task Force - 435 - RDML Sinclair Harris,USN, Commander, ESG-5, Task Force 59 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED

    12. Joint Planning Support Element (JPSE) Task organize each request to meet mission requirements Composed of trained and ready joint officers (O3-O6) Intelligence Support (J2), Operations (J3), Logistics (J4/J1), Plans (J5), Knowledge Management (J6) joint staff officers JPSE provides a catalyst for JTF HQ to: Form rapidly with trained and skilled joint officer teams Serve the Commander with joint planning and execution know-how A flexible employment package composed of personnel who possess experience in the planning and execution of joint military operations UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED JPSE provides the catalyst to rapidly form joint task force headquarters

    13. Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) World class communications unit providing support for America’s joint warfighters • Capabilities • Expeditionary – Deploy in less than 18 hours • Early entry for 40 seat Joint Command and Control node • Commercially air transportable • Seamlessly scales from an early entry package to a full Joint Task Force (JTF) • Access to full range of DoD & commercial networks UNCLASSIFIED Everything Over Internet Protocol (EoIP) enables early entry seamless, scalable communications capabilities UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED Enroute Command Center JACC/CP Supports 12-18 Users Joint Airborne Communication System (JACS) Initial Entry Package (IEP)Supports 4 users Early Entry Package (EEP)Supports 40 users Deployable Joint C2 (DJC2) Supports Full JTF • Deployments • CJCS-directed comm support to COCOMS, Services, and Other Government Agencies (CJCSI 3110.10D) • DOD’s “911” C3 Provider • Continuously deployed since Sept 11, 2001 • Alert Postured – including Defense Support to Civil Authority operations “The Voice Heard ‘Round the World”

    14. Joint Public Affairs Support Element (JPASE) An early-entry capability enabling the joint force commander to gain and maintain the initiative in the information domain • Sole expeditionary Public Affairs capability for joint military operations worldwide UNCLASSIFIED • U.S. Forces – Afghanistan • Hurricanes Gustav and Ike • Republic of Georgia Humanitarian Assistance • Operation Pacific Passage • Operation Odyssey Dawn • Pakistan flood relief • Operation Deepwater Horizon • Joint Task Force - Haiti • Joint Task Force - 435 • Premier Public Affairs trainer for the joint force JPASE participates in: • Mission Rehearsal Exercises - CENTCOM • Staff Assistance Visits - CENTCOM • Major Joint Exercises – All combatant commands • Senior Executive Education Series – Senior DOD Leadership • Partnerships with joint/Service schools UNCLASSIFIED Providing a trained, equipped, scalable and expeditionary Joint Public Affairs capability to support worldwide operational requirements

    15. GRF EXORD Process for JointEnabling Capabilities CJCS EXORD – 240211Z Aug 11 • Standing Execute Order for USTRANSCOM JECs • Alternative to traditional Request for Forces process “Authority to deploy portions or all of the JECs lies with CDR USTRANSCOM upon request and concurrence from a Geographic Combatant Command.” “Provide tailored capability packages to newly formed joint task force headquarters established in response to a developing crisis or contingency operations.”