I will understand the function of the muscular system
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I will understand the function of the muscular system. MT: Muscular System. Fxn of Skeletal Muscle:. Movement. Heat Production. Posture. Movement. attached to bone contracts thus producing movement Ex: walking, talking, chewing, blinking. Heat Production.

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Fxn of skeletal muscle
Fxn of Skeletal Muscle:


Heat Production



  • attached to bone contracts thus producing movement

  • Ex: walking, talking, chewing, blinking

Heat production
Heat Production

  • Reactions during muscle contraction produce heat

  • Heat contributes to constant body temperature (homeostasis of temperature)

Why do we shiver when we re cold
Why do we shiver when we're cold?

  • Shivering is a result of muscle contraction. This produces heat thus increasing your body temperature.


  • Continuous partial contraction of skeletal muscles

  • Allows standing, sitting, and maintaining a stable body position while walking, running, and all other movements.

Pumping blood
Pumping Blood

  • Cardiac muscle cells contract to provide all cells with blood

  • Blood has all of the nutrients that cells need to be healthy

Fxn of smooth muscle
Fxn of Smooth Muscle:

transport nutrients & waste

Transport nutrients waste
Transport Nutrients/Waste

  • Smooth muscles line the inside of hollow organs and blood vessels

  • Ex: swallowing, digesting food in intestines, defecating, erection


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