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The story of COFFEE! PowerPoint Presentation
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The story of COFFEE!

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The story of COFFEE!
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The story of COFFEE!

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  1. gulpgulpgulp. The story ofCOFFEE! By: Brittne Jackson Julia Dukiewicz Alyssa Antonucci Period 6/7 September 22, 2010

  2. Arabs were the first people to cultivate coffee. It’s a tropical evergreen shrub whose beanlike seeds are roasted and grounded to produce the drink. Coffee tree originated in Kaffa, which is now Ethiopia. Coffee is usually multiplied by seeds Background of Coffee!!!

  3. Coffee is obviously consumed Substitutes as breakfast or a part of a meal Often served at the end of a meal, normally with a dessert Used to boost energy How It’s Used!!!

  4. People depend too much on coffee; social lubricant. Take it for granted! Coffee plays a large role in history and literature because of the large effects the coffee industry has had on cultures where it’s produced or consumed. Coffee has also been important in Austrian and in French culture. Northern Europe; coffee parties are a popular form of entertainment Coffee Culture!!!

  5. You will never guess how the most expensive coffee is made! Kopi Luwak is coffee made from the beans of coffee berries which were eaten by the Asian Palm Civet and passed through their digestive tract. First it passes through the civet's intestines. The beans are then taken out still keeping their shape. After going through washing, sun drying, light roasting. and brewing, these beans have sweet coffee and not a lot of bitterness. Kopi Luwak is widely known as the most expensive coffee in the world. Kopi Luwak = “?”

  6. Businesses would sell their raw coffee for lower prices & they would usually be benefitted. When the prices for the raw coffee is low, coffee businesses would have more buyers. The business of making coffee is becoming more complicated. Time goes on, people want more coffee. Packaging crates makes a lot of waste. Coffee machines have to be warm = more electricity. What Businesses are Doing!!!

  7. Stop drinking coffee so often! Get an energy drink or something of substance, like tea! To deal with the fatigue people get, they can simply go to sleep a lot earlier!   This can increase the amount of coffee that is grown. Will reduce the amount of deforestation/bad fumes going into the air during the roasting process. What can we do about the situation?!

  8. In December 2001, Brazil produced a scented postage stamp to promote its’ coffee. The smell should last between 3 to 5 years. It’s the second most widely used product in the world right after oil. It is consumed at the rate of 1,400 million cups per day. (that’s A LOT of coffee) GEESH !! Coffee comes from cherries; they turn from yellow to orange, and then bright red. It takes 6 to 8 months after flowering. George Washington invented instant coffee. Interesting Facts!!!

  9. Alyssa Brittne Julia THE END!!!