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What you Should Know. Before Selling Your Home. Prepared for [Client Name]. 10 Beaufort Road. Agent Name • Sales Representative. Agent Name. [Company Address]. 123-456-7891. agent.name@royallepage.ca. www.agentwebsite.com. What You Should Know. Before Selling Your Home.

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What you should know

What you Should Know

Before Selling Your Home

Prepared for [Client Name]

10 Beaufort Road

Agent Name • Sales Representative

Agent Name

[Company Address]




What you should know

What You Should Know

Before Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, you’ve got your priorities.

After all, this is one of the biggest investments you own!

Selling your home involves much more than just placing a For Sale sign in your

yard. Making a mistake in selling your home can cost you hundreds or

thousands of dollars in lost profit. However, avoiding mistakes is easy and takes

less time and effort on your part when you hire a professional real estate sales

representative to handle the details.

You want ALL the facts on the current housing market.

You need experienced, street-smart guidance as you consider your


You’re entitled to enthusiastic, timely attention and frequent fe edback from

your Realtor®, whether you’re moving next week or next year.

And you deserve a real estate professional working for you with friendly,

solution-oriented experience, ever-present ingenuity, and hands-on know-

how to cut through all the legal speak and paperwork.

Let me help you!

This booklet has been designed to help you understand the basics of the home

selling process. Understanding what is involved and how I will help you, will

assist you in making the right decision when choosing the best sales

representative to help you sell your home.

When we meet, we will

Establish a proper asking price for your home

Determine how to get every dollar you deserve

Create an effective plan of action for selling your home as quickly as


Agent Name




What you should know

Establishing a proper asking


No matter how attractive and polished your house may be, buyers will be

comparing its price with everything else on the market. Your best guide to proper

pricing is a record of what buyers have been willing to pay in the past few months

for properties comparable to yours in your area.

I will provide you with a thorough comparative market analysis (CMA) with the

data of all comparable homes in your area. Based on these results, we will have

a good idea of what the market value of your house is.

Improper pricing is the most common mistake that costs home

sellers thousands of dollars.

It’s simple. Overpriced homes are not as competitive as those that are well

priced. In most cases, the higher the asking price, the longer it takes for the

home to sell (and in many cases, the lower the final selling price). On the other

hand, price it too low and you may give away thousand in profits to a total


The value of a home is determined by supply and demand. If there are a lot of

sellers and few buyers, prices tend to go down and homes take longer to sell.

This is referred to as a Buyer’s Market. When the opposite is true, and there

are many buyers but few homes for sale, prices will rise and homes will sell

quickly. This is a Seller’s Market. A Balanced Market is self-explanatory but it’s

also important to recognize the effect a Changing Market will have on pricing,

whether the transition is to an Up Market or Down Market.

Agent Name




What you should know

Establishing a proper asking


The ultimate decision regarding how much to ask is strictly yours. But I

strongly encourage you to not fall into the temptation of overpricing the property,

as this will only cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Realtors® don’t establish value, the market does. I mention this because

many real estate sales representatives may try to “buy” your listing by saying

they can get you more for your home. These attempts are done in hopes of

securing the listing at a price they know to be unrealistic and knowing that they

will be coming back at a later date with a significant price reduction request.

Proper pricing sets the stage for the entire selling process. Be objective and

remember that selling your home is a business transaction. Keep in mind that

potential buyers are not looking to buy your home – they are looking to find a

house that they can make their home.

Insert Testimonial

[testimonial copy goes here]

Agent Name




What you should know

Getting Every Dollar You


Of all the things homeowners control when selling their home,

the condition of the property is one of the most important.

First impressions make all the difference in selling your home. When viewing

properties, buyers make up their minds within the first ten minutes! Your

home’s condition is vital to a sale and a clean, well-maintained home enjoys a

competitive edge over other homes on the market.

The ability to reap the full profit potential on the sale of your home can be

accomplished easily enough, if you make the right improvements. Spending

$3,000 on new carpet and/or paint might add another $10,000 to the price of your

home. Basic, simple and inexpensive improvements can provide an improved

emotional response in a potential buyer.

It’s important to get an objective point of view from a real estate

professional to ensure that needed cosmetic improvements are


According to the National Association of Realtors®, the average purchaser looks

at 10 to 20 properties prior to purchasing a home. They are looking for the best

priced property in the best condition. The majority of buyer activity on a new

listing occurs in the early period of marketing. For these reasons it is important

that you have your home in the best condition at first exposure to the market.

When we meet, I will guide you in making the best decisions on

preparing your home for sale so that you get every dollar you


[Insert Testimonial]

Agent Name




What you should know

Getting Every Dollar You


You deserve special attention in every detail of

your real estate transaction!

Average Realtor®

[insert your name]

 Full time office staff

 No support staff

 No system, unpredictable

 Systematic approach for consistent results

 Slow response time to requests


Reputation for quick response time

 Infrequent client contact


Provides regular feedback reports to sellers

 Limited buyer contacts


Daily contact with pool of qualified buyers

 Sales strategy often undefined


Provides a structured marketing plan to get you top


 Relies on company advertising


Markets your home 24/7 on multiple websites, social

media and mobile apps

 No name recognition


Local name recognition and brand power

 Often lack expertise/experience


Negotiation skills that can save and earn you

thousands $$

 Average* 7 sales per year


Over twice the sales of the average Realtor®

*Based on Canadian Real Estate Association statistics

A Real Estate Service Professional that cares

It is my mission to make a difference in people’s lives. It is my aim to assist you

not just in a single transaction but in all of your real estate needs in future years. I

want every sale or purchase I handle to be a pleasant experience for you and will

cheerfully answer all questions you ask to ensure you have the information you

need to make your decisions. I do not employ high-pressure sales techniques at

any time. I work toward your total satisfaction and believe that you deserve my

best efforts.

Agent Name




What you should know

A Detailed Marketing


Since my main objective is to sell your home for you, I make sure that it is

presented to as many qualified buyers as quickly and directly as possible. This

is achieved by using all appropriate venues to market your home to not one but

three tiers – Realtors®, neighbours, and, of course, purchasers! To ensure you

get the highest possible dollar value for your property, I use the tried and true

methods of home marketing as well as the best of today’s technology to give

your home exposure to more potential buyers than ever.

My marketing program for your home includes:

1. For Sale Sign

Working for you 24/7, the most noticeable and immediate method of showing that

your property is available to purchase is the For Sale sign. It identifies your

home as being listed with Royal LePage, the most recognized Canadian real

estate brand, and provides contact information so prospective buyers can call for


2. Flyers & Brochures

Flyers show interior and exterior photos of your property and provide the

highlights of your house. The flyers provide contact numbers and a call to action

so buyers can contact me directly for additional information. Full colour brochures

of your home provide full details and show of the special features of your house.

Brochures are for display in a prominent place in your home.

3. Multiple Websites & Social Networking

The Internet allows people to get information about your house in the comfort of

their home 24/7. I will market your property through multiple websites including

Realtor.ca, royallepage.ca, rlpgta.ca, my personal website [insert website

address] as well as through Facebook and Twitter.

Agent Name




What you should know

A Detailed Marketing


4. Mobile Marketing

Today’s consumers are using mobile devices to find information on everything

from finding a restaurant to buying a house. The RLP Mobile App connects

motivated buyers to properties for sale on their mobile phone from any location.

Its GPS property locator shows buyers homes for sale within the distance of their

choice from their location. By including the RLP test signage to your lawn sign,

your listing is instantly viewable by a huge audience.

5. Open Houses

Open Houses are an invitation for the public to come in and get a feel for what

your home has to offer. It allows them to view your house and mentally fit their

family with your property.

6. Professional Network

I have a large network of buyers that I am presently working with. My automated

system provides buyers with information on listings that match their criteria as

soon as the listing hits the market. As we enter your home into the system, it will

automatically search for buyer matches. Likewise, my professional network

includes Realtors® I speak with every day, the over 1,300 sales representatives

in my brokerage, over 14,000 Royal LePage sales representatives across

Canada, and over 160,000 Realtors® worldwide through our affiliation with

Leading Real Estate Companies.

Agent Name




What you should know

Services to help your move

run smoothly

Getting a house ready for sale may require or benefit from the services of

professionals in addition to your Realtor. As I work with these providers on a

regular basis, I’m able to confidently refer you to them knowing they will provide

the same level of care and professionalism to my clients. My list of service

professionals includes:

Mortgage Specialists



Home Inspectors


Storage services

Cleaning services







Moving companies

A full list of names, contact information, and testimonials from others who have

used these services is provided to my clients, allowing them to make direct

contact and choose the provider that best fits their needs.

Agent Name




What you should know

About Me

[insert name]

Your Unique Selling Proposition – Insert your personal bio information here. Be

sure to include things like why you became a Realtor® and what sets you apart from

the competition.


[insert award with year]


[insert date] - Present: Real Estate Agent specializing in single family, multi-

family, condominiums, and land sales

[insert date] – [insert date]: Insert pre-real estate position

Areas of Expertise:

[insert specifics of your practice including property types, locations, niche

markets, special client needs etc.]


Canadian Real Estate Association

Ontario Real Estate Association

Toronto Real Estate Board

[insert other real estate related affiliations]

Agent Name




What you should know

About Me



High School


Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. – Dynamic Agent Professional

Development Program


Charitable Organizations

Community Associations

Personal interest organizations or associations



Married to



Mission Statement:

[insert your personal mission statement]

Agent Name




What you should know

About Me

What Successful Home Sellers Are Saying

About My Service…

“________ sold our home in 8 days!”

Your marketing strategies such as the phone hotline, full coloured, detailed

home info sheets, and unique open houses were very effective. We

appreciated the daily feedback we received from you regarding showings

of our home. Due to all of the above, our home sold in 8 days at 98% of the

evaluated price!

[insert full name of client]

“_______________ has the experience we were looking for.”

It was obvious that we needed a real estate agent with an expertise in selling

homes in this special housing area. We also wanted someone who knew the

value of properties being sold here and had a long-standing, good track

record in real estate sales right here. Both my wife and I agree that you were

the agent most able to live up to our expectations and it resulted in a quick sale

of our home. [insert full name of client]

“Your service and care goes far beyond the call of duty.”

We would like to tell you just how much we appreciate everything you have done

for us, but there are no words expressive enough to do justice to our feelings.

The effort you extend goes far beyond the "call of duty,” and we wonder just

where you get all of your energy. You were wonderful to work with, and we thank

you so much for the work on our behalf. [insert full name of client]

Note to agent: It is best to use the full first and last name of your clients to demonstrate the

authenticity of the testimonial. Always get written authorization from your client to use

their full names. Including a photo of you with the client can be very powerful and is also a

great addition to Facebook postings you may do.

Agent Name




What you should know

About Royal LePage

Helping You Is What We Do

Royal LePage is the oldest and largest Canadian owned full service real estate

company in the country, with over 14,000 sales representatives in over 600

offices coast to coast.

Since 1913, Royal LePage has been committed to helping Canadians buy and

sell homes. We helped found the Toronto Real Estate Board and Ontario Real

Estate Association, and set the standards for all other real estate companies to

follow. Today as a leader in technology and customer satisfaction, royallepage.ca

dominates in both the on line and mobile searches of motivated buyers.

Royal LePage is the exclusive national Canadian partner of Leading Real Estate

Companies of the World, the world’s largest real estate referral network with over

170,000 associates worldwide. For relocations, Brookfield Global Relocation

Services is the country’s largest national relocation company servicing over

50,000 corporate and government transfers annually worldwide.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about real estate and how to provide the best

possible service for our clients. Our service-based culture and comprehensive

suite of services set us apart from the competition and enable us to attract the

best people in the business.

Throughout our successes, we remain dedicated to helping you through the real

estate process. Our commitment to innovation and customer service is as strong

as ever.

Agent Name




What you should know

About Royal LePage Real

Estate Services Ltd.,


You’re In Good Company

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. is the largest residential real estate

brokerage in the Greater Toronto Area.* All 15 offices of our brokerage are an

established and recognized presence in Oakville, Mississauga, West Toronto

and Central Toronto and beyond with collectively over 1,300 professional

REALTORS® helping people buy or sell real estate across the GTA and beyond.

As the best people with the best training and the best tools available in real

estate today, our REALTORS® know how to make the complex process of

buying or selling property a positive experience for you.

We're devoted to helping you make the most of your real estate opportunities.

* Based on combined 2011 dollar sales volume of homes sold from TREB MLS.

About the ___[insert your branch name]_________ Branch

Include information about your branch that helps to position it in the

community. This could include market share information, special activities

of the branch, as well as location and hours.

Agent Name




What you should know

Tell Me About Your Home

What are the 10 favourite features of your home and


*Please complete this page in preparation for our meeting*











What price range are you thinking your home should sell for?


Agent Name




What you should know

Information About Your


What improvements have you made to your home?





Type of heating: __________________________________________________

Average cost of heating per month: _________________________________

Average Hydro cost per month: _____________________________________

What is the age of the:

 Roof _________________

 Windows _____________

Hot Water Tank ________

Air Conditioner _________

Furnace ______________

Do you have a floor plan of the property? Yes No

(if yes, please have a copy available)

Do you have a survey of the property? Yes No

(if yes, please have a copy available)

Do you have an extra set of keys for a lockbox? Yes No

(if yes, please have them available)

Agent Name




What you should know

Commission & Fees

In real estate, the sale of a property usually involves the payment of a

commission to the listing brokerage. What most people don’t know is how a

commission is distributed; often assuming that it all goes to the sales

representative. In fact, the sales representative’s fee is only a portion of the total


This chart illustrates how a typical commission is distributed to all the parties

involved in a purchase and sale, based on a 5% commission rate. The

brokerage representing the buyer receives the largest portion with the balance

being split between the listing brokerage and the sales representative. All

marketing and administrative expenses for the property are paid from the sales

representative’s portion as well as all the professional and regulatory fees that

are applied to the sales representative. It is the remaining balance, once all

these expenses are paid, that represents the sales representative’s take home

pay before taxes.

Agent Name




What you should know

Tips for Preparing Your

House for Sale

Curb Appeal

First impressions really do count. If the impact of your curb appeal is strong,

people will want to see what is inside.

Cut and trim the shrubs.

Remove dead tree limbs and other yard debris.

Brighten up the garden with fresh shrubs and flowers.

Get rid of the clutter. Put away toys and gardening equipment.

Touch up peeling paint on doors, siding, and trim.

Repair and paint the fence.

Fix damaged roof shingles and flashing.

Clean windows, replace broken panes, and fix torn screens.

Clean gutters and downspouts.

Wash the driveway and sidewalk. Patch cracks or holes.

Clean up the garage and shed.

Have the gas grill ready for use.

Make sure outside lights and doorbells work.

Agent Name




What you should know

Tips for Preparing Your

House for Sale

Interior Preparation

Every room should look as spacious, bright, and warm as possible.

Wash walls, ceilings, and trim. Consider painting with light, neutral colours.

Repair cracks.

Tighten loose knobs, towel racks, switch plates, and outlet covers.

Fix tight doors and windows, squeaky floorboards, and loose stair


Clean and repair caulking around tubs and sinks. Fix leaky faucets;

remove water stains.

Clean and organize the basement and attic. (This is a good opportunity to

throw out all the bits and pieces you don't want to move.)

Organize closets. Get rid of the clutter. Limit the number of items stored

overhead or on the floor.

Clean out kitchen cabinets, and remove clutter from countertops.

Clean drapes, blinds, and curtains. Shampoo carpets, polish floors.

Arrange furniture to make rooms appear as spacious as possible.

Remove any items you're taking with you, such as chandeliers and


Agent Name




What you should know

Tips for Preparing Your

House for Sale

Showing Your Home

Your house should be ready to show at all times. Make sure it is kept clean and

clutter-free. And, those last minute touches before someone comes to look at

your home can make all the difference:

Turn on all the lights, even during the daytime, including outside entrance,

closet, basement, and attic lights. Open all the drapes and blinds.

Turn off the television, stereo, and radio (easy listening music is OK).

Open all the doors between rooms to give an inviting feeling.

On cold days, light a fire. If not in season, make sure the fireplace is clean.

Put pets in a fenced yard. Better still, ask friends to look after them. Some

people may be allergic, others may be afraid of animals. Clear any pet


Clean the kitchen and bathrooms. Leave windows and mirrors sparkling.

All jewelry and small valuables should be stored in a safety deposit box or

in a locked closet.

Set out fresh flowers, hang decorative hand towels in the bathroom, and

place an attractive tablecloth on the dining room table.

If possible, leave! Some buyers are uncomfortable when the owner is in

the house. In their hurry to get away, they may miss important features, or

fail to ask important questions. If you must remain, be courteous, but try

not to make conversation. The buyer's Realtor knows what the buyer is

looking for. He or she can discuss features and answer questions.

Agent Name




What you should know

Receiving an Offer

A buyer interested in purchasing your property will make an Offer and, as an act

of good faith, put down a deposit. The buyer's REALTOR® communicates the

Offer, also known as an Agreement of Purchase & Sale (a legal document

specifying the offers terms and conditions) to you or your representative. The

Offer states how much the buyer is willing to pay and details the conditions.

The Offer can be firm or conditional. The seller can accept the Offer, reject the

Offer, or make a counter Offer.

Firm Offer to Purchase: Usually preferable to the seller, because it means that

the buyer will purchase the home without any conditions. If the Offer is accepted,

the house is sold.

Conditional Offer to Purchase: Means the buyer has placed one or more

conditions on the purchase, such as subject to home inspection, subject to

financing, or subject to the sale of buyer's existing home. The home is not sold

until all the conditions have been met.

Acceptance: The seller agrees to all the terms and conditions exactly as set

forth in the Offer to Purchase.

Rejection: The seller does not agree with any of the terms and conditions set

forth in the Offer to Purchase.

Counter offer: The seller agrees with some of the terms and conditions of the

Offer, but not all of them. The seller then makes a counter Offer. The counter

Offer may change the price, the closing date, or add or delete conditions. When

the buyer receives the counter Offer, he or she can accept the new terms and

conditions or reject them.

A signed Offer is a binding contract. Make sure you understand and agree to

all of the terms before you sign. You may want to have a lawyer review the offer


Agent Name




What you should know

Closing the Sale

As your Royal LePage REALTOR® I will supervise every step of the closing

process to make sure that closing is as smooth as possible.

Closing may require:

 Professional home inspection to assess the condition of the property.

 Professional appraisal by the buyer’s mortgage company to determine the

true value of the property.

 Search of the title by the buyer's lawyer.

On or before closing day, lawyers for the seller and the buyer will set up a trust

account for the money coming from the sale. This money will be used to pay off

any mortgages you owe on the property, after which you receive the balance.

Your lawyer should also ensure that you receive compensation for pre-paid

expenses, such as property taxes, electrical or gas bills, or, if applicable, heating

oil left in your tank.

You will give the property deed or transfer documents, mortgage details, and

keys to your lawyer. Your lawyer will register the mortgage discharge and

transfer the deed at closing. You will also pay the listing brokerage company their

compensation (your lawyer can arrange the payment from the proceeds of the


Agent Name




What you should know

Recent Neighbourhood


The following pages provide a “snapshot” of recent activity in your

neighbourhood and includes properties that have Sold, Expired and are currently

Listed. This is not a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) but is included to give a

general idea of the selling activity over the past few months. I will be presenting

a customized CMA for your property at our meeting.

Agent Name