welcome to the eup team
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Welcome to the EUP Team

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Welcome to the EUP Team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Today’s Agenda: 10:45 Welcome Back Year 2 Educational Technology CRTs McREL ( Marzono ) Evaluations EUPISD Resources Assessments SchoolWires Future Meetings. Welcome to the EUP Team. Steve Gordon, Dir of HR & Finance. D8 – Mentee & Mentor Year 2 Training. Why?.

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welcome to the eup team
Today’s Agenda:
  • 10:45 Welcome Back Year 2
  • Educational Technology
  • CRTs
  • McREL (Marzono)
  • Evaluations
  • EUPISD Resources
  • Assessments
  • SchoolWires
  • Future Meetings

Welcome to the EUPTeam

Steve Gordon, Dir of HR & Finance

D8 – Mentee & Mentor Year 2 Training

  • The 18 school districts in the EUP have been collaborating for decades. Your small school is part of a larger team.
  • This information should give you an idea of where we have been and where we are headed.
  • Plus, it’s good stuff!
last year
Last Year ?
  • What worked ?
  • What didn’t ?
  • Help ?
  • IDP
  • ASK
  • Grow
  • What worked GREAT Last Year?
  • What do you NEED this Year?
  • Research mentoring
  • In consultation with mentee, establish developmental plan within first 3 months.
  • Developmental plan should identify goals/objectives; set time-lines and outline meeting schedules between mentor and mentee. Meetings should ideally take place once per fortnight thereafter once per month.
  • Mentor should assist mentee in developing their teaching portfolio
  • Monitor progress against agreed goals and time-lines
  • Affirm and develop the strengths and work on weaknesses of mentee
  • Review mentee’s professional goals and adjust development plan accordingly. Plans should ideally be discussed at the beginning of the year and reviewed at the end
  • Introduce mentee to formal and informal collegial & information networks
  • Support or direct mentee to areas that can provide specialized support where necessary
  • Share information relating to teaching & learning and research
  • Assist mentee in understanding policies & procedures of your district
  • Be available on reasonable basis to support mentee in all areas related to their position
  • Encourage and assist mentee to develop their research profile (conference papers; book reviews; journal articles; books and grant applications)
  • Mentors should keep records of their meetings with the mentee (date, duration and brief summary) and provide annual interim report to your principal
educational technology
Educational Technology
  • ITV
  • Wireless
  • One to One
  • BTOP
  • Support
  • What did you use last year?
  • What do you need this year?
  • Broadband Technology Opportunities Program
  • Federal grant (ARRA funds) awarded to EUPISD
  • $3.165 million granted + 28% match = $4.4 million project
  • Jobs provided: project director, instructional technologist, 3 techs, half time community outreach specialist
  • Provided netbooks for all 7th-12th graders in region, teacher PD, community outreach events about broadband use
  • Technology and 21st century education is a big deal in our schools!
  • The Devices are still in your districts – ask for them
c urriculum r eview t eams
Curriculum Review Teams
  • Lots of PD
  • Latest info
  • Key Staff Members
  • Support
  • Did you participate last Year?
  • Stands for Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning.
  • It is a research and development corporation in Denver.
  • Dr. Robert Marzano, Dr. Debra Pickering, and Dr. Jane Pollack wrote a book called Classroom Instruction that Works while they worked for McREL.
  • The strategies come from that book.
  • They are often referred to as Marzano’s strategies, but technically McREL “owns” them.
meta analysis
  • Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock wanted to know what strategies were the most effective teaching strategies.
  • Instead of designing a new study, they searched existing research and identified 9 strategies that work.
  • Called a “meta-analysis” because they analyzed so many studies to derive the conclusions.
  • Are you Highly Effective?
  • Your Principal is on your TEAM
  • ASK questions
  • Use your Mentor(s)
eupisd resources
EUPISD Resources
  • www.eup.k12.mi.us
  • Conference Evaluation
  • Curriculum – Bookmark
  • Programs – curric, resources, grants
  • Services – more district oriented
    • Math& Science Center
  • Special Education – Everything
  • Technology


  • Take the time to learn to use the system
  • Ask to attend the training
  • Talk with your mentor
  • Talk with your buildings CRT members
  • Can be Overwhelming, Can be Very Valuable
  • We are changing to DnA, are you Ready?
  • Your Web Page
  • View others in your Building
  • COPY
  • Ask questions
  • View others in the EUP
  • View others in districts from all over
  • Take the Best
  • Ask for Training
  • Do you have a Web Page?
future meetings
Future Meetings
  • October 6 – School Improvement
  • December 1 – Special Education for ALL
  • February 2 - Illuminate D&A
  • April 13 – Teacher Certification