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DIABETES PRESENTATION. Canadian Diabetes Association Summit. Presented by: Cathryn Mandoka, AIAI Health Director. Historical Background. Unknown to FN in Ontario prior to 1950 ’ s.

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diabetes presentation

Canadian Diabetes Association Summit

Presented by: Cathryn Mandoka, AIAI Health Director

historical background
Historical Background
  • Unknown to FN in Ontario prior to 1950’s
  • Eight-year old Ojibway/Potawatami girl diagnosed in 1957. First in community to be diagnosed with maturity onset Type – 2. Caused blindness, severe weight gain.
  • Regime included: glucose tolerance testing, urinalysis, drastic weight reduction, hospitalization
  • Introduction of traditional medicines and prayers – new diet and lifestyle changes
historical background3
Historical Background
  • During this era Southern Ontario First Nations were introduced to Community Health Clinics held on reserve.
  • Diabetes is believed to be the result of First Nations being forced onto reservations, limiting the practice of wild game – hunting, fishing and trapping.
prevention statement
Prevention Statement

Through proper nutrition, weight control and exercise, one can strive to prevent the onset of diabetes

treatment statement
Treatment Statement
  • Regime changed overtime – hypoglycemic drugs - became insulin intolerant. Child birth resulted in weight gain.
  • Endocrinologists - an asset
  • FN glucose tolerance significantly higher than non-native pop. (30+)
future generations
Future Generations

Diabetes impact on four generations

  • Highlights Regional Health Survey- 2002/03
  • Ontario First Nations
  • Chronic Disease-About one in 5 adults (20%),age-adjusted had diabetes. Among those 55 yrs.+is-1/in3 (36.4%).
  • Diabetics-88.7%- complications hands/feet-37.1%, vision-36.8%-circulation-21.6%,lower limbs-20.9%,kidney function-15.9’%, infections-14.7%, heart-11.3%
practical tips
Practical Tips
  • Use New Clean Needles for every insulin injection
  • Dull Needles can cause skin infections and bruising
political statements
Political Statements

We will always insist that we have our treaty rights for Health care and services, thus make the required medications and devices available for today and future generations.