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Technical Documentation Inc (TDI) Charleston Defense Contractors Association Small Business and Industry Outreach Initiative. Jack Dawsey 919-621-2399. 22 January 2009. Corporate Background. TDI was established in 1988, providing engineering and logistics support services to the US Navy

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Jack dawsey 919 621 2399

Technical Documentation Inc (TDI)Charleston Defense Contractors AssociationSmall Business and Industry Outreach Initiative

Jack Dawsey


22 January 2009

Corporate background
Corporate Background

  • TDI was established in 1988, providing engineering and logistics support services to the US Navy

  • Small Business

  • Facility Security Clearance: SECRET

  • Cage Code: 0H327 (CCR, ORCA Registered)

  • DCAA-approved financial accounting and billing system

  • Growth rate of over 50% over the past three years

Personnel qualifications
Personnel Qualifications

  • TDI has 20 years of experience with US Navy, Army Programs and Contracts

  • TDI’s highly qualified personnel provide our customers with technical resources and solutions across a broad range of Engineering and Logistics Support in locations across the country

    • 80% of TDI’s personnel have a BS Degree or higher, including

  • Average Experience

  • Program Managers 25+ years US Navy/Army Programs

  • Logistics Engineers 25+ years US Navy/Army Programs

  • Electrical Engineers 30+ years US Navy/Air Force

  • Technical Writers/Editors 30+ years US Navy/Army Programs

  • Reliability/Maintainability Eng 25+ years US Navy/Army Programs

  • Config/Data Management Spec 25+ years US Navy/Army Programs

  • ILS Specialists 25+ years US Navy/Army Programs

Contract vehicles
Contract Vehicles

  • Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center – Pacific

    • N66001-04-D-5024 (Subcontract)

      • Engineering Support Services for Technical Documentation, Integrated Logistics and Related Engineering Services for Electronic Harbor Security Systems Project (EHSSIV).

    • N66001-05-D-0038 (Prime Contract)

      • Engineering Support Services for Technical Documentation, Integrated Logistics and Related Engineering Services for Ocean Survey Systems.

  • Seaport-e Prime Contractor

    • TDI is a Seaport-e prime contract holder for the following zones:

      • Zone 1 Northeast

      • Zone 2 Mid Atlantic

      • Zone 3 National Capital

      • Zone 4 Gulf Coast

      • Zone 6 Southwest

  • Contract Number N00178-05-D-4602


Program Management

  • Program planning, control , and reporting

  • Program technical, cost, and schedule performance

  • Risk management, identification, analysis, and mitigation

  • Design reviews planning and implementation

  • Status reviews planning and implementation

  • Readiness reviews planning and implementation

  • Subcontractor and vendors management


Logistics Engineering

  • Logistics support analysis (LSA)/Logistics management information (LMI)

  • Level of repair analysis (LORA)/Optimum repair level analysis (ORLA)

  • Life cycle cost (LCC) analysis/Total ownership cost (TOC) analysis

  • Personnel requirements analysis/Task and skill analysis

  • Training requirements analysis/Tasks required for training

  • Technical documentation/Manuals requirements analysis

  • Spares and repair parts analysis/Provisioning technical documentation (PTD)

  • Support equipment analysis/Support equipment requirements documents (SERD)

  • Packing/packaging, handling, storage, and transportability (PHS&T) analysis

  • Facilities and facilities interface analysis

  • Logistics demonstration planning and implementation


System Engineering/Management

  • Specifications preparation and control

  • Requirements validation/analysis/allocation

  • Requirements traceability matrix/analysis

  • Requirement verification matrix/analysis

  • Interface definition and control/Interface Control Documents (ICD)

  • System Design Documents/Interface Design Documents (SDD/IDD)

  • Functional analysis

  • Performance capability assessment

  • Trade-off studies and analyses

  • Technical performance measurement (TPM)

  • Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV)


Safety Engineering

  • Safety hazard analysis

  • Fault tree analysis

  • Safety assessment reports

  • Safety demonstration planning and implementation

    Integration/Verification/Test Engineering

  • Integration/Verification/Test planning and implementation

  • Test director/Test conductor

  • Test plan, procedures, and reports


Reliability engineering

  • Reliability/Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) analysis

  • Failure modes effects and criticality analysis (FMECA)

  • Reliability demonstration planning and implementation

    Maintainability Engineering

  • Maintainability/Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) analysis

  • Maintenance analysis

  • Testability/Fault coverage analysis

  • Maintainability demonstration planning and implementation


Configuration/Data Management

  • Configuration management (CM) planning

  • Configuration manager/Configuration Management Office (CMO)

  • Configuration identification

  • Configuration control

  • Configuration status accounting

  • Configuration audits

  • Data management (DM) planning

  • Data manager/Data Management Office (DMO)

    Engineering Support

  • Computer Programming (C++)

  • CAD (AutoCad, Visio, Micrographics Designer)


Technical Documentation

  • Operator and Service Manuals

  • Operation and Maintenance Procedures

  • Software User Literature

  • Technical Manuals, Hardware and Software

  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM’s)

  • Illustrated Parts Breakdowns

  • Specifications

  • Installation Guides

  • Training Guides/Manuals

  • Online Guides

  • Graphic Design/Technical Illustration

Ocean survey program osp
Ocean Survey Program (OSP)

  • The Ocean Survey Program (OSP), is a system developed by the Marine Navigation Division at Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center – Pacific.  

  • The Ocean Survey Program is a complex shipboard system of integrated navigation, multi-beam sonar and control and display systems encompassing over fifty  60-inch cabinets, 17-computers and over 125-computer programs.

Ocean survey program osp1
Ocean Survey Program (OSP)

HMS SCOTT Survey – Indian Ocean Tsunami 

Following the tragic earthquake and tsunami that devastated the region on December 26, 2004, the HMS SCOTT utilized the OSP System to survey the ocean floor at the epicenter of the quake to help scientists determine the cause and aid in development of an early warning system

Looking south, the purple area marks where the ocean floor, which sits on the Indian tectonic plate, is pushing into, and moving under, the Burma plate. The Indonesian landmass sits atop the Burma plate. A rupture 30km below this area produced violent shaking, triggering the tsunami.

Ocean survey program osp2
Ocean Survey Program (OSP)

  • TDI has supported the Ocean Survey Program continuously since 1989 by providing Engineering and Logistics Support:

    • Generating and updating the entire set of extensive Technical Documentation to support the OSP Program

    • Configuration Management of all Hardware, Software, and Spares

    • Generating the Training Materials used to train the Survey Vessel operators during the yearly Technical Evaluation (TECHEVAL) period both in a classroom environment and hands-on instruction in real time during operations at sea

    • Generating the administrative documents, such as the TECHEVAL Plan and Meeting Minutes.

    • Accompany the SPAWAR System Engineers on the yearly TECHEVAL Sea Trial to test and validate hardware, software, document the test results, and generate the TECHEVAL Report

    • Research and compile data from the equipment manufacturer, specifications, Interface Control Documents (ICD), System Requirement Specification (SRS), logic diagrams, circuit diagrams and interconnection diagrams.

    • Operate the equipment and software programs in the System Integration Lab (SIL) to develop and document detailed hardware and software operating and maintenance procedures.

Ocean survey program osp3
Ocean Survey Program (OSP)

  • TDI has supported the Ocean Survey Program continuously since 1989 by providing Engineering and Logistics Support:

    • Conduct Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) by SPAWAR designates and Technical Documentation Inc. personnel.

    • Operate the systems and equipment on-board vessels to validate detailed operation and maintenance procedures.

    • Coordinate production for the Printing and Publication of the finished Technical Manuals.

    • Support the logistics effort for on-board stores and on-shore depot, specialized instructors provide training for warehousing, material planning and handling, transportation management, inventory management, and the procedures utilized in supply and value chain management.

Ocean survey program osp4
Ocean Survey Program (OSP)

Technical Manual Set – 43 Volumes

  • System (1)

  • Equipment (8)

  • Software (2)

  • Preventive Maintenance (2)

  • Cabling/wiring manuals and diagrams (3)

  • Operating procedures (11)

  • Equipment mechanical installation manuals and drawings (3)

  • Configuration management (1)

  • Spares Provisioning Database (1)

  • Overhaul maintenance of hull-mounted equipment (3)

  • Test/calibration/alignment (1)

  • Annual Training Documentation (1)

  • Meeting Minutes (2)

  • TECHEVAL Plans and Reports (4)

Ocean Survey Vessel – HMS SCOTT

Ocean survey program osp5
Ocean Survey Program (OSP)

Customer Testimonials and Contact Information

  • “Based on the many years of continuous service, I can confirm that TDI has always provided the highest quality documentation on time, in accordance with agreed delivery schedules and often ahead of schedule. ”

  • “TDI has always performed with a high degree of professionalism to fully satisfy the terms of our contracts and there have never been any disputed issues.  Even when our funding constraints forced us to scale back efforts with TDI for an interim period, TDI again responded in a highly professional manner, ensuring that we met our critical documentation requirements, within the terms of the contract, keeping us in good standing with our long term sponsor. ”

  • “TDI has the technical writing and publishing skills necessary to generate and keep our 30 volumes of system documentation current, accurate and user-friendly for the shipboard user.  All of our user and sponsor feedback has always been positive and TDI's efforts have always reflected very well on our agency. “

  • “My 16-years of experience with TDI has proven to me that they are a highly qualified reputable contractor, who has made significant contributions to the success of our ongoing Ocean Survey Program meeting critical fleet needs and I am happy to be given the opportunity to make this recommendation.”

    • Steven Dunham, Ocean Survey Systems Branch Head


Ocean survey program osp6
Ocean Survey Program (OSP)

Customer Testimonials and Contact Information (Cont’d)

  • Certificate of Appreciation for the OSS Documentation Team for Team Excellence

  • “Our sincere appreciation for your dedication to OSP. Your contribution developing OSPSS Documentation led to the success of OSPSS Update 2001”

    • John Handal

      Marine Navigation Division Head



  • The Navigation Sensor System Interface (NAVSSI) Program is a system developed by the Marine Navigation Division at Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center – Pacific.  

  • This program provides the fleet with integrated pinpoint navigation information and digital nautical charts which are critical in maintaining the U.S. warfighting edge.


  • TDI has supported the NAVSSI Program by providing Engineering and Logistics Support:

    • Generated a series of Navigation Technical Manuals in accordance with MIL-DTL-24784A/B. This included creating the technical manuals covering subsequent builds/releases system under an evolutionary acquisition (EA) program. These manuals were created in four volumes comprising over 400 illustrations and three appendices and were delivered in the form of a Level 3 Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) with internal (cross-reference) and external (vendor and other sites) links.

    • Verify format requirements for both text and XML deliverables.

    • Develop style and use directives in accordance with the applicable standards.

    • Establish the desired level of internal and external hyperlinking required for the manuals.

    • Establish the desired level of data retrieval required as they relate to the manual.

    • Conduct liaison with the controlling government authority to acquire a document number and nomenclature.

    • Develop an outline and book plan and submit the documents to the designated SPAWAR representative for approval.

    • Identify overall system configuration under the existing architecture.


  • TDI has supported the NAVSSI Program by providing Engineering and Logistics Support (Cont’d):

    • Research and compile data from the equipment manufacturer, specifications Interface Control Documents (ICD), System Requirement Specification (SRS), logic diagrams, circuit diagrams and interconnection diagrams.

    • Identify External Interfaces supported by the architecture.

    • Identify Navigation Users supported by the system.

    • Investigate, identify, and document the types of data transmissions for the External Interfaces and Navigation users.

Jack dawsey 919 621 2399


  • Customer Testimonials and Contact Information

  • “Your personnel were instrumental in completing this successful delivery of the NAVSSI in September 2000, which led to the recommendation that the system be released to the fleet.”

  • “I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the TDI personnel for their professionalism and outstanding dedication and cooperation. They demonstrated not only their technical skills, but also their willingness to team with government and other contractor personnel with the united goal of delivering a quality product. They are a credit ot their profession, their company and to the NAVSSI Program.”

  • - John Handal

  • Marine Navigation Division Head

    • 619-553-3151


Electronic harbor security system
Electronic Harbor Security System

  • The Electronic Harbor Security System (EHSS), is a system developed by Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center – Pacific.  

  • TDI has supported the EHSS Program by providing Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Services:

    • Generating and updating EHSS ILS Documentation:

      • Various User’s Logistics Support Summary (ULSS) Manuals

      • System Operation and Maintenance Manual (SOMM)

      • Integrated Logistics Support Plan (ILSP)

      • System Maintenance Manual

      • Operator’s Guide

      • Configuration Management Plan

      • System Engineering Plan (SEP)

      • Program Management Plan

      • Preventative Maintenance Procedures

      • Maintenance Plans

Electronic harbor security system1
Electronic Harbor Security System

  • Generating and updating EHSS ILS Documentation (Cont’d):

    • Post Installation Verification (PIV)

    • SOVT

    • Various Quick Reference Guides

    • Project Manager’s Guide (PMG)

    • Various Helpdesk User’s Support Guides

    • CAD Illustration/Drawing Updates

    • Various Desktop Procedures

  • Provide support and recommendations for CMMI compliance and Quality Assurance

  • Organization of server and existing documents, including developing document numbering format

  • Development of Style Guides, Acronyms and Reference Designation

  • Development of document DRAFT-to Release Process , Review, Routing, and QA

Electronic harbor security system2
Electronic Harbor Security System

Customer Testimonials and Contact Information

  • “TDI has provided consistent, professional support to the EHSS project. Please extend my thanks to your folks for their contributions.”

    • Randy Girdwood

      EHSS Program Manager


Business partners
Business Partners

  • CACI, Inc

  • Sabre Systems

  • LTM, Inc

  • Loughner and Associates

  • Alutiiq

  • Bearing Straits Aerospace Services

Contact information
Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters: 298 Blair Mill Rd

Suite 215

Horsham, PA 19044


Business Development

Jack Dawsey (919) 621-2399

Dean Mancini 215-957-1650