Magnet development infrastructure
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Director’s Review of the Fermilab High Field Superconducting Magnet Program. Magnet Development Infrastructure. Fred Nobrega January 31, 2006. Introduction Present capabilities Future capabilities Conclusions. Introduction.

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Magnet development infrastructure

Director’s Review of the Fermilab High Field Superconducting Magnet Program

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Fred Nobrega

January 31, 2006

  • Introduction

  • Present capabilities

  • Future capabilities

  • Conclusions

Introduction Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Superconducting magnet research and development has traditionally been one of the primary functions of the Fermilab Technical Division.

  • The infrastructure available for magnet development in TD has increased continually from the Tevatron magnet production days to the present.

  • The current infrastructure upgrades, directed toward a new generation of accelerator magnets, build on that rich history.

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Industrial building 3
Industrial Building 3 Superconducting Magnet Program

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Cable r d lab
Cable R&D Lab Superconducting Magnet Program

Has the capability of :

  • Making LARP cable for quads (TQ’s & LQ’S)

  • Nb3Sn cable for high field cos theta & racetrack magnets.

  • NbTi & Copper-only cable for stabilizers and splices in high field magnets.

  • R & D Cable for high field magnets.

A cable manufacturing machine, obtained from IHEP, is operated in IB#3. It has the capability of making 42 strand cable.

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Cable insulation coil winding stations
Cable Insulation & Coil Winding Stations Superconducting Magnet Program

The cable insulating line and short coil winding stations have been used in IB3 for all short models since the Tevatron.

Cable Insulating Line

Coil Winding Station. 2 exist in IB3.

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Reaction ovens
Reaction Ovens Superconducting Magnet Program

R&D Reaction Ovens for Strand & Cable

Programmable Reaction Oven for Short Coils

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Quadrupole collaring press
Quadrupole Collaring Press Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Quadrupole collaring press in IB3 was used for Tevatron quads and LHC IR Quad 1m models & Nb3Sn mech models.

  • Will be used to build a collar design Nb3Sn short (TQ) & long (LQ) quadrupole.

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Yoke and skin press
Yoke and Skin Press Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Currently used for HFDA short models

  • The press has previously been used for collaring and yoking of SSC Dipole short models.

Quad Yoke Press for Short Models

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Vacuum oven in ib2
Vacuum Oven in IB2 Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Currently used for SR, HFD and TQ high field magnets.

  • Large oven for epoxy impregnation of coils.

  • Oven is large enough for 6 meter long magnets.

2m O.D. x 8m, t = 60° C, pressure 30 m Hg

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Coil curing oven in ib2
Coil Curing Oven in IB2 Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Currently used for SR, HFD and TQ high field magnets.

  • Large oven for curing epoxy of the coils.

  • Oven is large enough for 6 meter long magnets.

1.5m x 1m x 7.7m, t = 125° C, pressure is 1 atm

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Superconducting r d lab
Superconducting R&D Lab Superconducting Magnet Program

Short Sample Test Facility for SC strand and cable characterization.

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Instron Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Large & small Instron machines

  • Provide wide range of test load capability

  • Material testing in tension and compression

Instron 8503 & 4411 Materials Testing Machine

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Microscopy lab
Microscopy Lab Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Used for the analysis of Nb3Sn strand and cable after reaction

  • SEM with a resolution of 3.0 nm.

  • Optical microscope

JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Industrial center building
Industrial Center Building Superconducting Magnet Program

ICB is currently being used to build LHC IR Quads. It includes winding tooling, curing presses, collaring presses, and a yoke press, all with 6 m long capabilities. Tooling and presses used for cold mass fabrication are scheduled to move to IB3 this year.

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Long coil winding icb
Long Coil Winding, ICB Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Programmable long coil winder produces uniform and repeatable coils.

Long Coil Winding Machine

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Long coil curing icb
Long Coil Curing, ICB Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Curing press is used to set the coil size for reaction, as well as allow the coils to be easily handled.

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Coil measuring icb
Coil Measuring, ICB Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Automatic azimuthal coil size measurements

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Shell welding press icb
Shell Welding Press, ICB Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Long yoke press with automatic linear welding capability

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Other tooling
Other Tooling Superconducting Magnet Program

In addition to the traditional pieces of equipment, many other types of tooling are available. Lifting fixtures, roll-over tables, and devices for manipulating coils and magnets will be used.



Rollover Fixture

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Design specific winding tooling
Design Specific Winding Tooling Superconducting Magnet Program

Fermilab has design-specific tooling for several coil sizes:

  • Available winding mandrels:

  • 43 mm dia (from HFDA Dipole coils)

  • 70 mm dia (from LHC IR Quad inner coils)

  • 90 mm dia (made for LARP quadrupole)

  • 102 mm dia (from LHC IR Quad outer coils)

EDM’d Blocks

Key inserts


Magnet Development Infrastructure

Design specific curing tooling
Design Specific Curing Tooling Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Available Curing Molds (short & long):

  • 104 mm inside dia (used for HFDA Dipole coils and LHC IR Quad inner coils)

  • 136 mm inside dia (used for LARP Quad coils and LHC IR Quad outer coils)

More details on how this tooling will be used is in Giorgio’s talk, “Nb3Sn Technology Scale-up”.

Shim Blocks

Precision laminated mold cavity

Electric Heaters

EDM’d End Plate

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Future capabilities
Future Capabilities Superconducting Magnet Program

  • The objective:

    • is to establish an infrastructure for the scale up of Nb3Sn magnets

  • The Results:

    • will enable LARP & core program long magnet fabrication capabilities

    • allows for future LHC quadrupole production possibilities

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Ib3 fabrication floor layout
IB3 Fabrication Floor Layout Superconducting Magnet Program

1m Winder

Short Curing Press

Collaring Press

Cable Insulation Line

6m Winder

6m Oven

2m-4m Winder

Shell Welding Press

Curing Press

R&D Ovens

SC Cable Lab

Instron Lab

Techs Office


Magnet Development Infrastructure

Long reaction oven procurement
Long Reaction Oven Procurement Superconducting Magnet Program

  • One of 2 modules for 6m long oven

  • Photo taken at L&L Special Furnace Co. 1/12/06

  • Qualification test at Fermilab ~ 1st week in April, 2006

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Backup generator
Backup Generator Superconducting Magnet Program

  • 100 kW backup generator

  • Used for ovens in case of a power failure during coil reaction

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Schedule milestones
Schedule Milestones Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Complete commission of 6m oven, May 2006

  • Start 2m dipole mirror winding, April 2006

  • Start 4m dipole mirror winding, Sep 2006

  • Complete ICB tooling move to IB3, Dec 2006

Magnet Development Infrastructure

Conclusions Superconducting Magnet Program

  • Technical Division at Fermilab has a world class magnet R&D infrastructure & will soon have the capabilities to make Nb3Sn coils up to 6m long.

  • Large investments in tooling, both generic and design-specific, were made to develop and build superconducting magnets.

  • This infrastructure is a key element for the success within LARP and other magnet R&D programs.

  • Technical Division has the tooling and personnel required to build and test magnets, as well as do R&D on cable and strands of various materials and configurations.

Magnet Development Infrastructure