potential needs of epa regional p2 coordinators n.
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Potential needs of EPA Regional P2 Coordinators PowerPoint Presentation
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Potential needs of EPA Regional P2 Coordinators

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Potential needs of EPA Regional P2 Coordinators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Potential needs of EPA Regional P2 Coordinators
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  1. Potential needs of EPA Regional P2 Coordinators • Promote Regional P2 Networks • Ensure information exchange on region-wide projects • Track PPIS grants • Measure PPIS grant results and outcomes

  2. P2Rx is building tools to meet those needs in various stages of development… potentially available for measurement and accessibility of information

  3. Five tools from P2Rx • P2 program directory • P2 activities database • P2 publications database • Regional outcomes aggregation tool • News

  4. Keeping track of people National P2 Programs directory • All centers keep a regional database on their sites • The P2Rx national directory combines all regional directories • Directories are tied to the topic hubs

  5. The national P2 programs directory can be accessed from p2rx.org It provides descriptions of P2 programs and links to the programs

  6. Regional program directories can be accessed on the regional center web site

  7. Program Directories are tied to Topic Hubs • Topic hubs display “Where to Go for Help” sections • These list regional programs with expertise in the topic area. (each center lists programs from their own region) • National programs that can provide help are also listed • Not all centers have completely implemented this feature but all plan to complete it 

  8. This is a topic hub. On the left side, the sections of the “hub” are listed

  9. Click on “where to go for help” to find programs in your region with expertise in this topic area.

  10. Some Centers have Activities Databases • Seven centers record P2 activities occurring in the region • Three centers have databases of these activities (NEWMOA, PPRC, and Peaks to Prairies; GLRPPR is considering using it) • One center ties the activities to the topic hub

  11. Click on “Assistance Activities” to see which regional programs have done or are doing activities related to this topic.

  12. P2 Publications Database • WRRC’s library, P2 Infohouse, is widely used by the P2 community • P2Rx plans to integrate library functions among centers for a national product in FY05 • Publications could be linked to the topic hubs

  13. This on-line library contains thousands of P2 documents.

  14. Links to documents are included in topic hubs. Topic hub documents are selected as the “best of the best”. All documents could be included in libraries, though.

  15. Regional Outcomes Aggregation Tool • Developed by PPRC • Currently being tested on P2RIC • NEWMOA, GLRPPR, and Zerowaste want to try it in their regions soon, other centers also interested

  16. News • All centers will publish news by end of FY04 • Some grantee activities may be “news-worthy” and thus distributed • Some grant products may be “news-worthy”