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Mr. Rasbach C-130

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Mr. Rasbach C-130 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mr. Rasbach C-130
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  1. Mr. Rasbach C-130

  2. What is Engineering?

  3. Turning Ideas Into Reality Engineers turn ideas into useful products or systems.

  4. Definitions of Engineering • “Engineering is the application of math and science to create something of value from our natural resources.”Unknown • “Scientists discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never was.”Theodore Von Karman

  5. Engineering Disciplines 22 Accredited Engineering Disciplines Mechanical Engineering Environmental Engineering Electrical Engineering Agricultural Engineering Civil Engineering Systems Engineering Computer Engineering Architectural Engineering Chemical Engineering Mineral Engineering Industrial Engineering Marine Engineering Aerospace Engineering Engineering Management General Engineering Petroleum Engineering Engineering Science Manufacturing Engineering Biomedical Engineering Ceramic Engineering Materials Engineering Nuclear Engineering

  6. Starting Salaries Engineering $46,135 Computer Science $42,339 Engineering Technology $38,182 Business $34,801 Math & Science $33,343 Agriculture/Nat. Resources $28,351 Humanities/Social Sciences $27,436 Communications $26,963 Education $26,407

  7. Characteristics of an Engineering Student • Enjoys solving problems • Likes to figure out how things work • Enjoys being creative • Enjoys working with people • Does well in math and science • Wants to make a difference • Asks “why” about the world around us

  8. SoundInteresting? Vista del Lago High School is the only school in Moreno Valley to offer the PLTW Engineering Program.

  9. PLTW Engineering Classes • Intro to Engineering Design (IED) (9th) • Principles of Engineering (POE) (10th) • Digital Electronics (DE) (11th) • Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA) (12th) • Engin. Design & Development (EDD) (12th)

  10. ChooseVista Del Lago’sEngineering Pathway

  11. Materials Needed - 3 ring binder (1 to 1-1/2 inch) - Lined Paper - Pen - #2 pencil - Ruler - Eraser

  12. Behavior Policy I fully expect that my engineering students will have little time to misbehave; however, excellent behavior is expected in class at all times. The following guidelines will insure that a productivelearning environment is being provided for all students: 1. Follow Directions. 2. Raise hand when you wish to speak and speak only when called on. 3. Stay seated. 4. Be polite and courteous to fellow classmates and adults. 5. Come to class prepared. (Notebook, pencil, HW, book, etc.) 6. Only essential items in class. (No Walkmans, make-up, etc.) 7. No unruly behavior. (Foul language, running, talking out, etc.)*Everything you do the computer is monitored!!

  13. Consequences for Negative Behavior1. Warning2. √= 2 min. after class with Reflective Consequence3. √√=10 min. time out with Reflective Consequence & possible removal4. √√√= Call parents5. √√√√= Beyond my classroom (A.P.) Misuse Computer or Internet…..Computer Privileges Revoked!!

  14. On Time PolicyArriving to class on time is VERY important. Vista del Lago H.S. tolerates NO tardies. Any student who is late to class without a valid PASS will immediately receive a consequence and will be sent to the office for a pass. Your body must be seated BEFORE the last bell rings to avoid a tardy.

  15. Grading PolicyGrades in this course are based on a point system and percentage earned. Grade sheets will be provided so you can keep track of your total points and grade in the class. Your objective is to accumulate as many points as possible during the semester.Your total points earned will be divided by the total amount possible then placed on the following scale.A = 100 - 90% B = 89 - 80% C = 79 - 70% D = 69 - 60% F = 59 % and belowEarn Those Points!!!!!!!!!

  16. Make-Up PolicyLate work will not be accepted!!!!In the event of an excused absence, it will be your responsibility to schedule a time to make up the assignments missed. Due to the nature of the class, most assignment can only be completed at school in the computer lab or library. I will not be reminding you that you have work to make up.

  17. Room Tour!!