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Rod Lefroy

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  1. CIAT Asia Strategy CIAT Board Meeting #63 Nairobi, Kenya12 May2011 Rod Lefroy

  2. Functional Structure of CIAT Asia

  3. Current Activities in Asia • Activities / Projects • Cassava • Forages • Linking Farmers to Markets (LFM) • Land Use & Climate Change

  4. Current Status • Personnel /Offices • Laos: Regional Office with 4 IRS & 10 NRSThailand: 1 IRS & 1.5 NRSVietnam: 1 NRSCambodia: 1 NRSChina: No staff at present • Funds • Approx. US$2 million/yr mostly in special projects • Main donors: ACIAR, IFAD, The Nippon Foundation, SDC

  5. Developments in 2011/12 • Vietnam: • VAAS has assigned one staff to the CIAT office in VAAS • Relocate one IRS to CIAT office in VAAS • Initiate regular short and long term visits/placements to VAAS institutes and exchanges to CIAT Cali • Focus on VAAS and its institutions, but with links to the universities, to other parts of MARD, and to other ministries (MONRE, MOST, etc.)

  6. Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences • Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam • Food Crops Research Institute • Plant Protection Research Institute • Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute • Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute • The Western highlands Agro-forestry Science & technical Institute • Agricultural Genetics Institute • Plant Resources Center • Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute • Maize Research Institute • Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute • Agricultural Science Institute of Northern Central Vietnam • Agricultural Science Institute for Southern Coastal Central of Vietnam • Institute for Agricultural Environment • Southern Horticultural Research Institute • Center for technology Development and Agricultural Extension • Vietnam Sericulture Research Centre

  7. Developments in Vietnam • Expand current collaboration with the Vietnam Cassava Network to develop a broad Cassava Research Center to focus on breeding, biotech, agronomy, pests and diseases, processing, and market linkages • A national focus but with regional relevance and linkages: • Links to strong partners in China and Thailand • Impacts in other countries (Cambodia, Laos, Burma ….) • Continued and expanded focus on livestock development • Expand work on NRM, Eco-efficiency, and Climate Change • Continue LFM / Market Linkages for scaling up and target on marginalized poor and ethnic minorities

  8. Developments in Vietnam • Funding: • Focus of €1 million project requested for cassava pests and diseases from EU, through IFAD • Likely funding from the Japanese government for cassava biotech • Proposal for medium term developments in cassava R&D in Vietnam and beyond to AusAID/ACIAR, to ADB, or others

  9. Developments in 2011/12 • China: • CATAS likely to assign one staff to the CIAT office in CATAS Haikou • Initiate regular short and long term visits/placements to CATAS and other Chinese institutes and exchanges to CIAT Cali • Focus on CATAS, but with vital links to GSCRI, GAAS, YAAS, and others

  10. Developments in China • Collaboration on Cassava breeding and general R&D, with stronger links to CIAT Cali and to the region, especially to enhanced R&D in Vietnam and to other potential suppliers • Forage germplasm evaluation and breeding, and forage utilization. Starting with a forage breeding and utilization course and exchanges between CATAS and CIAT • Sustainable and eco-efficient cropping and farming systems. Initially on soybean/cassava intercropping, but expanding to other systems, and to broader land management and climate change issues

  11. Developments in China • Funding: • The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has indicated they want to fund collaboration between CIAT and China (primarily CATAS) in five research projects each of 5-year and RMB3 million • NSFC proposes a meeting in Cali in August, followed by another in Nov/Dec in Guangxi to decide on the areas of collaboration. The meetings would include NSFC, CATAS, and CIAT • Other proposals to be developed

  12. Other Developments in 2011/12 • CIP-IFAD Root and Tuber Crops Research & Development Programme for Food Security in Asia-Pacific Region • Livestock development in the Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam Development Triangle submitted to IFAD following the successful forages and livestock project in Vietnam • Possible joint project with SNV to IFAD on utilizing cassava R&D in market linkages to processors • Land management issues in rainfedagriculture Current part in IWMI scoping study on rainfed agriculture in the GMS that should lead to a new project • Proposal on Climate Change Adaptation-Mitigation Prioritization in parts of the Mekong Basin

  13. Proposed involvement in CRPs